Rolle still talking to Giants, Cardinals

When the Chicago Bears locked onto defensive end Julius Peppers on Thursday night, they dropped out of the Antrel Rolle sweepstakes.

Now that the Dolphins have signed linebacker Karlos Dansby, they apparently have abandoned the pursuit of Rolle, too.

Per a league source, the negotiations for Rolle’s services have focused on the Giants and the Cardinals.

It makes sense.  With Miami giving $22 million and $8.5 million per year to Dansby, investing $8 million annually in Rolle would represent the kind of free spending that should be avoided by a team that sometimes struggles to fill its stadium.

Thus, barring something unforeseen, Rolle will remain a Cardinal or become a Giants, probably soon.

11 responses to “Rolle still talking to Giants, Cardinals

  1. This story screams ‘new team about to enter the bidding and spoil the Giants’ day.’
    The longer the Giants drag this out, the greater the odds that somebody else, having finished whatever else they were focusing on the first day of free agency, will turn their attention to Rolle and make this thing interesting. Here’s hoping.

  2. Perhaps acquiring some players that get the ticket buying consumer excited is the route to go to fix that pesky little problem of “struggling to fills its stadium.”
    No Super Bowl appearances for 25 years and counting. Uhhhhhhh, it might be time to try something new…….

  3. Pretty big difference between remaining a Cardinal and becoming a Giant. Want to dig a little and find out something we don’t already know?
    Maybe like, what the Giants offer is that Rolle is shopping back to Az?
    Or why he took it was reported that he took a physical with the Giants if the deal wasn’t done?

  4. This years draft is deep at the safety position. I say we bag one in the 2nd round at the 43rd pick! Any safety that come in here CAN’T be any worse than Gibril Wilson!!!

  5. Rolle is willing to let the cardinals match any offer that is given to him. This has nothing to do with the giants procrastinating. The ball is in Rolle’s court. If he doesnt want to be in NY than F$ck him

  6. How is this a great move? Rolle is a decent safety that the Giants are paying better than Ed Reed or Troy Palomalu.

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