Panthers drop Kemoeatu

With one season left on a five year deal, the Panthers released defensive tackle Ma’ake Kemoeatu Friday morning, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. 

The former Raven tore his Achilles’ tendon last July and plans to be ready to play football again by training camp. 

The mammoth run stopper had a rocky stay in Carolina that included more disappointment than success.  Still, it’s hard not to see the gaping holes now on Carolina’s defensive line.

“Kemo” will be of interest to 3-4 teams out there willing to take a gamble.  There are only so many 345–pound run guys out there.

13 responses to “Panthers drop Kemoeatu

  1. Thinking About it, Thinking About it, Thinking About it, Thinking About it ……………….
    Nah Pass
    The Eagles already have a fat boy run stopper in Dixon and with Bunkley and Patterson as the starters and the guy drafted 2 rounds 2 early Trevor Laws as the backup I see no need for the Eagles to make a run at Kemo.

  2. Damn, Y’all at PFT are on point during the kickoff of Free Agency!! whoo ahhh! Tame it!

  3. Finding Kemo……
    Wow…Panthers aint playing huh…they say do away with the defense….we got MOORE on offense

  4. Saw this coming, hopefully Hollis Thomas, Tank Tyler, and Lenord will be back next season. Should be alright with those guys.
    Kemo was pretty good but was overpaid for what he was doing. Best of luck to him

  5. Maybe the steelers will take a chance on him. He’d come cheap coming off the injury and there’s no real backup behind Casey Hampton to play Nose tackle. Chris Hoke isn’t getting any younger.

  6. I was thinking the same thing, it might even spark a nice little rivalry pitting him against his brother during practices.

  7. I like guys named Kemo. Any sort of Polynesian or Samoan players kick ass. Except for the ones that look terrible with long hair.
    BTW, what ethnicity is Haloti Ngata?

  8. I seems to remember that both Kemoatenu and DT Lewis both got a 6 year extension last year. If so Panthers front office had a bad year in resigning players with Delhommes cut as well.

  9. Anyone that big might have a chance in a 3-4 but with him having injury problems and being a disapointment in Carolina, things might just get worse with more responsibility in a 3-4.
    From watching Trevor Laws quite a bit during his college career, I believe he is terribly miscast in the Eagles defense. The guy is a perfect fit as a 3-4 DE to use his energy and agility for his size. At Notre Dame he played some 4-3 DT at the beginning of his career but didn’t really come on strong as a player until they made the switch to the 3-4 with him playing DE. For a DE in a 3-4 to be one of the team leaders in tackles is a very impressive thing to do. The Eagles should try to cut their losses and trade him to a team playing a 3-4, especially with all the teams in the middle of a transition.

  10. This gives the Leonard Little signing more life. At least to have as a veteran 2nd stringer and decent depth – something they’ve been missing

  11. # BlacknBlue says: March 5, 2010 9:33 AM
    also – why is his first name Ma’ake and his brother’s is Chris? Kinda strange
    It’s actually Chris’ake, everybody knows that.
    Pick this guy up Falcons, Peria Jerry may be healthy next season but who knows & Thomas Johnson is a niiiice player but UT Jonathan Babineaux will miss time next season (he’ll be on vacation) & Jamaal Anderson if still on the team is only a spot player at tackle & even though he ain’t a pass rusher he won’t cost a draft pick & his big body & veteran savvy could be enough to help out big time this fall as he heals up from his injury. Size sometimes does matter.
    SBPSUKK 2.0OH!’ake

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