Report: Peppers taking physical, deal is "imminent"

After hearing Julius Peppers’ agent’s statements last night, it was only a matter of time before the prize of this free agent crop signed with the Bears.

The time is near.

Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Peppers is taking a physical in Chicago and a signing is imminent.

The only question left is how much money Peppers will earn.  Hayes hears that Peppers will earn $12-14 million-per-year over six years, which is actually less than we imagined.

It’s all about the structure.  We’d be surprised if Peppers doesn’t get the most guaranteed money for a defender in league history or very close to it.

41 responses to “Report: Peppers taking physical, deal is "imminent"

  1. Enjoy Chicago, Julius.
    Two years from now, after the Bears have accomplished squat, you’ll be grumbling again about how you are misused on the defense, and you’ll be yammering to get traded.
    I hope the extra money will make you feel better about never earning a Super Bowl ring.

  2. Taylor just signed too. 4 yr 12 mil. Bears are crazy. Forte should get out now !

  3. he will be a good fit in Chicago.
    if nothing more than the 6 games every year against:
    1. Vikings – he already showed how he can overwhelm this team (McKinnie is the weakest pro bowl lineman ever)
    2. The Packers are potentially losing both OT’s and already gave up a league high 51 sacks last year
    3. Lions – well they suck, so no analysis is needed.

  4. Brett Favre is strongly contemplating retirement now. LOL Bring in Tim Tebow!

  5. hahah good luck chicago! your about to over pay for an overrated DE. hahah I am glad pep is outta carolina and now the bears will have to watch him take game(s) off this year. I cant wait for the bears vs carolina in carolina this season. Peppers will get blown up and booed immensely

  6. It better be $14 million a year because if not the Eagles should have gotten him.
    The Eagles should have been prepared to pay him $13 million a year.
    The Eagles took Westbrooks $7 million off the books when they cut him. They also took a couple million off the books by letting Alex Smith, Jason Babin, and Sean Jones walk.
    Signing Peppers would of fixed the Eagles problems at Linebacker and Safety. The Eagles would of been able to blitz less which would have allowed their lbs play more coverage. It also would allow them to use more nickel and dime sets which would have helped their safeties.

  7. 6 year deal? Only way to keep Peppers motivated is 1 year deals. Good luck getting anything from him now that he knows that he has signed his last contract.

  8. it has to be a monster guaranteed deal if he is signing this early in the game.

  9. The Bears are deparate for a pass rush, but for a team in their position, they are doing the absolute right thing …personnel-wise. Too bad Lovie Axons-Don’t-Fire Smith and Rod 0-16 Marinelli will be in charge of the D.

  10. Hey Julius have fun w Chicago losing is something you’ll get use to playing there add Chester , yourself and any other free agents won’t take away the fact your quarterback is s diva, sore loser and oh ya did I forget to mention he led the league on picks last year with a whopping what 27, 28. I believe you sed you wanted to go to a contender but ya that makes sense signing w the bears, it was always about the money never ever about anything else but the loot. Your all the same Money greedy bitc$&@ all the sacks in the world still will be tough to get you in the hall …good riddens

  11. see jevon kearse. no defense can recover from their own qb from throwing 6 picks a game.

  12. So now the Eagles will focus their efforts into signing Aaron Kampman. That just what they need another free agent with knee problems.
    Kampmans production isnt much better then Jaqua Parker so I dont see why they need him. He wont bring double teams like Peppers would have. The only thing bringing him in over Peppers is it would free up more money. But who else is out their that we need that extra money for? Antrel Rolle isnt going to be gone Carlos Dansby is going to be gone Chester Taylor and Gary Brackett is already gone. So whos out their that we need the money for?
    Also I think Jason Babin was very underused last year. He did great when he was on the field but the Eagles didnt use him. I think if they would have started him he could of put up 8+ sacks. So what does Kampman have that Babin didnt? O ya a knee problem and a bigger contract.
    I just dont get what Kampman does to upgrade the Eagles. If they cant get Peppers fine lets move on.
    To Rolle or Dansby.

  13. He’s a good fit for the Bears and will shake up the division.
    Years ago, Ron Wolf drafted three corners in Green Bay with his first three picks when he had to deal with Randy Moss.
    Looks like the Packers will be looking at tackles in the draft.
    Under the circumstances, Clifton is not the answer for Green Bay at left tackle.

  14. All you guys are just mad because yur teams didn’t go after Julius. See you losers in the Super Bowl. LOL. Oh never mind your team won’t be there.

  15. I thought PFTV said Peppers is in serious decline?
    If so then it’s appropriate he’s joined da bears.

  16. Peppers & Taylor won’t matter in chicago they will still lose. That organization flat out sucks, From ownership down to its dope of a coach.

  17. As a Vikings fan, I love to see the Bears overpay this offseason on players that dont fill the 2 major holes they have.

  18. As a panther fan I hope you dont mind Peppers taking 7-8 games off a season. And of course when the games don’t matter he will be a beast. HAHAHA
    I have been to every carolina home game for the past 2 seasons, and this dude he straight up disappear during big games.
    Remember the AZ playoff game, or the dallas MNF game, or the eagles, atlanta, TB…. so on the dude sucks and has no passion what so ever for the game. I listen to a radio show in charlotte with a former panther DT hosting it. He played with pep and said the dude has no love for the game and would rather go to a club rather than practice and study up.
    Chicago should go after Kampman he would for sure have a better motor then the sack of shit peppers

  19. Hey TERRY – Shouldn’t last year have taught you better than to have that kind of attitude? Let’s wait until we start 6-0 before we can safely say we’ll make the playoffs.

  20. and if you’re a Panther fan, takes balls talking about Cutler when Delhomme couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn…unless it was painted in the opposing teams colors…

  21. Filling holes. Glad they did this early as well as the Chester Taylor signing. And everyone who is showing their ignorance just wishes it was their team making this headline.

  22. I love how all these non bear fans aka jealous a-holes feel the need to hate on the bears and take shots at cutler and whoever else for no reason. THE BEARS ARE A BETTER TEAM TODAY. Get the facts straight nfc scouts said Peppers isn’t in decline in fact he as strong and fast as he was when he came into the league.
    Now go get your shinebox mckinnie!

  23. Good luck passing the drug test Peppers. We all know you love that Carolina Sweet Herb!

  24. Because the Eagles are out of the Peppers race this is what I think they should do in free agency.
    1. OLB – Carlos Dansby $8 million per year, DE- Jason Babin $2-3 million per year, S – Ryan Clark $4 million per year.
    Thats about $13-15 million this year on 3 players while Peppers will cost almost that much on his own.
    2. DE- Aaron Kampman $6 million per year, LB Keith Bullock or Larry Foote $4 million per year, S Ryan Clark $4 million per year
    This would cost the Eagles around $13-14 million per year and would still leave them money for depth.
    3. S – Antrel Rolle $8 million per year, LB – Keith Bullock or Larry Foote $4 million per year, DE – Jason Babin $ 2-3 million per year.
    Still about $14-15 million per year
    4. DE- Kampman $6 million per year, LB – Bullock or Foote $4 million per year, S – Antrel Rolle $ 8 million per year
    This option is a little more far fetched but still would only cost $16-18 million in 2010 and would fill 3 positions for the next few years. Also doing this will allow them to release players from their positions to recoup money.
    5. LB – Carlos Dansby $8 million per year, S – Antrel Rolle $8 million per year, DE – Jason Babin 2-3 million per year
    This will not happen but in my opinion is the best way for the Eagles to get better. IT will cost the Eagles $18-19 million per year.
    6. Obviously I would like to have Antrel Rolle, Carlos Dansby, and Aaron Kampman but thats not even possible so no need to get into the numbers.
    I doubt any of these things will actually happen like I wrote it but its what I think they will need to do to make the Eagles better then they would have been with Peppers.

  25. Didn’t you post that the Panthers offered him $14m per year? Would he really take less just to get out of Carolina?

  26. This is awesome! He will make the whole defense better. We will finally have somone to draw some doubleteams besides Tommy Harris. Go Bears!

  27. Bears will finish with another losing season with INT machine Cutler.
    Lovie’s out the door.
    Julius still gets paid big bucks.
    Winner = Juliu$
    loser = Bears.

  28. I love all the sour grapes posts from Packer and viking fans what a joke. Packer nation wont find it too funny when they lose 3-4 starters in the next wave of free agency and have a small market checkbook with no ability to replace what they lost. No cap is a good thing for big market teams and a bad thing for the bumpkins in Carolina, Jacksonville and Green Bay.

  29. jamaltimore says:
    March 5, 2010 2:24 PM
    see Jevon Kearse. no defense can recover from their own qb from throwing 6 picks a game.
    Your an idiot. Donovan Mcnabb has thrown less interceptions per pass then any other qb in the HISTORY OF THE NFL.
    Comparing what happened with Jevon Kearse in Philadelphia with Donovan Mcnabb as the QB to what you think will happen with Julius Peppers in Chicago because of Jay Cutler throwing a ton of interceptions is the dumbest thing I ever heard.
    You can say he will play terrible like Jevon Kearse did after his first season in philly after he got paid a ton of money. But you cant say its because the qb will throw alot of interceptions when your comparing it to Kearse in Philly because it simply isnt true.
    You can say he will play bad like Kearse and you can say that Cutler throwing alot of picks will make it happen. You just cant compare the entire situation to what happened in Philly. The Eagles and the Bears, Mcnabb and Cutler, and Kearse and Peppers are entirely different entities

  30. I am gonna love too see what occurs, when the D forces a 3 and out, and Cutler comes out and throws a pick on the second play of the drive. He thought it was it stunk when Delhomme was throwing INTs.

  31. Im not a hater I think Peppers is great and will make the Bears instantly better.
    But to the Bears fans on here saying playoffs and superbowl you need to temper you expectations.
    They play the Eagles, Cowboys, Redskins, Giants, Dolphins, Jets, Bills, and Patriots once plus 1 NFC South and NFC West team and the Vikings, Packers, and Lions twice.
    That is a really hard schedule. The Bears will either have to beat the Vikings or Packers out for the Division.
    Or they will have to beat out, the Eagles Cowboys Giants Redskins Panthers Saints Falcons Cardinals 49ers Seahawks Packers Vikings and possibly even the Buccaneers Rams and lions, every other team except the 4 division winners and the 1 other wildcard team to make the playoffs.
    Thats a very big hill to climb for a team with a new offensive coordinator, a qb that is struggling in this system (even though IMO hes really good) and now has to learn a new one, a no name wr core whos best player would rather take less snaps there if it means he gets to return kicks more, a suspect o-line, an aging injury prone lb core, a defensive line on the decline(besides pepper), a sub par defensive backfield, and no picks in the first 2 rounds of the draft.
    IM not saying they cant get it done but its a little early to be predicting Superbowl or Playoffs when there are some key players on the team who havent lived up to their potential so far or stayed healthy and still a ton of areas on the team that desperately need to be upgraded with out the ammunition to help get it done in the draft.
    So take it easier Bears fans even though you got the best player in free agency doesnt mean the other teams in the NFC wont have a better offseason then uses.

  32. bobbyyyd says:
    March 5, 2010 2:40 PM
    Wow, you actually told everyone you went to all the Panther home games the last 2 years…..Obviously your post doesn’t matter now….back to your Mom’s basement you Jake Delhomme lover…….

  33. Thats a great deal for the Bears. This team could be pretty good, but lets remember football is a team game. This team needs a lot more than Julius Peppers to become contenders. With that being said Julius Peppers and Brian Urlacer on the same D is pretty scary. The Black and Blue division vs. the NFC east should be fun to watch this year with a marquee matchup every week.

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