Roethlisberger accused of sexual assault, again

NFL_roethlisberger4_250.jpgAs if this first day of the 2010 league year wasn’t sufficiently hectic, one of the more ugly situations from the 2009 league year suddenly has migrated back onto the front burner.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been accused of sexual assault.  Again.

TMZ reports that the alleged incident allegedly occurred (allegedly) early Friday in Milledgeville, Georgia, a town that when you say it sounds a little like “Allegedville.”

The alleged victim and witnesses are being interviewed, and police have interviewed Roethlisberger.

Per TMZ, no charges have been filed yet.

Even if he’s cleared, the fact that Big Ben would put himself in position to be on the wrong end of these allegations given everything he has experienced in Nevada makes us think that, yes, he really is as dumb as he looks.

And if you don’t know what we’re talking about regarding Nevada, we’re glad that you have emerged from your coma.  Please type “Roethlisberger” and “sexual” in the search box and you’ll quickly be up to speed.

The difference this time around is that the alleged victim didn’t wait a year to make the claim.  She didn’t even wait a day.

175 responses to “Roethlisberger accused of sexual assault, again

  1. Ok, even as a Steeler fan, this is kinda funny.. not cause of the assault, but just cause it happened again. Cmon Ben, WAIT TILL THEY SAY YES.

  2. Lets see how long ESPN takes to report this. Im guessing longer then a day..

  3. Wonder if ESPN will not report this one also. This guy has to have a brain made of rocks to allow himself to be put into this situation again (if he is innocent in either case) . . .

  4. One time ok I would think it’s a chick trying to get some money. To have it happen twice I think Big Ben might be a pervert. He probably fondles Troy’s pretty hair in the locker room.

  5. “Please type “Roethlisberger” and “sexual” in the search box and you’ll quickly be up to speed.”
    Yes. Do this. Google image search.

  6. Big Ben??? rape allegations??? not our precious steelers, we’re a class organization that doesn’t deal with malcontents

  7. Perhaps they should sign Rex Grossman in case Big Ben has to play keep away from another Big Ben inside the clink

  8. What a friggin Idiot. You think by now he would have a contract drawn up for this sort of thing.

  9. Ben Roethlisberger is officially the Michael Jackson of the NFL except his crimes occur with women.

  10. such an accusation is useless without a pic. the last chick he supposedly raped was hideous. Big Ben is starting to sound a lot like Tiger with his choice of women. atleast Tiger’s whores didn’t press charges

  11. This is the greatest day as a Browns fan since we beat the stealers this season. The first article was “Josh Cribbs signs extension” and the following article is “Fat rapist on back end of career sexually assaults another heifer.”

  12. Oh, but I thought the Steelers were sooooo classy and did things the right way?
    Steroid abusers in the 70’s, Rapists in the 10’s.

  13. This time, I hope they bring the women to the hospital or medical clinic and have the police dept use a rape kit. DNA is hard to deny so it will be up to Ben Rapesagirl to convince a jury of his peers that it was consensual. Finding 12 idiots with IQ’s of less than 85 will be the hard part unless they move to trial to Minneapolis and recruit Viking fans.

  14. Lets see if ESPN Reports on it since they put Irvin all over the news for a CIVIL Suit….But the last time they didnt want to report on Worthlessburger……Lets see if they report on the horny mo fo now…..

  15. Roethlisberger has helped me to find the bright spot in JaMarcus Russell: at least he’s too busy eating to rape anybody.

  16. ugh…what a fool…
    make these women sign waivers before hitting the sheets…
    …if she’s crying wolf….god help us…
    …if she’s telling the truth…castrate him for not learning from the 1st time.

  17. Will be interesting to see what comes of this. I can only hope that he learned from his experience in Nevada. But it sounds like even if he is innocent, that he was in a bad spot again.
    Great QB, but has the brain of a peanut!

  18. Ravens, Bengals and Browns fans now have ammunition for another year or more.

  19. One off season, he nearly kills himself riding without a helmet… and misses start of the next season.
    Then he gets accused of rape in Vegas.
    Now this.
    There’s a trend here.

    “yes, he really is as dumb as he looks.”
    is waaaaaay over the line Florio.

  21. Ben Rapistburger treats women like he treats secondaries, no matter how hard you try to stop him from penetrating your defenses, once Big Ben has his mind set on it, he will mercilessly ravage you.

  22. “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

  23. If the headline said Michael Irvin, Vick, McNabb, Brandon Marshall or Adrian Peterson accused of sexual assault, their would’ve been 100 comments 5 minutes after it was posted. Since it’s “Ben Roethlisberger”, everyone gives him a pass.

  24. With absolutely no information besides “Ben has been accused of sexual assault, has been interviewed, etc.” how can people say “How could he put himself in this situation again, what an idiot?”
    At this point, to “put himself in this situation again,” all Ben has to do is have sex with someone and they can accuse him of whatever they want. How about don’t make any judgements until more information is out?
    By the way, I hate the Steelers and am in no way defending Ben, but have SOME information before you start calling things either way.

  25. ok. Now he has a history of this now. Come on ESPN this is the story you have been waiting for.

  26. It doesn’t sound anything like Allegedville. Have a little journalistic objectivity, for goodness sake.

  27. Poor Ben. Tall, dark, famous and wealthy and he doesn’t have enough game to get laid without assaulting the woman. Wow.

  28. He’s going for “One for the thumb”
    If he goes to jail, sign Micheal Vick, he’ll bring his own “Stand”.
    At least Tigers girls said yes!

  29. Judge: What have you been charged with?
    Ben: Rape, Murder, Arson and Rape
    Judge: You said rape twice
    Ben: I like rape

  30. the first time you could say the girl was crazy, but twice is a trend, and even if he is innocent his name will forever be tarnished.

  31. The bigger issue is what the hell he was doing in Milledgeville, Georgia. It’s a pitiful little town.

  32. Cue the Price is Right “you lost” music.
    He’s a stupid, stupid man. Clutch as hell, but basically like some manchild out of a Faulkner novel.

  33. ====”Even if he’s cleared, the fact that Big Ben would put himself in this position “====
    What exactly does “putting himself in this position” mean? That he’s out having sex with girls?
    I suppose because he’s a famous QB he should be sitting at home, married, wearing tan Dockers and playing Sudoku. Maybe as night falls, if he’s lucky, he can engage in a little missionary position sex with the wife.

  34. I’m sensing a pattern here… Maybe a trade to the Ravens is in order.

  35. “What a dumbass!!!! Cue steeler fan excuses….”
    No excuse necessary – Key word: Allegedly
    There is no excuse for sexual assault if / when he is actually charged / convicted of either alleged incident.

  36. Not a Rothlisburger supporter or fan but without ANY details you really ought not to pass judgement on him yet. For all you know some gold digger has filed completely baseless charges. C’mon Florio.

  37. 2 SBs in 6 years. No excuses necessary. Just like Nevada, this is going to be all BS. Again.
    Cue the haters….all because their crapola teams have a lousy QB who can’t / won’t win the big one.
    6 Lombardis and counting…..

  38. Ha – not only are the Steeler fans jealous that the browns have more championships (don’t argue it – its a fact – check wikipedia), but they’ll also be jealous when we have mcnabb and rothlisassaulter is in jail.

  39. All the stiller fans will now make up new reasons to blame the girl and not the fat boy.
    This moron would be serving roethlisbergers in some grease shack if he couldn’t throw a football!

  40. I doubt if even Steeler fans will make excuses this time, if he’s actually charged/convicted.. But lets wait to see what happens.
    And Rapistburger, that’s classic!! You guys always bring up new and funny nicknames that haven’t been used before.. Keep up the good work!

  41. I think this is the tip of the iceberg & not just BEN. Sadly he didn’t learn from his last experience of how he sets himself up or maybe he just feels enititled because of fame,ego,money & celebrity. He obviously does not surround himself with the proper people or he indeed has issues. This one may not go away as fast.
    As for the female if none of this is real then she makes it tough on the women that have real & true complaints & that is so dissapointing for all women.
    I believe before the football season starts again this year there will be more athletes behaving badly & some will be very shocking & some will be very real. That little black book’s pages will surface again.

  42. The jury is certainly out on this one… but if you think Roethlisberger raped the girl in Nevada, you are clearly retarded.

  43. “Roethlisberger’s lawyer adamantly denied the allegations, and was quick to point out that the woman never went to the authorities”
    Doesn’t sound like that’ll be a defense this time.

  44. Ah yes a pattern…….
    Big Blow AKA Chester Rapeshisfemales, is guilty.
    How many women has he done this too, and gotten away with it?
    What a complete DB …..Big Blow they do not like rapist in prison.
    Steeler fans( The ones with no teeth) should be outraged.

  45. I love to start an afternoon with a heaping bowl of Schadenfreude.
    Ben Rapistberger strikes again!

  46. ATTN Pats, Browns, Raven, and Bengals fans:
    Layeth the smack down…Clearly Ben hasn’t learned about not putting himself in these types of situations. He deserves the scrutiny, and that means so do we as Steeler fans…
    The Dennis Dixon Era may begin a little earlier than we were hoping…

  47. Chitown: Funniest comment ever….
    Tiger Woods keeps refreshing waiting to read this story.

  48. Certainly hope it isn’t so. I live in Ga and had Milledgeville in my territory. There’s nothing there but a power plant and some prisons. What the hell would he be doing there? Most people there are trying to get the hell out.
    Again, hope it’s not true.

  49. Benny boy rapes da white girl. People say noway. Benny boy violates another girl. I say this punk roddellsberter is a scum rapist send him to prison. Goddell needs to suspend this bag o puke for 2-3 years. Fine him $6M-$10M. and tell him to go away for good. Lifetime suspension.

  50. Why should ESPN report on this yet? No charges have been filed, only an accusation has been leveled. Once this stuff is out there, it cannot be taken back, even if the girl made everything up. Didn’t the Duke incident from a few years ago teach anyone anything?

  51. ===”With absolutely no information besides “Ben has been accused of sexual assault, has been interviewed, etc.” how can people say “How could he put himself in this situation again, what an idiot?”
    At this point, to “put himself in this situation again,” all Ben has to do is have sex with someone and they can accuse him of whatever they want”============
    The thing is, 99% of the commenters on this website a.) have never gotten laid, b.) don’t have the game to get laid, c.) the only time they get laid is with their fat wives.
    Hence, they think everybody else should live like this too, even if you’re a millionaire QB who has multiple women offering themselves to you.

  52. And you dog loving “Devils” say Vick is the worst person on Earth……….
    Or is it because of his eye color?
    HA HA HA

  53. What the hell is he doing in Milledgeville anyway? Catching up on a Eudora Welty seminar? Does he have ties to the college there that would make him go? For the life of me, having been there, many, many times….I don’t even get why he’s in Milledgeville bruising the peaches…..

  54. I went to grad school in Milledgeville. It is a small college in a small town……so my money is that this is a college girl. What is he doing in Milledgeville? There is only two things there: Georgia College & State University and the Mental Hospital that all the crazies in Georgia go to. Really, there are only 3 – 4 bars to go to. I am still wondering why he was in Milledgeville? Was he there for the Applebees or the movie theatre with 3 screens?

  55. “Even if he’s cleared, the fact that Big Ben would put himself in position to be on the wrong end of these allegations given everything he has experienced in Nevada makes us think that, yes, he really is as dumb as he looks”
    in what position? to bang a local? why the hell shouldnt he take full advantage of his position as a prize pig in the nfl just like everyone else does? damn skeezy girls…trippin up the Ben.
    Leinart needs to school this shmuck on whats up
    p.s. steelers blow
    p.p.s vikings blow

  56. Bwaahaaaahaaaa……this is too easy!!
    I’m gonna withhold my comments making fun of “BIG” Ben and the Stooler ilk (especially Katmanduu) until more info comes out.

  57. Now that Big Ben has a rap sheet of some length I suspect the Raiders will try and work out a trade for him !

  58. I’m sure Florio will take this off of the most commented list in just a day or two considering how big of a steeler fan he is lol.

  59. @salty: shhhhh… your douche is too loud, we can’t hear the rest of us adults talking. And who talks about “NFL Championships”, it’s called the Super Bowl and unless you’re 80 years old, that’s all that matters. That’s the best straw I’ve ever heard a Browns fan grasp at… lol.

  60. Maybe Ben left Pittsburgh for Georgia, looking for women who had teeth.
    Dumbass yinzer wannabee…

  61. Again, another story hyped by the media that will in all likelyhood be considered true before the facts are released…sucks to be a pro athlete in this day and age! Has anyone ever wondered if some of these women just want to scream rape after they get there rocks off and have a new meal ticket? It would not be the first time it was done, nor the last. Sorry, but even musicians and actors have been accused of this crap, but athletes are usually considered thuggish due to the amount of issues in the professional spectrum which is overly publicsized by the media whores. Granted, if he is guilty then he should be treated as such, but I would not be surprised if this was some married backwoods chick who regretted the act, but saw dollar signs at the end of the rainbow.

  62. DemocratsAreStupid says:
    Judge: What have you been charged with?
    Ben: Rape, Murder, Arson and Rape
    Judge: You said rape twice
    Ben: I like rape
    – Ben on bail: Where all the ugly women at?

  63. Two hours and counting on Last time it took 3-4 days.
    Every sexual assault story pertaining to black NFL players hits the site within ten minutes.

  64. Hold-on Steeler-haters! Save some of your awesome wit to discuss the ineptitudes of your own under-achieving team.
    The Nevada charge was a farce.
    Here’s hoping Ben quickly proves he was nowhere near Midgeville, GA and that he learned the importance of discretion.

  65. It seems necessary that Roethlisberger create a sex tape after every encounter from now on. Not for entertainment purposes, but for use as evidence.

  66. Come on you dog loving “Devils” surely a woman is worth more than a smelly dog 🙂

  67. sucks at picking up chicks, sucks at football…sucks at life
    (and apparently sucks at raping girls)

  68. @salty: shhhhh… your douche is too loud, we can’t hear the rest of us adults talking. And who talks about “NFL Championships”, it’s called the Super Bowl and unless you’re 80 years old, that’s all that matters. That’s the best straw I’ve ever heard a Browns fan grasp at… lol.

  69. The Notorious V.I.C. :
    He should have the common sense to know that he has a target on his back from all kinds of people trying to get something from him, even if they sleep with him.

  70. John Roethlisberger walked up to a young girl standing next to a cliff, crying her eyes out. ‘Hello there. I’m Super Bowl hero John Roethlisberger, and I play for the Pittsburgh Steelers! Why are you crying?’ The girl replied, ‘Well, my dad stopped the car so I could get out to pee. I got out of the car and I guess the handbrake wasn’t on right and the car rolled off the cliff!’. ‘My mom and dad are dead!’, the girl added, sobbing. John unzipped his fly. ‘Well, this just isn’t your lucky day, is it.’

  71. Which is greater…
    1) Number of Big Ben victims?
    2) Average attendance to Pirates home game?
    Hmmm. I’m leaning to #1.

  72. At least he’s not married. If he have learned anything, its to wait until everything is out until we pass judgement towards Ben and the woman. No one should be calling these girls “whore” or “greedy sluts” because we don’t know what happened. We also shouldn’t be throwing out things like “well I guess this proves that he did it both times.” Ben is still innocent of everything until he is proven guilty so lets just wait until all the info comes out and for god sakes don’t believe a word Florio says.

  73. Another classy chick trying to get money from Ben? And this time it’s in the South???
    This one will be dismissed quickly cause it will most likely be prosecuted by a lawyer from the South.
    To southerners: The above means people in the South are stupid.

  74. You guys are nuts if you think he did something wrong. All women are nuts, we all know that. Southern Women are the nuttiest. Southern Girls are nuttier then squirl poop. Is he to dumb to realize hes a perfect set up for a crazy broad sure(he rode a motorcycle without a helmet, clearly he isn’t bright) but that doesn’t mean he rapes this broad. Inacent until proven guilty right? I think this chick thinks she can get some money and slept with him, maybe even targeted him. Think about it, how many of you said I can buy once but twice? She counting on everyone to do that. I hope Big Ben sues the crap out of both these broads. Then the Steelers should trade him to Philly for McNabb. Philly would get another character guy and the Steelers would get an ok qb but an allstar human being, both sides win.

  75. For everyone wondering/asking what Ben was doing in little ole’ Milledgeville, GA…
    Roethlisberger owns a house on Lake Oconee, a resort area located about 30-45 min away from Milledgeville. I work at the Ritz Carlton on the lake and see him at some of the local restaurants regularly. However, there are no real bars and no late night activity around there being as most the people able to afford to live on the lake are rather pretentious and think they are to good to frequent the bar scene. I’m sure he went to Milledgeville for the night to get some sweet college ass and have a few drinks…. also, there was a bad ass band (Stokeswood) playing at one of the other bars he was spotted at last night.

  76. Katmanduu says:
    March 5, 2010 4:09 PM
    2 SBs in 6 years. No excuses necessary. Just like Nevada, this is going to be all BS. Again.
    Cue the haters….all because their crapola teams have a lousy QB who can’t / won’t win the big one.
    6 Lombardis and counting…..
    Ooooooh, I get it. Since he’s won Super Bowls he can rape woman, thanks for clearing that up.

  77. RAPISTBURGER STRIKES AGAIN. He’s a BIG PIECE OF CRAP and he demonstrates it again and again!

  78. Wonder if McNutty has set him up. Getting someone to have sex with him and then claim rape.

  79. Thats it something has to happen. He got accused once and got away with it because the girl had a shady background. That doesnt mean it didnt happen it just means that his lawyers steam rolled her.
    But even with that I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. It was the first time and the girl did have a weird past and no witnesses.
    But now it has happened again. That is a pattern. Also the girl went to the police right away and their are witnesses this time. Im sure the girl knows about what happened with Ben in Nevada and seen he got away with it. So I doubt very much this girl would lie and try the same thing so soon after the other case that Ben won. Everyone seen how he attacked that girls character and past and how good his lawyers were. So I doubt anyone is going to put them self in that situation for nothing just to lose.
    The NFL needs to step in. Its 1 thing for it to happen once but now its happening again. No. They need to tell him that they cant have this kind of attention on the league. The league should say even though he hasnt been proven guilty yet he put him self in the situation to have this kind of attention put on the league again. Doing that wont say they believe hes guilty it will say they dont want their employees out in the world doing things that could end up this way.
    True or False he shouldnt be putting the league in this situation.
    So what can Ben not control himself when hes partying or is he just a scumbag? He was out partying in Nevada at a casino and allegedly makes a hotel employ come to his room and forces himself on her. Now hes in Florida and I bet he was partying and now a totally different girl is saying she was raped. Theirs something wrong with that.
    Does he think hes entitled to do what he wants because he plays football, because he won a superbowl, or just because hes Ben Roethlisberger? Is he so important that whatever he wants he gets or that nobodies allowed to say no to him? This guy is a jackass and if hes found guilty he should be banned from the league for life. Or if it ends up in civil court and he settles he should be suspended for at least a year.
    Rape is by far the worst thing you can do.
    Michael Irvin just said thanks Ben.

  80. @God’sOwnSilverAndBlue
    hahaha Hilarious. But his name’s not JOHN, dude.

  81. Child Molesters and Rapist, the worst of the worst, of course nothing will happen to Big Blow, because of his race. Its okay to be a white pervert in the NFL.
    What a weak ass man to rape a women.

  82. Whether or not these charges are true, from now on, homeboy should probably have some sort of signed permission slip for everyone he screws.

  83. jumping to conclusions about little ben is unfair,but if that rape test kit shows any of little ben’s swimmers,oh oh.

  84. Head trauma is a common historical trait amongst people who exhibit sociopathy.
    I’m not saying he’s guilty. I’m just saying I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually did suffer brain damage in that motorcycle crash significant enough to be reflected in sexual deviancy.
    Kids, wear a helmet.

  85. I’ll wait until all the information is available, but this is getting out of hand. I don’t care how good someone is at football, I don’t want someone who would sexually assault and put a woman in the hospital on my team. If this allegations are true, then he doesn’t deserve to wear the Steelers uniform. He represents the franchise and the city of Pittsburgh and behavior like this is absolutely unacceptable, regardless of the social status you gain by being a football star.

  86. Jeez Ben, I’m a broke loser and I don’t have to rape chicks. Get it together dirtbag.

  87. hey ‘JimmySmith’
    dude seriously
    please quit commenting on EVERY post and trying to somehow turn it into a vikings bashing ceremony
    we get it, you are a bitter packers fan who can’t let go of the fact that your hero was pissed on by the people he did everything for and left you for the vikings, your sorry town wouldn’t have an nfl team if it weren’t for him,
    so get yourself a job, move out of mommys basement, and move on
    your an embarrasment to yourself

  88. Ohio the home of criminals.
    Jaffrey Dahmer and Big Blow…..
    McDonalds shooter in San Diego.

  89. The first one waited a YEAR before talking…which can cause some to question her being authentic…….BUT this gal waits not even for the sun to set or rise before talking gives her tons of cred……BEN YOU ARE TOTALLY NUTS!
    WHY in heavens sake don’t you find someone to be steady with….or is the thought of raising a child something you fear???????….Oh I got it…how can a child raise a child!

  90. Love all the haters coming out of the woodwork. No one knows if he did anything and if he did something, what exactly that was.
    Let the rape kit results come back, then make your big boy statements, haters.
    The only thing Ben is guilty of so far is putting himself in bad situations.

  91. Human Being” Well Steeler Fan what do you think of Big Ben’s actions”?
    Steeler Fan(One Tooth and horrific breath) “Who cares , we got 6 Lombardi’s, and she is only a women they are worthless!”
    “Plus we got 6 Lombardi’s” –Big Ben can do what ever he wants, he is a Steeler!”

  92. ‘But his name’s not JOHN, dude.’
    How many rapists do you know that give their real name?

  93. You’d think the guy would have no problems finding women willing to sleep with him, and if not he has plenty of money to pay someone. If it’s true I hope they make an example of him (they won’t) and if it’s false I hope he will be smart enough to not put himself in situations where he could be accused of raping someone (he won’t). Pittsburg isn’t a town known for attractive women but I’d think the star QB could at least find some willing partners. But maybe he just likes it when they struggle…

  94. @oa316ts … You give me hope for the intelligence and sanity of humankind.
    @CT Stiller … And you diminish my hope for the intelligence and sanity of humankind. In a thread filled with offensive and idiotic comments, yours has the sad distinction of being lowest of the low. I’m a Southerner and diehard Steelers fan and have absolutely no doubt my IQ surpasses yours by at least 20 points. I’m sure my brother’s does as well. He’s a Southern criminal defense attorney. Unfortunately, he doesn’t practice in Georgia. But we have a close friend who happens to be a prosecutor in the Milledgeville district … and I’m sure his IQ surpasses yours by 20 points as well.
    You are an ignorant bigot, and by definition, that means you are stupid. Please crawl back under your rock.

  95. Did Ben have problems in HS?
    I mean, here we have one of the great clutch QB’s of the modern era, and he goes to a MAC school.
    No interest from a Big 10 school? Or a QB factory?
    Any rumors about a juvenile record?
    I don’t know, just asking. Believe me. It just seemed strange to me that so many programs missed this guy who had pro size and lived in the heart of QB country.

  96. I’m glad he is keeping his game sharp even during the off season. Young man has a passion for rape, you can’t deny that.

  97. Most of you morons never cease to amaze me. Just a bunch of jealous losers whose favorite teams suck assssss. You all will look mighty foolish when Ben is exonerated. Dude has too much at stake to do what he is “accused” of doing. Judging by these posts, “moron” and the cities of Clevage, Baltimoron and Cincinnsnotti come to mind.
    Grow up people.

  98. I can’t understand how any man can buy this crap. There could be swimmers if he banged her legit, so rape kit doesn’t tell the whole story. The guy is loaded, chicks dig money more then anything else. All you guys that think he did something wrong must still be with your 1st peice or your a bunch of tinkerbells. Most women are wacked out of there skull and will make stuff up to paint themselves as a victim. Again I will say it, The fact he has already had this bs come up makes him a perfect target. So many of you assume because it “happened before”that he is a rapist. Thats crazy, with that kind of money women throw themselves at him. He could get a hooker if he had to. And you brothers that say because hes white he ain’t getting charged are just racist. By the way I hate the steelers

  99. Yeah, Mooch, you’re just asking … innocent little questions … no harm intended. That’s obvious from your other posts.
    Ben wasn’t recruited by the major college programs because he NEVER played quarterback before until his senior year of high school. The coach’s son had the job, and Ben was a wideout. He was 17 before he was asked to try his hand at QB. So it’s really pretty amazing that he was recruited to Miami of Ohio after only ONE season at the quarterback position.

  100. I would like to say I’m sorry to all the none crazy women out there. I shouldn’t say most women are crazy, just about 50 percent.

  101. WhinesHard86
    In the time it took you to write that stupid post you could have done so much more with your time. For instance…
    Take a shower for the first time this month.
    Get off your butt and get a job.
    Try not to lose that job within the first 3 days.
    Quit watching the Jerry Springer re-runs and clean your house for the first time this decade.
    And of course…go to a website and watch highlights of the Browns handing it to your Steelers and especially handing it to Shrek the Rapist.

  102. Where does Tony Dungy stand on this? don’t we have to refer to Saint Dungy on everything football now?
    or is he still “absolutely shocked” about his “ho-hum” Super Bowl prediction?

  103. People don’t keep accusing you of the same thing for no reason. The same way people didn’t want to believe Michael Jackson was sticking his fingers in little boys’ booty holes, is the same way they won’t believe Roethlisberger has some respect issues. The man needs to do a short stint behind bars to learn his damn lesson

  104. Big Ben’s ego got inflated when he won his second superbowl, and he has taken this opportunity to go on a raping spree. It happens.

  105. @BlueEyeDevils
    I’m surprised you can type with all the chicken grease on your fingers. If you wanna be racist, I’ll be racist right back.
    And one big difference you, yellow-eyed “devil”, forgot to point out. Vick was charged, convicted, and sentenced to prison. Ben has never been anything but accused. Big difference there buddie. any girl who has ever been in the same place as Ben could accuse him of rape. We’ll have to wait and see if it’s true or not.
    In the mean time, worry more about getting off your porch and less about what Big Ben does.
    The Blue Eyed Devil.

  106. @StevieMo,
    Why make this a race issue? Maybe ESPN is racist, maybe not. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about it so why give yourself gray hairs over it? We get it, there is a huge racist conspiracy! Keep it to yourself. Nobody cares.

  107. Why do the steeler fans ALWAYS point to super bowl wins whenever something negative is attched to their team??? It proves just how classless they all are and have been. Maybe football also deals with integrity and hard work – but not to these moron steeler homers!

  108. dumbass, btw, F-U to the packer idiots on here who can’t conceal their jealousy over the vikes, you people blow.

  109. @Sasquash …
    Unfortunately, there was a lot of truth in your post. And speaking as a non-crazy woman, I was not offended.

  110. @nflisking …
    You should be careful using words like “ALWAYS.” Most of us are very concerned about Ben’s situation and haven’t said anything about Super Bowls. Of course, those of us with brains and an understanding of the legal system recognize that we need to wait until the investigation concludes before forming any opinions. That’s not because we’re homers but because we have IQs in triple digits. I’m sorry you can’t relate to that.
    Bigotry is classless–and bigotry is taking a brush and tarring an entire group of people in one sweeping stroke. Yes, football deals with integrity and hard work. That’s how the Steelers won their championships, you sad little man. And you’re right, those championships have nothing whatsoever to do with the off-field behavior of this player. For you to imply otherwise makes you the moron.
    There should be a counter word to “homer” for fans whose hatred of a team is so extreme that an unsubstantiated accusation against a quarterback would somehow lead him to say our team didn’t win its championship through integrity and hard work.
    Oh wait, there is: envy.

  111. # Contra says: March 5, 2010 3:57 PM
    Ben Roethlisberger is officially the Michael Jackson of the NFL except his crimes occur with women.
    And the vics have passed puberty

  112. I really can’t believe how his fans blindly defend him and make excuses…does anyone on here personally know this woman? Maybe, just maybe, SHE IS TELLING THE TRUTH. If you are going to say don’t jump to conclusions about the guy, then don’t jump to conclusions about the girl either.
    Maybe he’s bigger scumbag than y’all think.

  113. # phillyeagleschamps says: March 5, 2010 4:16 PM
    Ah yes a pattern…….
    Big Blow AKA Chester Rapeshisfemales, is guilty.
    How many women has he done this too, and gotten away with it?
    What a complete DB …..Big Blow they do not like rapist in prison.
    Steeler fans( The ones with no teeth) should be outraged.
    So those of us Steeler fans with teeth should just accept it then?
    @ Mooch – no interest in Ben coming out of Hs because he played receiver until his senior year. The coaches son was the QB up until that point.
    I am waiting to see how this all pans out, but in the back of my mind it is nice to know that Dennis Dixon is waiting in the wings.

  114. Why would OJ Simpson kill those people?
    Why would Rae Carruth kill his pregnant girlfriend?
    Why would Ben Roethlisberger rape those women?
    Having “something to lose” doesn’t stop scum bags from being scum bags.

  115. this must be Favre and the Vikings fault. Right jimmysmith, bob nelson?

  116. @ Katmanduu:
    “Judging by these posts, “moron” and the cities of Clevage, Baltimoron and Cincinnsnotti come to mind.”
    Boy, does your Mommy know you’re on this site?

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