Rolle gets five years, $37 million from Giants

NFL_rolle.jpgSafety Antrel Rolle has a new home.

Barely a day after being cut by the Cardinals, Rolle has agreed to terms with the Giants.

Per a league source, it’s a five-year deal worth $37 million, an NFL record for a safety.  Rolle gets $15 million guaranteed and $22.5 million over the first three years.

He reportedly wanted $8 million per year, but the top of the market had been only $7 million.  Rolle now pushes the high-water market even higher, thanks to the final year of a rookie deal that forced the Cardinals to pay him $12 million or set him free.

The Bears and Dolphins were in on the deal early, but both dropped out after plunking down big money on other big-name defensive free agents.

64 responses to “Rolle gets five years, $37 million from Giants

  1. Where are the poor owners finding all this dough to sign players, thought the economic downturn had hit them?

  2. Good God, that is a lot of cash. Congrats to Rolle and the Giants, who probably lost 4 games based just on their defensive backfield problems alone.
    But I have to say I give the Eagles a pass on backing off this one.

  3. the EXODUS of players continues…..
    now we will start to find out what kind of coach Whiz really is..
    Now we will see what kind of receiver Fitz is…
    Now we will see how weak and boring the NFC West is…
    This division will be wide open…. The Rams have a chance to win and make the playoffs

  4. “Rolle gets five years, $37 million from Giants”?
    My GOD and people say Al Davis wastes money!
    Only Ronnie Lott would EVER be worth THAT much for a safety!
    I think the NFL owners need to get off the @ss and negotiate a new agreement w/the player’s union FAST.
    I mean I am sure it is fun for the rest of the league to make fun of the Raiders and Al for over paying on players, but once a BUNCH of teams start doing it (millions to Peppers and millions to NATE BURELSON!!!) then it looks like the owners are going to ruin the league!

  5. I dont know about the rest of you guys that are fans of teams in small markets(Im a Bufaalo fan), but the first week or so of free agency sucks. The offseason is a constant reminder of how irrelevant some teams really are. I hate Willis McGahee………..

  6. Glad my Bears dropped out of that race.
    The dude’s just not worth it.

  7. Rolle, Phillips, Webster, Ross
    Tuck, Oci
    Now all we need is a linebacker – LT, want to come back from retirement?

  8. Yeah baby is it Sept yet
    Can not wait with the final part of the puzzle in place its all good

  9. I love how the Eagles top needs were S, LB and DE – and they are letting all the decent ones go off into the night.
    And now to a division rival, and Peppers to the Bears who the Eagles seem to end up playing every single damn season anyway.
    Ugh, there better be some master friggin plan about because last time I checked we don’t have 3 1st’s to draft Thomas, Dunlap and Weatherspoon…
    This signing really makes you wonder about Kenny Philips though, even as an Eagle fan I’d have to say the young man showed alot of potential. Hope he can continue his career.

  10. Rolle was a bitter disappointment at corner but is a servicable FS (not worth anywhere near $37million, goodluck G-men)

  11. overrated. but i guess you’d have to be good to be overrated so hes not even that.

  12. as a Fins fan….im sooooooo glad we didnt pay him. I think he is a fine player but NEVER worth what he gets. DANSBY is the real deal, Rolle is average.

  13. you dbags just signed yourselves a huge, huge bust. not a very good sign when a cb needs to be moved to safety because he is not athletic enough (lazy). no wonder the cards made NO effort to keep him, lol.

  14. What a waste of money on a bust of a player. The guys been burned more than times than Fire Marshal Bill.
    Awful signing.

  15. I really wanted Rolle to come home to the 305 but to make him the highest paid Safety in the NFL is just plain absurd. I can think of a handful of other safeties I’d rather have on my team. Rolle is good but is not elite nor is he middle of the pack, just right in between. I wish him all the luck in NY but I still can’t get over the fact he is the highest paid safety.

  16. Rolle isn’t even a top 5 safety in the league, let alone the best
    definitely better than rolle:
    polamalu (even though hes usually hurt)
    pretty much as good as rolle:

  17. After Warner retired I bet my friend ARI would be drafting in the top 10 next year. Now Boldin, Dansby, and Rolle are gone…. Looks more like top 5 to me!

  18. Great. Nick Collins to twice the player rolle is so one would think he will want triple the money. Enjoy the collings for one more year.

  19. Now their are only 2 players left that can salvage the Eagles season. Aaron Kampman and Ryan Clark.
    The Eagles need both of them.
    But they wont because its been reported by Derrick Gunn of Comcast Sports Net Philadelphia that the Eagles talked to Kampman’s agent but dont really want to get involved for anything near the money he wants because of him being only 3 months out of an ACL surgery and how they payed big money to Stacy Andrews who was in the same situation and how it back fired on them.
    Well Eagles let me tell you something. NO ONE WANTED YOU TO SIGN STACY ANDREWS. Everyone told you how many sacks he gives up and how he really didnt deserve to make the pro-bowl but uses didnt listen you did it anyway because you thought it would help Shawn get back on the field and not slit his wrists do to depression.
    So dont act like you guys did something for the fans when we no you didnt. All we wanted was to keep Dawkins and trade for Boldin. Look how not listening to the fans turned out. Dawkins was a beast and the Eagles free safeties got dismantled all year long. We got lucky with Maclin falling to us in the draft you guys even said that so dont act like you had for sight with not signing Boldin.
    This team is a joke. Just stop all your B.S. about wanting to win and not being cheap and being the gold standard and go out and prove it. Dont fane interest in a guy like Peppers so you can say you tried you didnt we all knew this since the jump.

  20. RaiderRedleg:
    we don’t make fun of al davis for overspending on players
    we make fun of him for being the worst first round drafter of all time.

  21. The 49ers are definately taking the division know that most of the Cardinals best players on both sides of are either retired or traded. What a bad offseason for the Cards.
    Warner, Boldin, Rolle, probably Dansby. They are toast..

  22. If the Defensive Line is healthy next year, Rolle will have a career year; he’s good enough to be able to take advantage of QBs throwing off their heels. I hope the Giants front-loaded a shit-ton of the guaranteed cash into 2010. Now sign the MLB from Oakland to play for a couple years, trade down in the draft and take that Spikes kid (MLB) and don’t look back. I see Spikes as a Ravens/Steelers kind of LB that ends up playing 10 years at a Pro Bowl level.

  23. Look at the total guranteed…only $15m guaranteed….I really think this deal is great for the Giants.
    Remember people flipping out about LaVar getting 7 years 49 million?…he saw no more than the guaranteed amount

  24. “Per a league source, it’s a five-year deal worth $37 million, an NFL record for a safety. Rolle gets $15 million guaranteed and $22.5 million over the first three years.”
    Sanders and Landry both have a bigger contract.
    Reed has the same per year but an extra year.
    Polamalu has less overall but more guaranteed.
    Don’t be lazy.

  25. OK COOL….Antrel Rolle, Kenny Phillips, Corey Webster, Aaron Ross…the secondary look like it make be ok for us this year…LET”S GO GMEN!!…Lets address the LB situation…

  26. Meanwhile, here in Philadelphia…….*crickets*….. CMON Eagles, trade Vick and Donovan and let the Kolb era begin!!!!

  27. @RaiderRedleg – Welcome to the year 2010. The NFL makes a few bucks. The players are generally going to get some of that. Free agency is usually a good source of income for players. Why be surprised? And I’m pretty sure you’re the only one to include Al Davis in all of this. His drafting ability hasn’t exactly helped his reputation. But hey, at least the Raiders can’t select a 1st round bust in 2011..
    @NYG######### – Ross is awful. Phillips is a question mark, in regards to his health. Also, Rolle really isn’t that great. He’s an upgrade from what he Giants had for sure, but to think the secondary is solved… yeah, I’m a bit skeptical. As far as your other point, yeah… it would be nice if they ever decided to address their LBs. I have to assume their 1st round selection will be the best LB available.

  28. Happens every year. A weak market gets a player paid WAY more than he is worth. Don’t get me wrong I wanted my Vikes to go after him and replace Madeiu Williams but not at that price. Peppers got way overpaid as well. Great player but past his prime.

  29. LOL @ the comments on Rolle…he is ok, far from worth the money. Phillips is a big question mark, and the corners are solid, nothing more.

  30. The Notorious V.I.C. says: “Glad my Bears dropped out of that race. The dude’s just not worth it.”
    1) The Giants are, admittedly, desperate. Phillips says his knee feels great, but no one will know for sure until the games begin. If he goes down again, there goes the season – again.
    2) After Cutler AND Peppers, Chicago fans should NOT be throwing stones. That’s a mighty big glass house you boys are building up there.

  31. “Rollehole can send Jerry a check for a face lift”
    That wasn’t funny the first 8,000 times someone told that joke on PFT.

  32. Gotta love you Dolphin fans…..You wanna throw stones about paying Rolle too much meanwhile you paid Dansby 22 mil Guaranteed, yet you still dont have a receiver to throw to.

  33. Man, the cards have just been gutted the last few weeks. And I really liked their team the last few years. Who’s gonna win that division now? There’s not one QB worth a damn
    Any joke about plastic face jones is always funny no matter how many times its mentioned

  34. @R36W- Fane isn’t a word. Don’t worry, most Eagles fans don’t know it’s spelled feign. Also, nice job with the word “uses.” Good job hijacking a post that has NOTHING to do with the Eagles while complaining about a team that was in the NFC Championship game. Go get the batteries!!!!!

  35. RE: LetsGoPens. Nick Collins of the Packers should be on that list. Somewhere.

  36. Man what a bunch of whiney bitches. Waaaa We couldn’t sign Rolle so we are all going to pretend he sucks waaaaa.
    Awsome signing G-Men. I’ll remeber how over rated Rolle is when he is picking off all your QBs and going to the probowl.

  37. I also love how you all act like its your money these owners are spending. Rolle’s contract is probably heavily front loaded to preserve our cap. And as others have said the guarenteed money is the only number that matters.

  38. The dude flat out sucks. Couldn’t cut it as a CB so he gets pushed to safety, and he can’t cut it there either.

  39. I love when division rivals throw away money! the birds are slacking tho, still some players out there i would like to see in green.

  40. this is exactly what big blue needed.. some serious help in the secondary… glad we finally spent some money… hopefully jerry is not done yet, if it was up to me i would trade up in the draft for N. Suh.. we still need help on defense

  41. Even though the SB in 07 was one the best moment I could have as a Giants fan, there were areas that were hidden on the D that were never addressed. Whether it was a mix of Spags scheme or the the D-line playing out of their skulls in the playoffs Im not sure.
    But if the Giants thought Michael Johnson could play in this league they were kidding themselves. Yea Rolle might be overpaid but he is a MAJOR upgrade to what they had last year and it’s an uncapped season. Him and Philips healthy could be something special. Let’s go get Will Witherspoon and Ill be happy.

  42. kvh59 says:
    March 6, 2010 12:54 AM
    Gotta love you Dolphin fans…..You wanna throw stones about paying Rolle too much meanwhile you paid Dansby 22 mil Guaranteed, yet you still dont have a receiver to throw to.
    we also don’t have a nose tackle to block, or 3 other quality young starters at LB, a FS, a TE or a RB we’re sure to count on next year. What’s your point? WR isn’t the only need on the team, and it’s slim pickings right now. Boldin and TO are old and broke down divas. B Marshall is a McGriddle away from being put in jail. Everyone out there is old or a headcase. Besides, Miami is still 1-2 years away from being serious as a contender. Dansby was worth the money, Rolle wasn’t. Bottom Line.

  43. I hope Dallas fans enjoyed their brief delusions about winning the NFC east next year….
    A shutdown CB in webster, 2 rising stars in Ross and Thomas paired with 2 of the best safeties in football?
    LOL, there isn’t a secondary in football that touches ours.

  44. excellent comment someone made earlier, pretty lazy at the facts and writing the article to call him the highest paid. Other safeties and secondary guys are making a lot more. If you look at the overall numbers this is a good deal. The giants finished .500 last year and their season pretty much came to an end when Phillips went down, adding him to their other 35 injuries and he was the biggest blow. Their safeties got abused last yr, absolutely destroyed. phillips isnt that big of a question mark. He could have played all of last season at a pro bowl level but if he didnt get his knee fixed he would have been facing crippling arthritis in years to come. Do some wasnt a torn ACL or anything. His knee wasnt any worse than training camp when he was coming to his own or his dominant first few games of the season. rolle and phillips are going to be nasty together, both Miami kids and webster is one of the better corners in the NFL. that 15 mill isnt a big price to pay when getting back to a championship level. The g-men can afford it. They will sign a big FA linebacker and draft a stud LB. they have solid wr’s and osi had a yr of play to get back to form, generally takes a yr or two, and jay alford is coming back, ask tom brady about him.

  45. Bottom line: He’s a HELL of a lot better then what we had. You have to make improvements where you can. It’s not like Revis or Polamalu were just sitting around waiting to be signed to make whoevers secondary legit.
    You have to make moves where you can, just a chess game people.
    Lot of hatorade on this thread which really should just be consisting of Giants fans with the occasional Eagle fan to take out their frustration on not signing anyone on our additions. You Bears, Dolphins, Cardinals fans….beat it, you’re teams are irrelevant to the NFC East, especially the Cards, the team that was kicked out cause they couldn’t keep up ; )

  46. .VoxVeritas says:
    March 5, 2010 11:44 PM
    “Rollehole can send Jerry a check for a face lift”
    That wasn’t funny the first 8,000 times someone told that joke on PFT.
    Neither is 99% of what you say (0-3girls, anyone?) but you keep posting anyway.
    Pot, meet kettle.

  47. dboom92 says:
    March 6, 2010 8:43 AM
    A shutdown CB in webster, 2 rising stars in Ross and Thomas paired with 2 of the best safeties in football?
    Holy crap, the 2 best safties in football? When did the Giants sign Ed Reed and Troy Polumalu? No? Atogwe and Dawkins? No? Hmmm.

  48. Newsflash…Kenny Phillips is still a giant question mark and the corners are ok. In other words, the Giants secondary is still a problem.

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