Redskins making moves on offensive line

A lot of jokes were made at the Redskins expense when they brought former Bills Mike Williams out of retirement last year, but they liked what they saw enough to re-sign him to a three-year deal Friday. 

(This is the overweight Mike Williams that can still play football apparently.)

The move is only one step in Washington’s focus on their offensive line.  We already knew Casey Rabach has been re-signed and Chad Clifton is visiting.

Tackle Tony Pashos, who has played under Chris Foerster of the Redskins, is also set up to meet with Washington.

9 responses to “Redskins making moves on offensive line

  1. Odd, the Washington radio guys (ex-players for Washington on the defensive & offensive line) described watching Williams practice as ‘painful’. No idea why they signed this guy to a 3 year deal.

  2. Mike Williams will probably not be a tackle. He played most of last season at right guard, which is probably better for him since he’s not quick enough to be a tackle anymore. Being the size he is, it should definitely help the running game.

  3. Williams and Dockery were our best run-blockers during the latter part of the season (which isn’t saying much).
    Williams has only been back for a season…so this coming season will be the real test of whether he deserves to be back or not.
    The other thing I would like to point out…this is an odd approach by the Redskins in light of their past free agent shopping sprees. People talked so much trash…and now that the team has taken a different approach…the trash talkers have done a 180 and continue to talk trash. Guess you can’t please everyone…and you can’t change a tiger’s stripes (or leopard’s spots…or whatever the analogy is)…
    …haters usually are haters in their personal/professional/etc. lives as well. Angry people with repressed issues that need to be addressed by professionals.
    I think I just described Perez Hilton…er…Mike Florio.

  4. Florio – I know it’s early and all but where is the post about the Redskins ringing in all the big free agents!?! Oh wait, they haven’t signed any big free agents like you suggested they would…

  5. the reason everybody is talking trash is because u suckas stink….you have nobody and will not compete again…LMAO.

  6. Williams proved enough last year to signed this year. I predict his performance will continue to rise and this will be one part of a improved offensive line.

  7. “Bill In DC says:
    March 5, 2010 2:31 PM
    Odd, the Washington radio guys (ex-players for Washington on the defensive & offensive line) described watching Williams practice as ‘painful’. No idea why they signed this guy to a 3 year deal.”
    If you’re talking about LaVarr Arrington – yes he played. But not Defensive line. He was a LB.
    If you’re talking about Chad Dukes, he never played in the NFL….May have been the guy eating all the twinkies at the buffet line though.
    If you’re talking Brian Mitchell, he played on the Offense, but not the Offensive line.
    So I ask you, who are these OL and DL radio hosts you talk of?

  8. he got off to a slow start last year, but the guy lost 100 pounds. I assume that transition would take a little bit of time to adjust. I would love for us to grab Okung in the first and the best player available in the second round, if it were another offensive lineman I think that would be great.

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