Patriots bring back Stephen Neal

The Patriots continued to show Randy Moss they really do pay Friday, signing guard Stephen Neal.  Mike Reiss of ESPN writes that it’s a two-year contract.

Neal may have briefly considered retirement this offseason, but his
MMA career
will have to wait.

Neal is the third player the team has signed in the last six hours.  Tully Banta-Cain got $14.5 million to stay, while Vince Wilfork signed a $40 million extension.

The moves probably won’t excite a fan base looking for new blood, but the team had more key veteran free agents than any team in the league.  Cornerback Leigh Bodden may be next on their list of players to re-sign, but has received interest elsewhere.

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  1. “The Patriots continued to show Randy Moss they really do pay ”
    – They just don’t pay pouty beotches who only play hard when they want to.
    Now to re-sign Kevin Faulk.

  2. Look… all we want to know about the Patriots is:
    Do they move Randy Moss now?
    Do they let Adalius Thomas walk for free and sign with the Jets? Or do they trade him to a horrible team just to laugh at him?
    Do they sign Brandon Marshall or Derrick Mason?
    Hell, I think Belichik is cocky enough that he probably feels he could be THE GUY to make Terrell Owens a complete boyscout and win the Super Bowl with him. I wouldn’t put it past him.

  3. Now get Leigh Bodden back in the fold and then try to bring in a WR and a RB before April’s draft. Miami and New York have imroved the last two years and this offseason, making for a very interesting year coming up in the AFC East.

  4. Habib –
    – No, Randy Moss will not be moved.
    – They will let Adalius squirm for a while. If a trade presents itself they will take it, but given the salary load he brings, it is more likely that he will be a cut sometime after the draft and then latch on to the Jets, where he will continue to underachieve.
    – Definitely no on Marshall and probably no on Mason. More likely to bring in Josh Reed (Buffalo) than Owens.
    The more important questions (IMO) are:
    1. Do they feel set at running back? I would not be inclined to think so and am expecting them to make at least one major move in this area.
    2. How do they fill the Seymour/Green gap at DE? Will it be a mid-level free agent signing, or will they seek to address it through a deep draft. Free agents are few and far between, but the Patriots are known to set their standards too high when it come to DE/OLB types.
    3. What about Bodden? Will he take a home town discount to come back, or will we also need to add a corner. If so, will it be Richard Marshall?
    4. The big one: they now have six OL players back competing for five spots. Is it more likely they move Light to the right side and put Vollmer in that spot, or have Vollmer take over for Kaczur. With Neal back, it looks like Kaczur may be out of a job, as there were some who though he might slide in Stephen’s slot. This should get interesting, but we won’t likely know the outcome until well into camp.

  5. pfii63,
    BB has stated in the past that Light is a left tackle and not as interchangeable as say Volmer. Kaczur sucks.

  6. “The moves probably won’t excite a fan base looking for new blood”
    Are you nuts Rosenthal ? Re-signing Wilfork was the single most important offseason move the fanbase wanted.

  7. dachsund –
    Kaczur definitely isn’t an NFL Tackle… he could play Guard, which I was almost surprised that neal is back. But given the amount of time he has been injured in the past, Kaczur may be his backup as well as a backup Tackle.
    I agree that Vollmer is more flexible… would just prefer to see him have Brady’s blindside, as he did a great job this season.

  8. I think they just gave Kaczur a decent contract last year, so they’re planning on him at RT for the foreseeable future.
    Light probably gets the heave ho soon.
    Their only chance in my opinion to get something for Adalius is to package him in a draft day trade. He’ll be a throw in like Vrabel was last year.

  9. love the Pats fans coming on here and talking like everything is under control as though this is 5-6 years ago and the team is oozing talent and Belichick is pulling all the right levers.
    they pursued a flawed strategy of not signing any of their own players heading into a massive free agency period for the team. this after bleeding off talent for the past couple years. they’re now in panic mode to resign their own, and haven’t landed anyone from the outside they’ve targeted: Peppers, Boldin,…
    yeah, i recognize the overconfident talk. it’s just a bit dated

  10. LOL… yeah dachsund, kr definitely sucks more than Kaczur.
    5-6 years ago? Was it that long ago that they went 18-1? Was it that long ago that they again won the division?
    I’ve got news for you… this team isn’t desperate. It’s reloading.
    More news – they never targeted Peppers… they recognized him for the overpriced underachiever that he is. He’ll be bitching his way into a trade out of Chicago within two years.

  11. Belichick is pulling all the right levers.
    Won their division last year.
    How’d your team do?

  12. KR is clueless as usual.
    Everyone the Patriots choose not to sign does not perform elsewhere with the exception of maybe Samual who is being paid HUGE money for what he brings.
    How is the Wilfork signing a panic move when they’ve been negotiating for three years ?
    They probably offered Peppers a chance to win a ring and he went for the money – good luck to the Bears with that guy.

  13. Neal is good insurance, Pats need to draft another OL somewhere in draft and get younger across the line.

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