Roethlisberger's rep denies wrongdoing

Ben Roethlisberger is in the news once again for a sexual assault accusation.

And once again, he is denying any wrongdoing.

Roethlisberger’s representatives have denied to PFT allegations of sexual assault by a Georgia woman.  (UPDATE: They since released a statement pledging cooperation with the investigation.)

Roethlisberger’s representation says the allegations are untrue and the events in question did not happen. 

TMZ first reported that Roethlisberger is accused of sexual assault

The Milledgeville, Georgia Police Department has confirmed they are investigating a sexual assault that took place Friday, but would not revealed the name of the accused.

UPDATE: Brooks from Sports By Brooks reports Steelers offensive lineman Willie Colon was with Roethlisberger Friday night.  Colon is not accused of any wrongdoing.

UPDATE II: There are conflicting reports as to whether Roethlisberger has been interviewed by police. Roethlisberger owns a home on Lake Oconee, Georgia.

61 responses to “Roethlisberger's rep denies wrongdoing

  1. He was just enjoying himself at the club, when one of the plasma screen TVs stopped working, right?

  2. Ben it safe to say your getting ripped off, find a new G.H.B dealer.

  3. Well, now I KNOW he’s innocent.
    Like when OJ said “100% not guilty” I says to myself, I says – well, a guilty man would not have added that 100% part.
    His rep said so, and as far as we know he has yet to rape any of them.
    Case closed! (Gavel Noise)

  4. dude this guys an idiot. i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again. look at his face… that’s a sex offender face.
    put a red dot on his house

  5. Rothlishomo is guilty as hell, like he was with the first girl. FRY HIS ASS. Or at least cut off his b*lls. He’s one sick person. Pissburgh Squeeler fans must be proud of their rapist.

  6. Imagine that the Fat Drama Queen denies Raping another women? PLEASE, PLEASE SEND THIS SERIAL RAPIST TO JAIL!
    Stop protecting this idiot. Maybe the brain damage he suffered from the motorcycle accident qualifies him for a couple of years in a mental asylum. It’s obvious affected his eyesight from the beauty he’s accused of raping.
    BTW, Ray Lewis was charged with obstruction of justice and all charges were dropped for the other two suspects! He hasn’t been charged with another obstruction since.

  7. Isn’t Ben supposed to be super christian? What a bunch of hacks all these religious pricks are. Play it up, just don’t get pissed when God decides you are going to be accused to sexual assault.

  8. Well, I think that kills the Steelers for this upcoming year. LOL your Qb is a rapist, Go Pats

  9. “I’m telling you, I didn’t do anything wrong. That trick wanted to be strangled and forced!”

  10. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that he keeps getting accused of these things.
    Who wouldn’t want the world to know they had banged something off of Easter Island?

  11. The commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goddell, needs to intervene immediately and suspend Ben Roehtlisberger for damaging the NFL brand. Fine this guy millions, suspend him for several years and send him on his way. Remember Pacman, et al. No one is in need of punk trash such as Benny Boy

  12. Roethlisberger is obviously self-destructive and it’s only a matter of time before he does himself all the way in.
    What a total loser.

  13. Wouldnt it be nice just once a superstars rep came out and said “Yes he did it.”

  14. Big ben the lil douche…or is it Lil ben the Big douche?! Either way he’s a classless POS!!

  15. Oh you mean he didn’t shout out “hell yeah he assaulted her!” ? Then Ben must be innocent.

  16. Wow. Imagine that. A white athlete getting in possible trouble for a change. Thanks, Ben!

  17. Ben Rapistberger
    Ben Rapistberger
    Ben Rapistberger
    there. I said it three times…therefore it should stick.

  18. Lets see you guys bash this rapist when even the hospital and the Cops admit a rape occured. But when Irvin was accused there was no doctors confirmation nor did the police believe a rape occured.
    Big Ben is going down!!!!

  19. Big Ben’s not that bright. He always thought the old yarn was, “What happens in Capital City stays in Capital City.”

  20. 4 hours and counting on this non-story according to, the Ku Klux Klan of websites….

  21. Where there’s smoke there’s fire right. Especially twice.. It isn’t on ESPN yet and it’s sad had it been the late Chris Henry or T.O that this happened to a SECOND time it would be all over PTI, the website, and we’d be getting Peter King’s useless arrogant input. There is something creepy about this guy and he is a multiple offender with the motorcycle incident and 2 sexual assault accusings.. He need’s to be suspended.

  22. It is pretty amazing no one that is posting that he is guilty, castrate him etc.. has any evidence other than an accusation. The first chick obviously was lying. So the only fault of Ben was that he left himself open to those possibilities which is not a crime, arrogance perhaps again not a crime. I mean how many times have we seen it. Kobe, Irvin and Tyson of course Tyson got a bad deal. But I have no doubt in my mind Kobe and Irvin were victims, in the sense that some one made false allegations against them for the financial gain. So with out evidence no one has any right to decide whether Ben, Kobe, Irvin or the dude down the street are guilty.
    It is sad to say but at one time women did not lie about being raped as much as they do now so only a fool would assume based on her accusation and seeing any evidence that Ben was guilty.
    Innocent until proven guilty.
    TMZ = Equirer

  23. DNA tests on the day after should tell us if he was all up in it… but it won’t tell if it was consensual or not.
    He should realize that he’s a now a target (after the wildebeast from Nevada) and going to Po-dunk Georgia and gettin your dick wet is asking for that poor ass girl with nothing to lose to take a swing at cashing in on your gumpy ass.
    Ben is definitely guilty of one thing – being stupid! …which leads to the increase in the possibility that he’s so stupid in fact, that it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that the rape actually occurred.

  24. One would think being an NFL Qb with a $100mil contract and 2 Superbowl Rings would get you some tang without having to assault someone (allegedly)

  25. Nothing will happen to Big Blow. He may be released by the Steelers, but Tom Cable and the Raiders will be there to throw him a party.
    Raider fans will bow to Big Blow.

  26. Rapistberger strikes again. If this was Tom Brady a Made For TV Movie would be getting filmed for NBC as we speak, FOX would be prepping a special called “IF I Raped Those Women, This Is How It Would Have Gone…”, and ESPN would have an ASSAULTGATE crawl going already.

  27. @ Streetsmart – where did you read that the cops, hospital, etc. confirmed a rape? I haven’t seen, heard or read any confirmation of that sort. The only new info I have read is that the story “appeared to be dismissed after a preliminary investigation last night”. Could be a girl familiar with the previous accusation out to make a quick buck.

  28. @ Streetsmart – where did you read that the cops, hospital, etc. confirmed a rape? I haven’t seen, heard or read any confirmation of that sort. The only new info I have read is that the story “appeared to be dismissed after a preliminary investigation last night”. Could be a girl familiar with the previous accusation out to make a quick buck.

  29. This claim is even more suspect than the original. $$$$$$ That being said he is an embarassment and a moron. How can he put himself in this situation? I never understood athletes fascination with “da club.” You have money and a nice house. Send one of your boys out to bring them back to your house.

  30. LIFETIME BAN, that is what Odell Thurman got for 2 dui’s and he did not hurt anyone but himself. You got guys like Big Ben, Ray Lewis and Stallworth who have caused physical harm to people, killed someone or was involved in killing someone and they all get slaps on the wrist. Stallworth was drunk when he hit and killed a man and he gets a year long suspension and 24 days in jail, if an average citizen did what he did they would lose everything including their freedom for about 10 to 15 years and Odell didn’t kill anyone and gets a lifetime ban makes no sense. Then you got Big Ben who has been accused not once but twice of sexual assault i am sorry but he needs to have some sort of punishment. The police would not investigate if the rape kit didn’t indicate anything when she was at the hospital, so obviously she was sexually assaulted, just by whom is the ?. He is done for if he did it cause i am sure they got his DNA from the rape kit. I am sorry but obviously he is doing something wrong if he keeps getting accused of this, first time was about money for sure. However this latest incident is probably what they say it is, because no one in their right mind would say they got raped, go to a hospital and report it to the police if it did not happen, because if it didn’t happen and she went through all those steps she would get charges for falsifying a police report and medical forms which are both federal charges and carry prison time.

  31. Wow the PFT readers are really putting their ignorance on display for this one.
    1) Regarding the case put forth by his first accuser: Ben’s legal defense has in their posession emails and IM’s by her bragging about having slept with him and talking about how she “is moving to Pittsburgh to be with Ben and have his love child”. Case closed. So there’s the “smoke” you retards are having such fun with in ignorant, misinformed fashion. try educating yourselves on the facts.
    2) Regardless of whether Ben is guilty or not, he has displayed extremely poor judgement by putting himself in a position for this to happen again. He needs to quit hanging out in clubs. As a Steelers fan I am beyond pissed at him.
    3) The women was examined at a hospital AND Ben was interviewed by authorites and sent on his way. Obviously there was no evidence to warrant an arrest. Again, try examining the facts before typing such ignorant nonsense. You’re only making yourselves look stupid.
    4) It’s especiialy rich to hear this stuff coming from Ravens fans……..last time I checked the face of your franchise had to plea bargain his way out of a double murder rap.

  32. Big Ben: “No means yes….right? Right?”
    Wonder if this chick looked like a horse too?

  33. “BTW, Ray Lewis was charged with obstruction of justice and all charges were dropped for the other two suspects! He hasn’t been charged with another obstruction since”
    BTW, Roethlisberger has yet to be CHARGED with anything.

  34. You know, when you hear an accusation once, you might be inclined to ignore it. But a second accusation in a separate part of town from someone completely different and it makes you wonder..

  35. “hounds64 says:
    March 5, 2010 5:36 PM
    Bigger tool: Roethlisberger, Florio, or Harvey Levin?”
    Roethlisberger. But only until Florio rapes two women.

  36. Well, well, well, it figures all the weiners would come out of the woodwork and bash Ben. How hypocritical…especially the idiot Raven fans…but it’s ok Ray “The Killer Gargoyle” Lewis and Dante “Let’s Get Drunk and Commit Vehicular Homicide” do what they did. You can’t beat us on the field so you resort to sour grapes. Ben was already interviewed and released…no charges filed. Up yours.

  37. C’mon baby, just the tip. I’ll go slow – I swear.
    As much as I like the Steelers, Big Ben is a Big Bone – head.

  38. This isn’t going to stick. Anyone who thinks so is an idiot. Where there’ smoke there’s fire blah blah blah blah BLAH.
    I don’t like the guy, but it’s obvious he was innocent in the first case. Now this one…the girl knew what she was doing, and didnt’ wait. Which lends her a tiny bit of credibility. Charges haven’t even been filed, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they won’t be.
    Ben is an idiot…that much is obvious. He obviously hasn’t learned from the first mistake which is a shame. I don’t like Kobe either, but knew he was innocent. This dude needs to lock it down and use his head (unfortunately he probably won’t).
    Having said that…this isn’t going anywhere, just like the first one.

  39. Have to agree with CaptainFantastik. Accused is way different than convicted. That said, Ben’s lack of judgement is a stain on the great Steeler organization. Keep it zipped, Ben, and practice a little discretion. Kids look up to you and you’re turning into quite the little man-ho.
    BTW Ravens fans, really? Ray Lewis fronts your team and you’re getting on Ben’s case?
    Soooooooooooooore losers.

  40. Of all the players in the FL out there having sex, this accusation hits this guy twice in a very short span of time.
    Steeler fan/Raven fan or UFL fan, there is a bad reason why the women he sleeps with make the accusation.
    Fine it may not be criminal, but why him and not any of the other QB’s (or any other player) out there getting some?
    Does he treat them like dog squeeze when he is finished, or does he do what he is accused?
    There is something causing them to not leave with a smile.
    Otherwise its a hell of a coincidence that he gets accused twice by “a whore trying to get on the gravy train” but few others are falling victum to that and facing the same accusation.
    Fine people above mentioned Irvin, but when they needed other sports figures as examples they had to go to Tyson and Kobe and not other NFL players. So again why Ben twice?

  41. Poor Pig Ben, why is he being singled out?
    I mean, lots of NFL QBs make big bucks and could be the target of these rape allegations by gold diggers, funny, but it’s only him being accused….
    If he was black, the media would be all over this.

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