Patriots make Vince Wilfork NFL's highest-paid nose tackle

Vince Wilfork announced on Twitter this evening that he’ll be staying in New England for years to come.

“Thanks to everyone who supported us during our time here in New England it has ment a great deal to us,” Wilfork tweeted. “With that being said we are pleased to say we will be here for MANY more years to come.”

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that Wilfork and the Patriots have agreed to a five-year, $40 million deal that includes an $18 million signing bonus and $25 million guaranteed.

Mike Reiss of ESPN reports that Wilfork will be the highest-paid nose tackle in the NFL.

38 responses to “Patriots make Vince Wilfork NFL's highest-paid nose tackle

  1. I hope it’s easy to drop the last year or two of that in case he falls off the cliff.

  2. Thats Great, But We Need To Make An Outside Move,
    Greg Olsen Will Help, Antonio Bryant I Think Brady Will Make Him Better, Aaron Kampman, Richard Marshall Maybe Lito Sheppard Bring Back Bodden And Burgess, We Need Upgrades

  3. Albert Haynesworth, the nose tackle in the Redskins’ new 3-4 defense, is on a $100 mill contract…$40 > $100?

  4. This isn’t even close to what Haynesworth is getting paid, how can he claim to be the highest paid?

  5. I rarely feel good about a big $$ signing – given the lowly $$’s the rest of us make – but this feels good. Wilfork is a class guy. Thrilled to see him remain in New England.

  6. But wait…I thought the Patriots don’t spend any money for players.

  7. Yes!! Great move by the Pats – and proves they pay for quality. Important step to reclaiming the throne!

  8. FINALLY the Patriots do something. Jeez. Super Bowl prices and we’re rolling out Tully Banta Cain again. COME ON!

  9. Good for Vince, sometimes nice guy don’t finish last… he upheld his part of his contract and still got rewarded, well deserved…. Pats need more high quality character guys with High quality talent/work ethic like Vince in the Pats Locker room. Crank up the Phil Collins…wait for the Drums….I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life!!! OH LORD!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hey, Adalius Thomas…now’s a good time to be taking notes.
    Lovin’ me some Wilfork for years to come!

  11. Wilfork got hosed. they starved him so long they finally convinced him a sub-market deal looks good

  12. hey mcmanus
    banta cain is a premier pass rusher in this league. just because his name isn’t jared allen and he doesn’t have tattoos doesn’t mean he can’t play. go back to minnesota and suck on teet of bret favre.

  13. jd says: March 5, 2010 7:32 PM
    but the pats are cheap and have no loyalty to their players. how can this be?

    They are! What he didnt tell you is that the signing bonus is paid in dunkin donuts.

  14. Echo here. Yeah, so much for the Pats being cheap.
    I guess the facts, once again, weigh a little bit more than the yelping.

  15. Great News! Wilfork is better than Peppers…and cheaper! In Bill we still trust! Up next a LB.

  16. # jd says: March 5, 2010 8:12 PM
    hey mcmanus
    banta cain is a premier pass rusher in this league. just because his name isn’t jared allen and he doesn’t have tattoos doesn’t mean he can’t play. go back to minnesota and suck on teet of bret favre.

    Ok hold on now. First of all, I go back to the Dick MacPherson era, ok? 1/2 full Sullivan Stadium, hooligan behavior in the parking lot, and Hugh Millen. Just saying man, lets put together another run. We have one more year with Randy. Who knows how many more years of Tom. Maybe no season next year. This could be our last chance.
    And as far as minnesota goes, I dont know what that means. The only good to come out of that place is a comedian for senator and jessie the body ventura in the governor’s mansion. Who’s the mayor of Minneapolis? Prince?

  17. The guy’s a beast. Always said the Bears should’ve drafted him instead of Tommie Harris.

  18. He is a RARE player who not only fits their system, but is essential to it’s success. It was a no-brainer that he’d either be resigned or highly compensated for if allowed to leave. This “Pats are cheap” stuff is total hogwash, as I said in the Tully Banta-Cain thread…
    People are panicking ’cause they didn’t sign Peppers or Boldin. Look at how the team is constructed on August 1st. That is ALL that matters. Besides, we still have the draft to complain about. Save it people.
    BTW, LOL McManus!

  19. JD, that was the line of the night…Only idiots would say that about NE, Pitts etc…who are the smart ones.
    They pay for performance, not BS

  20. It sends the right message to every player on the team and around the league – not only do the Pats pay top dollar for the players they want (and sure they make mistakes like every team), but also you collect every penny you sign for. No ridiculous contracts that everyone knows will never reach their completion.

  21. Took long enough…jeez. I’m glad they did right by Wilfork. He honored his contract, played a good soldier and deserves this contract.
    Oh, and if you think Haynesworth is going to see anytihng more than $40-$48 million of his “$100 contract” you’re on crack.

  22. sounds like bspn is back to speading their verisons….the highest paid only behind haynesworth, harris, kelly, rogers, dorsey, etc…
    and just wait for suh if he goes #1 he will get anywhere from 50 million to 60 million in guaranteed money….which will insult all of the above….even mccoy going at #2 will make him the second highest DT in the nfl behind suh… Wilfork will not even be top 5 in 2010.
    what a crock

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