Police confirm they are investigating Roethlisberger

Geogia police confirmed Friday evening they are investigating Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in connection to a sexual assault complaint.

The assault allegedly took place Friday morning at the Capitol City night club in Milledgeville, Georgia.  The police confirmed that Roethlisberger was with three friends at the time and they interviewed Roethlisberger at the club shortly after the alleged incident.

The victim was treated and released from a local hospital, according to a police spokesman.  She’s a Georgia College & State University student.

Roethlisberger’s representatives quickly denied any wrongdoing to PFT and say the events in question never happened.  They later released a statement:

“Last night, Ben and his friends met a group of women and everyone
mingled together throughout the evening,” agent Ryan Tollner says.  “We have spoken
to law enforcement.  Based on information currently available, an
allegation was made against Ben, which appeared to be dismissed after a
preliminary investigation last night.  Obviously, given the prior
accusation against Ben, we are skeptical of motive, but we will continue
to cooperate with everyone involved.”

The police, however, made it clear the investigation is far from over and there will be more interviews in the days ahead.  Roethlisberger also remains entangled in a civil sexual assault case filed against him in Nevada.

No arrests have been made in the Georgia case and an update is expected from police Monday.

90 responses to “Police confirm they are investigating Roethlisberger

  1. How much smoke does everyone need to see around this guy before someone yells fire?

  2. First let me say I am not a big Steeler fan, I was one who thought that Roethlisdumbass was not guilty of the first sexual assult.
    But we are seeing a patern now, when Ray Lewis killed thoses guys in Atlanta and got away with out any problems I am beginning to think that athletes have an advantage overr the regular guy.
    Ben is just a dumbass to put himself in these positions and I think that his luck may have run out.
    Hey at least they have Batch to fill-in while Roethlisdumbass is serving a jail sentance.
    HA HA

  3. Uh oh.
    Assuming he is “innocent”, how does this keep happening?
    Is he lousy in bed? Is he abusive? What is it about his liaisons that is causing women to play the rape card?
    Most women I have been with would never admit to it occurring, much less accuse me of forcing it. So this is completely foreign to me.

  4. Yeah, but at least he hasn’t killed anyone (yet), right Stoolers fans? 😉

  5. Can happen to any athlete once.
    Twice…well it starts looking like the guy doesn’t know how to handle women without ending up in them.

  6. When the Steelers are on the road the PA should play the “Law & Order” CHUNG CHUNG noise every time Ben gets under center.

  7. Sounds Fishy!…Big Ben you doing something wrong Homie!…this is the second time….stay away from these tramps DUDE!

  8. Doesn’t anyone think it’s strange that a 20 year old described her assailant as 6’5″ and 241 pounds……..exactly what the Steelers website lists for Ben?

  9. Well one accusation is one thing, two and I think this guy is guilty as can be. With all that money you would think he wouldn’t have any problems getting women?? I guess he does.

  10. This is so ridiculous. As if a start QB in the NFL needs to rape a girl to get laid right. People will do anything for money and attention apparently

  11. You call it rape. Ben calls it the “down and in” pattern.
    Tomato, Tomahtoh.

  12. Looks like pittsburgh might be having to draft themselves a new qb in case Benny goes away

  13. “…he was 6’5″, 241, kind of a horse face, with a blank, uncomprehending look on his face; he kinda looked like his mom smashed his face with a waffle iron when he was in middle school.”

  14. What a big, stupid, dumb ass.
    Can’t seem to get it right with the ladies, eh Big Ben?
    What a sorry excuse for a man.
    Adios stillers.

  15. “Doesn’t anyone think it’s strange that a 20 year old described her assailant as 6’5″ and 241 pounds……..exactly what the Steelers website lists for Ben?”
    That should exonerate him right there. The guy looks like he hasn’t seen the right side of 240 lbs for a few years.

  16. sandy70 says:
    March 5, 2010 7:50 PM
    This probably qualifies him for the Ed Block Courage Award next year.
    Wow, that was the post of the day!

  17. Why are some of you jumping to conclusions here, and now holding the earlier sham of an accusation against him? That case is all but over. Sure, he gave that little strumpet the high hard one, but there’s plenty of evidence that it was all on the up-and-up, and she’s just trying to cash in. Now this nutcase tries to play the same card. I suspect this one will quickly be dismissed. Let’s let it play out before we convict the poor bastard. Dumbass that he may be.

  18. Poor Ben, Everyone is picking on him. He like allot of other pro athletics feel they have a free rein on about anything they want to do. Half of them have a half dozen kids with different women and are really proud of it. As millions unemployed try to get by on unemployment checks or nothing these clowns think they desire a million dollars a game. I for one am tired of the whole mess and hope they go on strike and never come back.

  19. Hard core Steeler fan here, if Ben goes to prison can he get out of jail for 20 weekends a year to qb the team??

  20. blitzburgh1 says:
    March 5, 2010 7:55 PM
    Doesn’t anyone think it’s strange that a 20 year old described her assailant as 6’5″ and 241 pounds……..exactly what the Steelers website lists for Ben?
    Actually, what I find strange is the vast number of sexual and domestic assault allegations made against Steeler players the past few years, yet many Steeler fans still think that Ray Lewis smack is funny and/or original and that they have some moral superiority they can laud over Raven fans.
    And who believes that anybody with a head the size of Ben’s only weighs 241 pounds? He was a natural choice to be the pitch man for Fatheads.

  21. Its being reported that the alleged victim is 20 and they both were “barhopping” together. The legal drinking age in Georgia is 21…I guess if you are with Rothy you get in?

  22. Shit we had a better chance of winning the AFC North with Dixon or Batch on the bench

  23. Roethlisberger is at the very least a very very dumb man to have even put himself in this situation.
    Unless he is a complete sociopath I really doubt that he raped anybody, but putting himself in the same situation where somebody could claim he did is beyond idiotic. The guy needs to stay out of clubs and the hell away from groupies. Moron.

  24. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!……….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry I got carried away its just so damn funny! Screw the Bitchberg Squelers!

  25. He probably tells chicks he’ll pay for their breast implants, then escapes after he blows his load…..no implants.
    You gotta keep your word dude…..these chicks are crazy.

  26. Im a Bengals fan so therfore I really can’t say too much about players but…
    Come on BIG BEN!!! Think with your Big Head!!!

  27. I bet these women keep going after Roethlisberger after they have sex with him and realize that “Big Ben” is a reference to his being 6′ 5″ tall and not his junk. Women are just flat out nuts!

  28. dlmcc0909 says:
    March 5, 2010 7:59 PM
    This is so ridiculous. As if a start QB in the NFL needs to rape a girl to get laid right. People will do anything for money and attention apparently
    Lets see, Ray Lewis gets caught up in the middle of a murder, hides the evidence, then lies about what happened to keep his homies out of jail. Thats right he was a NFL superstar, they dont do things like that. Mike Vick had a 100 million dollar contract not to mention 50 mil wrapped up in endorsement deals. Thats right he didn’t bank roll a dogfighting operation and kill animals because he is a NFL QB. They don’t do anything wrong. Get a clue bro!

  29. Big Ben “allegedly sexually assaults” a girl once, shame on him.
    Big Ben “allegedly sexually assaults” a girl twice, shame on Pittsburgh.

  30. Reports are surfacing that Willie Colon was among those in the Roethlisberger party, there are no indications that Colon was involved in the allegations.
    Simply another case of the Steelers O-Line failing to protect Big Ben.

  31. Some mens’ pr_cks get them in so much trouble.
    Ben must be really hard up…because @ least Tiger never got accused of anything other than spreading it around. Is it possible Ben is big everywhere except…???
    Hope Pittsburg decides to take a look @ DelHomme…cause Bens going to miss 2010.
    Roger doesn’t like repeat offenders

  32. This is disappointing. I thought that after the last situation Ben might have learned something. But I guess he’s not as smart as I hoped he was. The best way to deal with situations like this is to avoid them in the first place!

  33. Ben has more rapes this year than wins over the Browns, Chiefs and Raiders combined

  34. I remind everyone that Ray Lewis was acquitted of the murder charges against him. His case was a situation where a DA was ‘trophy hunting’ and pursued a case that never should have made it past a Grand Jury. Lewis probably made a poor choice of who he was hanging out with that night-one of these so-called friends committed the crime, and the so-called justice system tried to frame Lewis because he was the more famous guy. He was found not guilty in the eyes of the law, so I don’t think it is appropriate to throw him under the bus for a crime he did not commit. If you were innocent of a crime, and found not guilty at trial, you would want people to give you benefit of the doubt-show the same respect for Lewis.
    The original civil suit against Ben sounds bogus to a sensible person-why didn’t the woman in that case immediately call police and get the forensic evidence collected? She pops up like a groundhog a year later and files a civil suit for sexual assault? And her story does not even make sense? Obviously a gold digger.
    The current assault allegations sound a lot more serious-the police are seriously investigating it. We should let the justice system run its course, and I hope for Ben’s sake there is no ‘trophy hunting’ going on here. If he is guilty of sexual assault, he should receive the max sentence under the law.
    I too see some smoke building up around Ben-even though I am a Steelers fan, I hope he gets punished if he is guilty (and not some work release crap either).

  35. Is this story even real? I mean, I just cannot believe someone could be this dumb. Innocent or guilty, Ben has clearly proven that he is a moron. He has a civil suit pending for similar charges for crying out loud!
    Can’t stand the Steelers, but I almost feel sorry for their fans, organization, and other players. Complete embarrassment.

  36. One, it keeps happening because women think if they all say it and gang up on him it will make it look true. TWO, there is another article that says the victim “couldnt be for sure it was Roethlisberger.
    I do think however he is an idiot for putting himself in a situation where it could even happen. He should have stayed away from any broad he didnt know….hell all of em you can’t trust a one of them!

  37. Hey dlmcc0909,blitzburgh1,NY_Giants,8man,
    My daughter was there this a.m. when your big fatass hero was at Capital Bar. She was invited into his little party. It didn’t take her long to figure out what kind of prick he is. Anyone that refers to women as bitches is nothing more than a pathetic piece of s..t. And you four with your disgusting blurbs are just like him…pathetic pieces of s..t. That young woman is a victim. Rape is about violence. Let us hope you four do not have daughters or wives.

  38. I tried finding the article again, and will contionue to look but she states “it was a white male 6’5” 241 lbs brown hair brown eyes but she can’t be sure it was Roethlisberger.
    Well if shes got it down to the pound she should work the carnivals and be a weight guesser. But she would still be wrong that is his roster weight, his real weight is obviously and definitely more than 241, it is a an NFL.com video where he is mic’d up and he says you cant stop 285 after running for a first.

  39. 8man says:
    Assuming he is “innocent”, how does this keep happening? What is it about his liaisons that is causing women to play the rape card?
    A $102 million contract coupled with an indiscriminate lifestyle that makes him an easy extortion target.
    I have a lot of experience dealing with sexual assault survivors, and have carefully reviewed all the court filings in the first case. Although my bias is always toward the alleged victim, based on the documentation, there’s no question in my mind that Roethlisberger is innocent of that accusation. Rich athletes are extortion magnets, so it’s completely possible that the current accusation is another attempt to profit from Ben’s poor judgment. But since few details have been released regarding this incident, I can’t form any responsible opinions … and neither can anyone else.

  40. Deb there are hundreds on NFL players in the league and I don’t recall any being accused of sexual assault twice in less that 2 years can you?

  41. Hmm…this is the SECOND time there’s been a cloud of “SMOKE” surrounding “Benny the Biter” and a lady he met out on the road.
    I am bginning to think there’s FIRE.

  42. Amy- Do you or your daughter have the evidence to be 100% sure Ben did this horrible act? In law hear say is one thing undisputeable evidence is another. Unless you saw it with your own eyes, or your daughter can swear on a Bible she did, or has pics then it is morally and ethically wrong to condemn and otherwise proclaim his guilt. Right now they are allegations and Ben is innocent until proven guilty. There were not any immediate arrests which could go to show that there are discrepancies in the stories.

  43. Check out this article from the local news. A little over halfway down it states, “The report does not name Ben Roethlisberger. It is said the alleged attacker was 6-foot-5 and 241 pounds.” http://www.13wmaz.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=75876&catid=7
    Now like I, and others said, it is too fishy for a 20 year old to state the exact height and weight of an attacker, especially in that situation. It is also fishy that it is Ben’s exact roster details on Steelers.com.
    Thanks to falcon8211 for the link.

  44. Clearly there is more to this story.
    You Roethlisberger apoligists can scream “Opportunistic skank!” all you want, but something happened here that caused this woman to seek medical attention, and she is being taken seriously by the police. She was “treated and released”. Obviously he didn’t just pinch her a$$ here, and there clearly was more to this than mere “mingling”
    This man repeatedly puts himself in questionable positions; the motorcycle accident, the first sexual assault, and now another complaint?
    blitzburgh1 says:
    Doesn’t anyone think it’s strange that a 20 year old described her assailant as 6’5″ and 241 pounds……..exactly what the Steelers website lists for Ben?
    Dumbest post of the year so far.
    What is she supposed to say, “he was 5’11” and about 180″ ???? He is what he his, which is why both the Steelers and the victim list him at that.
    How f-ing stupid are you Steelers fans?

  45. Just visited the Atlanta Journal Constitution website, I think more people ought to do that:
    “dlmcc0909 says:
    This is so ridiculous. As if a start QB in the NFL needs to rape a girl to get laid right. People will do anything for money and attention apparently”
    dlmcc, that girl was a 20 year old college student. I don’t know how many 20 year old college girls you know, but my daughter just graduated last year and I’ve met a ton of them. These girls at that age, from the thriving metropolis of Milledgeville Georgia, aren’t “opportunistic whores”. From the looks of it, she met Roethlisberger in a nightclub that night; she couldn’t have known she was going to run into one of the NFL’s most prominent quarterbacks, hell, she’s probably never even heard of the guy.
    The police report states: Roethlisberger and his 20-year-old accuser visited “multiple establishments” together late Thursday night before the alleged attack, said Milledgeville Police Deputy Chief Richard Malone
    He picked her up.
    A 28 year old NFL veteran Quarterback, and he’s picking up 20 year old college kids.
    I don’t know what Ben Roethlisberger did or didn’t do to that girl and neither do any of you. But you can’t simply go into a “skank defense” mode here. After what he’s already been through before, why is a 28 year old NFL veteran QB with a previous brush with sexual assault putting himself in the position of having to defend himself against sexual assault charges with a 20 year old college girl that he’s going “bar hopping” with ???

  46. born and raised a steelers fan… but this guy is a douchebag. He needs a gf or wife. Time to stop being a playboy ben. Even if he is innocent, its still time to stay the f*ck out of the clubs! Grow up!!!! We dont need a Tiger Woods as our QB. Hope Denix Dixon gets to start this year!

  47. 102 million down the tubes. Dumb Steelers! I am a HUGE fan of them just not the QB idiot….he has a God complex. Maybe he should ride a motorcycle again to get the point!!!
    The Commish BETTER do something this time… otherwise he is a loser too.

  48. @Robert Littal …
    I’ve made clear that I can’t form a responsible opinion because the authorities haven’t released the details. The heartfelt defense of his fans, the wild condemnation of his detractors, Amy Wilmer’s rants, and your observation about accusations that have or haven’t been levied at other players are not evidence of anything regarding this accusation against Ben. Neither is whatever happened or didn’t happen in Nevada. The evidence overwhelmingly supports the contention that Andrea McNulty lied about her encounter with Ben. That doesn’t mean he didn’t assault this Georgia woman. It doesn’t mean he did. They are two separate incidents.
    As for your comment about accusations: Both my brother and sister-in-law are successful criminal defense attorneys. I’ve learned from them that once someone like Ben is accused of a crime, he is more vulnerable to being accused again. It’s a cloud over your reputation that keeps following you around. So you shouldn’t draw conclusions from the fact that he’s been accused twice. If you’ll research, you’ll find athletes are plagued by assault accusations and some go to extraordinary lengths to make sure they’re never alone with female hotel staffers, groupies, etc., because they know they’re targets. If Ben is innocent of this assault, then it’s unfortunate that he didn’t learn from the McNulty situation to start taking those precautions.

  49. If Amy’s daughter was there and knew what was going on…then she must potentially be a loose woman of the world herself. It takes one to know one. Notice that she did not mention her daughter;s age either. What a Christian person she appears to be. Giving the benefit of the doubt to her daughter and not to poor little Benny. I wouldn’t want her to hear my confession, she’d send me straight to Hell, I’d bet. Amy, you and your daughter should do more praying instead of preying and condemming potentially innocent men. Also, you must have a real thing against men to talk the way you do. Just a casual observation by an innocent bystander.

  50. “Deb says: March 5, 2010 10:51 PM
    I have a lot of experience dealing with sexual assault survivors, and have carefully reviewed all the court filings in the first case. Although my bias is always toward the alleged victim, based on the documentation, there’s no question in my mind that Roethlisberger is innocent of that accusation.”
    Hey Deb. I;m a Steelers fan too.
    I stuck up for him the first time because it seemed a little obvious it was only about the money.
    But twice? I dunno…

  51. Anyone on here saying he’s guilty or calling him names is failing to remember that he’s suppose to be innocent until he’s “proven” guilty.

  52. I’ll admit it not the smartest thing for him to do, to put himself in a situation where anyone could accuse him of such a thing, especially considering the other suit. But you’ll never convince me that he supposedly did this in a crowded nightclub with a group of his friend who all were there to meet women. No way!

  53. It’s obviously a ploy to extort money!
    Amy @$%^& you and your daughter! And anyone, like you, that condems him before it’s proven whether anything happened or not are the “real” pieces of s**t !

  54. winklebean says:
    March 5, 2010 7:31 PM
    uhoh Rapistburglar understands no as yes.
    RAPISTBURGLAR – Thats a good one!!

  55. So, by Steelers fan’s twisted logic, OJ Simpson can never be guilty of another muder. I mean, the first one was obviously a setup and he was never convicted.
    I said it after the first incident and I’ll say it again. There are thousands of millionaire athletes living in the U.S.A. Why aren’t they all being accused of this brutal crime?

  56. Well it would seem to me we will have to wait until the police investigation is complete. If they charge him, then there may really be something to her allegations.
    It’s political suicide to attempt to convict a high profile personality and lose. If they indict, there must be something there. At which point, he will be in real trouble.
    Whatever does happen, he needs to seriously modify his behavior to avoid these situations.

  57. Who cares whether Roethlisberger actually did assault that girl or not?
    The point is that this 28 year old so-called “team leader” is stupid enough to actually go bar-hopping with an underage 20 year old college girl, after having been dragged through the mud once already on a sexual assault charge.
    This is your “team leader”???? He hasn’t got the intelligence to figure out this kind of stuff isn’t going to get him any GOOD publicity????
    By the way, that the police confirmed Roethlisberger and this underage college girl visited “multiple establishments” together over the course of the night changes things a bit. Now it doesn’t look like what she says happened happened inside the night club. Were they in the back of a big ol’ limo with blacked out windows?
    Even if he didn’t assault her, the facts that she is 20 years old and visited “multiple establishments” with him while consuming alcoholic beverages can easily be confirmed. It’s not like he can simply deny that. Being a once-accused 28 year old veteran NFL “franchise quarterback” and getting an underage 20 year old college liquored up while bar hopping is not a smart career move.
    WTF is this moron thinking????
    Is his agent aware that his client is jepdardizing his own career (and the agent’s fat commission)? Are the Pittsburgh Steelers – great organization that they are – and Roger Goodell aware that thier star NFL QB is engaging in at least that much questionable behavior, whether or not he actually did sexually assault her?
    I have to say that this latest accusation makes me begin to question his innocence in that first incident, after all. You can tell me that being accused once makes you more likely to be accused a second time … yeah, maybe because it turns out you engage in questionable behavior and not because you’re an innocent “mark”????
    If Roethlisberger didn’t put himself in the position of carousing with drunken underage 20 year old college students, would we be talking about him today? All you fans of “Ben” need to stop and think about that before blindly defending this chucklehead

  58. Another Tiger in the WOODS. Get a dating service but stop what you are trying now!

  59. My wife of 30 years couldn’t tell you my weight or height. Did she tell police he was wearing a superbowl ring also? Her being in a club underage raises a red flag to me. A lot of women have lied about being raped in the past which only hurts true rape victims. Was there any signs she fought him off? Scars or bruises on either of them? Who would be a better target than a 6’5″, 241 lb person already accused of the same crime? It’s going to take a lot more than her accusation to convince me that he is guilty.

  60. The Ray Lewis stuff posted is pure BS at best. Anyone…and I mean anyone, who really followed this unfortunate event overa decade ago, knows the real truth. Lewis was young, immature and made some bad decisions, but in the end, he was not the one who stabbed the victim. He was scared and foolish, and eventually, he made the right call and came clean with what he knew. Unfortunately, this, like the Big Ben initial sexual assault claim, will follow them to their grave.
    Big Ben apparently has not learned anything from the first incident and has not been mentored by veteran players, unlike Lewis, who was by the likes of Rod Woodsen and Shannon Sharpe. There is much to be learned yet and it is unfare to him and or his accuser, to try either one of them in the court of public opinion.
    One thing is for sure, the Rooney family does not put up very long with these sort of problems, as they have a stellar reputation in the NFL…and will put an end to these sort of wranglings, one way or another. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. One thing is for sure…if you stand in shit, you’ll smell like shit!

  61. @Richm2256 …
    The point people are making about the height and weight is that he ISN’T what he “is.” His official stat is 6’5″ 241 but clearly his weight has ballooned upward. I’ve never known a rape survivor who could give an EXACT height and weight of her attacker. And since she’d been with Ben all evening, why not just give his name?
    The police made two things crystal clear in their press conference: Ben and his party hooked up with this girl and her party WHILE they were all out clubbing. She was already out drinking when she met him. And the incident took place at the club, not in a limo. The police said multiple locations within the club were considered a crime scene.
    When asked if it were sexual assault or rape, the police said “sexual assault or sexual manipulation.” That may mean intercourse did not occur or she felt she wasn’t sober enough to give informed consent. The hospitalization would likely have been to run a rape kit rather than to treat other physical injury.
    There is overwhelming evidence that McNulty lied about the first accusation. The two situations are not related. But I agree that “if Roethlisberger didn’t put himself in the position of carousing with drunken, underage, 20-year-old college students, would we be talking about him today.”
    I get that you hate the Steelers. But at the end of the season, I read your passionate defense of the Pats and what they mean to you. Please try to remember when you post that we feel exactly the same about our team and this is difficult for us.

  62. @Richm- It is weird that she gave the exact roster specifics and say it wasnt for sure Ben. The average person when guessing weight doesnt say an exact wieght or hieght. Especially in an event as horrific as this. They have ran studies on this exact thing and under the duress the victim was under she would not have been able to accurately, to the inch and pound, describe her attacker. Most people even just describing someone in general use reference points like; he was 6’2″/ 6’3″ 240-250 pounds and thats not in the heat of action, thats calmy standing back and looking.

  63. @thehoodedone
    it’s not “twisted logic” to want to hold off condeming the man until all the fact are gathered and a judges ruling is rendered. You can “hate” him all you want… and you can “hate” the Steelers all you want but until the facts are laid out then there’s no way you, Amy, or her daughter know what the @$%^& happened!

  64. The NFL does not need an arrest, a conviction, evidence, real or circumstantial to suspend and fine this punk piece of garbage. Roger Goddell needs to invoke a lifetime ban and $10M fine on this trash. Come on Rog you can do it!! Remember Pac man et al:???

  65. @reformed …
    So it doesn’t matter whether there’s one shred of evidence that Roethlisberger actually did any of the things he’s accused of doing? You think Goodell should skip all that evidence stuff and just permanently ban him from making a living and drain his bank account at the same time.
    Did it hurt when they performed your lobotomy?

  66. Hey Deb,pensacolasteelers,rpgman,
    God forbid any female seek psychological help from you Deb, from your RANTS you sound more like a man, are you sure you aren’t really a Don? And rpgman who said anything about being a Christian and what the hell does religion have to do with this? And pensacolasteelers dude, get a life, really that is quite a defense you put on for that ass. You sound like a little girl in love. I love the way you people defend this idiot. So let’s step back, I never accused this moron of anything. I simply stated facts. POS referred to these college age women, as bitches. His exact words: “Hey bitches come and get your free shots.” Quite frankly most women (Deb/Don excluded) do not like being referred to as a bitch. This goes to POS’s character. My daughter is a college student. She was at the bar before POS was there. She did not even know who POS was, even after being introduced. She immediately left once he got vulgar. And I think it is pretty pathetic that you “grown-ups” feel you have to defend a multi-millionaire against a 20 year girl. So if you want to know what really happened up until 1:45 am friday ask. I do not know what happened between this young woman and POS, but I do know that he is a moron for putting himself in this situation again. And you people are morons for defending him. I mean honestly Deb/Don, “this is difficult for us”. You are the most pathetic of all.

  67. @Amy Wilmer …
    I’ve posted on several threads, and it’s obvious from your comments that you haven’t read everything I’ve said. You missed this post directed to someone who shares your sentiments:
    “No woman with my background would knowingly defend a serial assaulter for any reason. And I would never condone or defend Ben Roethlisberger’s indiscriminate sexual behavior nor his cavalier treatment of women nor his sheer stupidity in not learning to be more wary of casual encounters. He has done unimaginable harm to himself, his family, his employers, his teammates, and his fans with his selfishness and immaturity. But thus far that’s the only evidence against him. It’s unfortunate that you find a woman committed to due process pathetic and a poor role model.”
    Now, Amy, the police have said this was not a rape, so apparently it’s some kind of grabbing, groping, or similar molestation. I was victimized like that by an adult when I was 14. And while I realize you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, it might have occurred to you that I’ve spent all that time with rape survivors because I’ve also been there, done that. I know you probably don’t consider being raped as traumatic as having your daughter called a “bitch,” but–believe it or not–it would keep me from defending a man if it were proved he’d assaulted someone. The keyword there is “proved.”
    As for the “bitches” comment, you must not watch much television because that “hey, bitches, come and get it” thing is rampant. Women say that to each other and men say it to women and gay men say it to each other, and everyone seems to be fine with it. I’m not. And I’m glad to see your daughter isn’t fine with it, either. Good for her. It’s proof that Roethlisberger is a jerk. It’s not proof of sexual assault.
    You’re quite the judge and jury when you have no facts, aren’t you, Amy Wilmer?

  68. ************** Rema *************
    You, my dear,…are an Elitest Piece of Crap.
    Ohio, RV’s? WTF?? Get out of the big City, go visit nature for yourself, and for God’s sake, leave your NY Times at home, Beeotch!
    You’re simple in The Worst Way.

  69. Ben should stay away from “today’s woman.”
    Gloria Steinem was quoted as saying that,if she knew how the women’s movement would ruin the American Family…shr would never have started it.
    Ben was SET UP. Do not compare this filth to the cowardice displayed by Ray”Pile on”Lewis.
    Ray Lewis should get the Electric Chair with that creepy,nasty looking Michael Vick.Hang em both!

  70. @cloudweller …
    Gloria Steinem never said that.
    @reformed …
    Speaking of exceptional limits. Bless your heart. I’ll bet yours is tiny indeed.

  71. Reformed what exactly? And speaking of exceptional limitations … I’m sure yours is quite tiny.

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