PFT's cash-based free agency rankings: defense

[Editor’s note:  We rank the free agents, restricted and
unrestricted, based on projected guaranteed money on a long-term deal. 
More dart board than Ouija, it represents our best estimate of how it
all could/should go down.  All numbers are in millions.]

Defensive line

1. Julius Peppers, Carolina, $25.0.

2. Richard Seymour, Oakland, $22.0.

3. Vince Wilfork, New England, $20.0.

4. Aubrayo Franklin, San Francisco, $15.0.

5. Tony Brown, Tennessee, $13.0.

6. Kyle Vanden Bosch,Tennessee, $12.0.

7. Ryan Pickett, Green Bay, $10.0.

8. Ray Edwards, Minnesota, $9.0.

9. Jarvis Green, New England, $8.0.

10 Fred Evans, Minnesota, $7.0.


1. Karlos Dansby, Arizona, $20.0.

2. DeMeco Ryans, Houston, $15.0.

3. Elvis Dumervil, Denver, $15.0.

4. Shawne Merriman, San Diego, $12.0.

5. Gary Brackett, Indianapolis, $11.0.

6. Barrett Ruud, Tampa Bay, $10.0.

7. Aaron Kampman, Green Bay, $9.0.

8. Derrick Johnson, Kansas City, $8.0.

9. Keith Bulluck, Tennessee, $7.0.

10 Tully Banta-Cain, New England, $6.0.


1. Leigh Bodden, New England, $10.0.

2. Dunta Robinson, Houston, $9.0.

3. Nick Harper, Tennessee, $8.0.

4. Matt Ware, Arizona, $7.5.

5. William Gay, Pittsburgh, $6.0.

6. Deshea Townsend, Pittsburgh, $5.5.

7. Jonathan Wade, St.Louis, $5.0.

8. Marlin Jackson, Indianapolis, $4.5.

9. T.J. Rushing, Indianapolis, $4.0.

10. Richard Marshall, Carolina, $3.0.


1. Ryan Clark, Pittsburgh, $10.0.

2. Nick Collins, Green Bay, $9.0.

3. O.J. Atogwe, St. Louis, $8.0.

4. Darren Sharper, New Orleans, $8.0.

5. Roman Harper, New Orleans, $7.5

6. Antoine Bethea, Indianapolis, $7.0.

7. C.C. Brown, N.Y. Giants, $6.0.

8. Dawan Landry, Baltimore, $5.0.

9. Sean Jones, Philadelphia, $4.0.

10. Bernard Pollard, Houston, $3.9.

9 responses to “PFT's cash-based free agency rankings: defense

  1. Come on Florio, CC Brown bringing down more money than Dawan Landry? Not only that, but Sean Jones and Bernard Pollard as well. Makes no sense….at all.

  2. Saints OLB Scott Fujita. Don’t know if you’re making a comprehensive list or just the top guys but he is a UFA.

  3. I come to the site to check up on the latest news and rumors. One thing has bothered me, I just don’t get the guys who post responses and call out Mike Florio like he just called your mom a tramp, even though you know she is…
    Taking it personal and lashing out like a toddler doesn’t help state your case. It’s all conjecture and the sooner you understand that, the lower your blood pressure will be.
    All the “internet tough guys” I’m looking at you.
    /just sayin’

  4. Shawne Merriman is a ?. No team is going to cough up a 1st and 3rd. he gets ~ 3.7M on the tender and that’s it.
    Maybe next year if he ever returns to form wil he get a LT deal from anyone.

  5. Mike! Check this out a friend of mine made it and its not getting as much air play. Go make another article about this and how timing and stuff should be changed with a link to this now:

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