Reid reiterates that "Donovan's our quarterback"

Amid talk of differing opinion in the front office and given a stunning 180 by the Panthers on their own proclaimed starting quarterback, Eagles coach Andy Reid declared on Friday that Donovan McNabb’s position at the top of the depth chart remains secure.

“I haven’t changed my opinion,” Reid told Mike Missanell of 97.5 The Fanatic, via Sheil Kapadia of, “and I don’t think [president Joe Banner and G.M. Howie Roseman] have either. . . .  Donovan’s our quarterback.”

Ask what would occur if a team were to offer a first-round pick for McNabb, Reid said, “I’ve got the greatest situation in the National Football League.  I’ve got three quarterbacks that I know can start and have
started and done well so I’m not in any hurry to get rid of any of
these quarterbacks at all.”

Reid also said that “there’s a pretty good chance” all three of the quarterbacks will return, which means that Mike Vick won’t get his wish to be shipped to a team that either doesn’t have a starter or does have uniforms he deems sufficiently cool.

Still, none of them are signed beyond 2010, which remains a curious development.

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  1. Not to mention the Eagles won’t pay Vick what he’s due to get if he plays for them this year.
    That’s not happening.

  2. andy reid thinks he is in a good position with his qbs he is nothing but an idiot if he doesn’t trade one or two of then before he loses them for nothing after the season mcnabb had his chance and couldn’t get it done

  3. andy reid thinks he is in a good position with his qbs he is nothing but an idiot if he doesn’t trade one or two of then before he loses them for nothing after the season mcnabb had his chance and couldn’t get it done

  4. What Andy said:
    “I’ve got the greatest situation in the National Football League. I’ve got three quarterbacks that I know can start and have started and done well so I’m not in any hurry to get rid of any of these quarterbacks at all.”
    What Andy meant:
    “I’ve got what you want and you better be prepared to pay for it.”

  5. Mike Missanelli also said that Big Red is just playing the “good cop” so that Donovan isnt mad at Andy when he gets traded.

  6. Reid then went on to say that the turf at the Linc was over run by worms, and he needs Donnie “Pass on the ground” as his starting landscaper……

  7. So, in short, we won’t spend the money for top-notch players we need – we’ll go deal-shopping for ACL-recovering players – and we’ll tell Brian Dawkins to not let the door hit him in the ass on the way out, but we’re “not in any hurry to get rid of any of” three QB’s. Either Andy’s been buying product from his sons, or he’s posturing.

  8. Wait… doesn’t the saying go something like:
    “If you’ve got two quarterbacks, then you really have none.”
    So if Andy thinks he has three QBs… he must be in REALLY bad shape!

  9. i think the teams dropping the old guys, like spoon and westbrook, and reids all for it and then everyones like okay lets consider mcnabb in this list. and then reid slams his fist on the table and yells “HES OUR QUARTERBACK!!!”
    i truly hope someone locks reid in a room until he agrees to cut or trade mcnabb. nobody else wants him here, and i dont doubt the receivers hate him because of his terrible throws they have to adjust for.
    please….someone offer a first rounder…

  10. Habib, you’re a dumbass! If the Eagles were in “REALLY bad shape” with their 3 QB’s, then why are people constantly writing articles and posting comments about them? I dont see ANY articles about 3 QB’s on any other team, do you? And to SMITCHELL, Dawkins was offered a 1 year contract by the Eagles that would have paid him more $ than he would have received if he would have been franchise tagged so its not like Philly just told him to get lost. Denver just offered him a lot more money so he took it. I guess you could also say that Dawkins left for the money rather than sticking around with the franchise that helped him grow into the future Hall of Famer that he is, right??

  11. Great line from a great movie…
    When talking about poker, a professor says: “If you look around the table and can’t figure out who the sucker is…it’s you.”
    Andy is that sucker. The smartest man in the room who leaves with nothing.
    No plan.

  12. Vick will give the Eagles possibly a 3rd round comp if they keep him around another year which is worth it if they cant find a good deal to get from another team this year.. McNabb is better off on the Eagles another year if they cant get a good deal plus it gives Kolb a little extra time to prepare for his role in 2011

  13. then he should be gone as well, this guy is holding on to a pipe dream, ownership has to step up and tell reid it’s time to make the change. He’s gotta let it go!

  14. Given the Birds free agent moves, I am now convinced that the plan is for McNabb to be dealt.
    There is nothing that says that they will “go for it” one last time.
    But Reid can still eff this up because its personal for him, and he has no plan.

  15. It makes sense to get what you can with Donovan in his last year
    Andy has been in love with Donny since he drafted him and isnt gonna let their love story have a bad ending.
    Vick is the QB i want to see go, but even if he doesnt i’d be totally fine letting mcnabb have one more year and then toss the wedding ring to Kolb.

  16. The NFL is a business and in any business your assets are always available… for the right price. Its just the way it is. Almost any player is always available at the right price. Someone might have to overpay for McNabb, but if someone wants to they will trade him. Same thing with Vick. I’d like to know what they really expect to get for Vick. And if teams don’t offer them that, I think they’re even okay with bringing him back and utilizing him. With Westbrook gone, they could use someone else to come and in and make some plays with a limited amount of touches. Part of me believes Reid is okay going into the season with all 3 QBs. If they have to next year they would franchise McNabb and then trade him. And sign Kolb to a longterm. Or vice versa. And let Vick walk then. But obviously, if they can find someone willing to make a good offer for McNabb, his value has never been higher than it is right now. They brought in Kolb in case McNabb got hurt and to be the QB of the future. I think they are okay with starting that next year.

  17. If I were Holmgren, I’d take either Kolb or McNabb. I’d take Kolb because he’s shown potential and is still young, and I don’t want just a stop-gap. However, I’d also be willing to take McNabb, because a few playoff appearances, although ultimately unsuccessful, would be an improvement.

  18. “If they have to next year they would franchise McNabb and then trade him”
    OK – explain this to me. You pay McNabb the franchise value next year – which I believe is $15MM+ for one year.
    And then – you trade this old QB, who makes top-5 salary and is unsigned for future seasons?
    What would the market be for that? This isn’t the NBA, where expiring contracts are gold. He would have ZERO value in this scenario.
    Unless he is signed beyond the next season, no one will want him. And certainly not if you price him out of everyone’s market by franchising him.
    This is silly. Please, stop it.

  19. “…or does have uniforms he deems sufficiently cool.”
    I’m sure even an Eagles’ jersey is better than an orange jumpsuit.

  20. If Reid is being honest, Kevin Kolb will not re-sign next season. He is not stupid, he knows he is valued on the open market and that he can go somewhere and start now. If they aren’t willing to hand him over the keys to Philly, he will be a UFA next season. If he gets into the FA market next season when Philly could have gotten compensation for him or McNabb, Philly fans will blow a gasket.

  21. Your an idiot with jokes about Mike Vick on uniforms.
    He was clearly joking when he said it and you acting like he was serious which just makes you the joke.
    Any Who (joke) the Eagles better start doing something in Free Agency after the players they cut. The Eagles have glaring holes are a few positions. They need starting Will and Sam linebackers and starting Free Safety. They also need a #2 Running Back and an upgrade at Defensive End.
    Their is no way they can get 4 starting caliber players and a running back. They will be lucky to draft 2 players who can step right in and start.
    Sure they have players that can play at every position but your not going to win a SuperBowl with Omar Gaither/Akeem Jordan as the Weakside Linebacker, Chris Gocong as the Strongside Linebacker, and Macho Harris/Quinton Demps as the Free Safety. They can get away with Victor Abiamiri or Jaqua Parker as the RDE if they fill those 3 positions.
    If the Eagles dont upgrade this defense in free agency they arent going to get better. Eagles rookies never are able to step in and help on defense. It just doesnt happen.
    Im a huge Mcnabb supporter but why Im saying all this is because if the Eagles arent going to put out a superbowl quality team then theres no reason to keep Mcnabb around. As the team is right now the Eagles arent going to win the Superbowl and by the time the rookies the Eagles draft are ready to contribute Mcnabb will be gone. So why wait another year to trade him? He is going to be off the books. Sure the Eagles could franchise him then make the trade but hes value will be down from what it is now. Also teams will just wait out the Eagles realizing they want to go with Kolb so they probably wont get anything of value for him. Sure they could extend him then try to trade him but its the same as franchising him his value will decrease.
    Basically if the Eagles arent going to upgrade Mcnabb has to go. This way we can get trade value for him and give Kolb expierence. Then maybe the Eagles will be ready to compete in 2011 when the guys they drafted are ready to help and when a new CBA is signed(Hopefully) and all the restricted free agents this year become unrestricted.

  22. @Gitlin
    That post was so much more creative than “Avatar”. Very well done.
    Exactly. Either we move on and rebuild, or we hold on and slowly die. If the 76ers had traded Iverson way back when Billy King wanted to, we’d be back by now and the downturn would have been far shorter.
    And, believe me, the trading of Iverson was one of the most traumatic times of my life (and I know I am blessed to be able to say that). But it had to happen.

  23. One thing I would like to know. If you can pay Vick that money for nothing, (hes a scrub and has always been a scrub) then why not keep our beloved BDAWK last season. All he did this year was make the probowl again, and I think he was voted team defensive captain by the Broncos(might be wrong on that but I think I read that somewhere).

  24. Sasquash…
    Is it possible that the plan was to start the rebuilding process in 2010? That the plan was to let McNabb go for the best offer, start Kolb, and rebuild the defense? And just cop another 3rd rounder for Vick to kickstart the process (essentially buying a pick for $1.5MM)?
    In that scenario, Dawkins would have been pointless. 2009 was a throwaway and 2010 is the start of a new era.
    I am puzzled by the total lack of Eagles activity in FA. If you are gonna take a final shot with DMac…why no impact signings?
    Just a thought. This doesn’t add up.

  25. Hooby: “…nobody else wants him here…”
    I, along with the majority of philly fans, want him here. You’re the pathetic type of fair-weather fan that gives our city’s fans a bad name.

  26. Andy is such a fat pig and I don’t believe a word he says. All I know is there is no way they will pay 6.5 million to a 3rd string QB so Vick is gone and I would love to see Donovan throw the ball at the feet of another team’s receiver. Donvan is 100% the most overated QB in the NFL today and his elite status has been over 3 yrs ago when he stopped running.

  27. Where do you guys get the idea that Reid is just posturing to get a better deal in a trade? McNabb is Reid’s boy. They are joined at the hip. Reid owes his employment and millionaire lifestyle to McNabb. Their individual ineptitude however is staggering. Consider the following: McNabb is an inaccurate passer with happy feet who holds on to the ball too long. He is indecisive, and is unable to rise to the occasion in playoff games. He can’t hit receivers in stride, can’t throw a slant and is lousy in the red zone. Carrot Top stinks as a game day coach, and is wed to an offense that takes his players years to learn. He shockingly undervalues the critical positions of receiver, linebacker, safety, and running back and can’t make adjustments to the game plan on the fly. Reid hires from within so to ensure than opinions other than his are not heard. He can’t manage a game clock, keep track of down and distance or timeouts. Reid/McNabb have eleven years of history together and neither has gotten very much better at their respective positions in all that time. But, they do win, and that is why it will be status quo again next season. Get your popcorn ready.

  28. “I’ve got the greatest situation in the National Football League.”
    Yep. Everybody’s expectations are low and he just got an extension. You guys will be dealing with his poor game management for a long, long time.

  29. It’s obvious that someone in the organization has to be the “good cop” with McNabb. By Andy coming out and saying this, he is now able to keep his word with Don that HE isn’t trying to trade him. Banner on the other hand is working the phones like crazy. If a good offer comes through, bye bye Mcnabb with Andy saying “I’m sorry Don, Lurie gave Banner the go ahead. I tried to save you”.
    If the trade doesn’t go through and Don gets wind that they were shopping him, Andy just says “that jerk-off Banner fielded a few calls, but I put him in his place, you are my guy”. Win-Win for the Eagles. Obvious ploy and too many people can’t see it.

  30. “I’ve got what you want and you better be prepared to pay for it.”
    Wouldn’t it be funny if nobody offered close to what he thinks he can get? McNabb will be 34 before the season is over and I’d be surprised if any team will trade a lot to get him AND give him a big extension. And nobody is going to give up anything to have him for just one season. Don’t even think about getting much for Vick. He’ll be on the wrong side of 30 when the season starts and hasn’t played a meaningful amount of football in going on four years. Never was that good to begin with, he sure ain’t gonna be good now. Then there’s Kolb. Meh. He’s probably the 0-3gles best change to get some good trade material. But then if he goes all you have left are McNabb and Vick and both of their contracts are still up after 2010 so I don’t see them trading Kolb.
    Nice corner to have painted yourselves in, Reid, Banner and Roseman!

  31. “If the Eagles were in “REALLY bad shape” with their 3 QB’s, then why are people constantly writing articles and posting comments about them? I dont see ANY articles about 3 QB’s on any other team, do you?”
    I don’t see any teams with 3 QBs that are in the last years of their contracts, either. Much less another team that has a dog killer, a coach killer, and a position filler until the 0-3gles can find their next “QB of the future” because if they had any confidence at all in Kolb he’ll get an extension and be the starter in ’10.

  32. The Eagles always keep the business in the back of their mind. I could see them not doing anything big this offseason because of the lack of clarity on what the next CBA will do about a salary cap. I could see them trading their first round pick again this year to pick up a handful of lower round or future picks, to try to find good talent without the first round price tag forced upon them.

  33. That’s where this all falls apart – they are in the last year of their deals.
    When will they extend one of these guys? If they are staying or going, that would seem to be a must-do.

  34. If the Eagles go hard for Clark and Kampman, then they are bringing back McNabb.
    If they don’t sign anyone of note, he’s gone.
    And this leads me to a problem the Eagles have – they think they are playing poker…but they aren’t.
    Everything they do tips off teams as to what they plan on. The lack of signings tells me that they are entering rebuilding mode. Thus, McNabb is the one they’ll move and therefore his value takes a hit.
    Depedning on who gets roster bonuses / extensions, teams will learn who they plan to move or keep. And that also impacts value.

  35. What is this? Something about the Eagles’ QB situation and STILL no delusional post from over favorite Eagles’ acolyte about how Vick is going to lead them to the promised land this year? Still waiting for him to support that whole “McNabb has a better winning percentage than Montana and Vick has better numbers than Steve Young” crap that he posted.

  36. there was talk the Eagles were looking for a #2 for Vick, …a year ago only three teams had any interest in him, now he’s worth a two? based on what? …there is talk that the eagles are looking for a #1 plus, for McNabb,… Mike Holmgren talked that when McNabb loses his legs, that’s it. Andy’s “reluctance” to trade McNabb, may speak to the fact that he’s not as high on Keven Kolb, as one would think. there is something to be said for OVERVALUEING your talent. it sets up an interesting scenario, because all three are in the last year of their contracts. IF McNabb is their starting QB next year, the first time he plays poorly, especially if it’s a home game, it’s going to get ugly. to bad for Eagles fans that Big Andy is not in the last year of his contract, [like John Fox] maybe he would feel a sense of urgency, to try to win.

  37. Al I know is that my ticket invoice is due in a few days AND I don’t want to watch Donnie in the Dirt play freakin air guitar, watch conVick run the wild thing and watch a perfectly good QB stand on the sidelines because our coach/gm/messiah wants to prove he is smarter than everyone else.

  38. Can you now give it a rest about Mcnabb now.. It’s simple if you don’t like it change the channel.

  39. @ vox says: “dog killer, a coach killer, and a position filler”
    How long did it take you to come up with that one? Muhammed Ali you’re not.
    I’ll admit, though, I’m as confused as the next guy on the Eagles cutting Witherspoon.
    @ TomBrookshire: I don’t think it’s them placing under value on those positions. It’s they aren’t going to sign people for contracts that don’t fit whatever internal value they have on them. Plus, you have to have above average lines. Before you do anything, you have to have guys that can rush the passer and block on offense. Without that, I don’t care if you have Jerry Rice, Chris Carter, and Harold Carmichael, you’re not going to win many games.

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