Sexual assault victim released from hospital

We passed along a TMZ report Friday that Ben Roethlisberger is accused of sexual assault.

Looking for confirmation, we just got off the phone with Milledgeville, Georgia Police Department.

They would not release the name of the accused, but did confirm they are investigating a sexual assault that occurred early Friday morning at Capital City, a club in Milledgeville, Georgia.

The victim of the alleged assault was treated and released from the Oconee Regional Medical Center Friday.  The Georgia Bureau of Investigations will assist in the case.

86 responses to “Sexual assault victim released from hospital

  1. Ha – not only are the Steeler fans jealous that the browns have more championships (don’t argue it – its a fact – check wikipedia), but they’ll also be jealous when we have mcnabb and rothlisassaulter is in jail.

  2. Maybe Big Ben needs to learn to keep little Ben out of trouble…if these alleged actions aren’t alleged…

  3. Ben is buddies with Tiger Woods.
    He must not follow the news to have learned from Tiger’s text book lesson on how to wreck your public image and endorsment potential.

  4. WOW
    Steeler Nation must be spinning.Being accused a second time of the same thing makes you think where there is smoke there is fire.

  5. Isn’t that why the government has escort services? Unless he’d rape them too.

  6. Speaking strictly from a Browns fan point of view, I hope to not see Ben on the field next year.
    If these allegations are true, I wish the best for this person and her family, and the worst for Big Ben. Twice? Is he just a target, or does he really have sexual assault issues?

  7. Big Ben must actually be pretty small if he’s gotta force himself upon women. I guess the rumor of him using a peanut shell and a rubber band for a jock must be true.

  8. What an a**hole. Hope Roethlisberger is forever labeled as a first class scumbag similar in stature as one Mark Chmura. The motorcycle accident, the girl in Vegas, and now this incident have all proven how much a world class dumbass Big Ben is. I have no respect for Big Ben good QB or not.

  9. I always thought Ben *Dover* would look beautiful in Orange!
    Enjoy the Pokey Ben. Enjoy your meeting with Big One Eye Willy!

  10. Salty.. How many professional football teams were there when the Browns won all of those championships

  11. How shallow must life be for a Clowns fan who has to live off something that happened 50 yrs ago?
    Art Modell

  12. It’s best for all women to get a restraining order against Ben Roethlisberger, ASAFP.

  13. This has to be a friggin joke. Nobody is this dumb. Nobody. Unless they play in the NBA

  14. I would LOVE to see McNabb in brown and orange, and Rapistberger in strictly orange.

  15. Now…deperate times call for desperate measures…When people have NO jobs or LOW income…they look for a meal ticket…I think he is a target!

  16. salty, I’m no Steelers fan, but hasnt it been almost 60 years since the browns won anything? Sure the Steelers QB rapes people but he also wins Championships.

  17. McNabb “salty”? Really? What do you know!! What do you know!! (In my best Jack Bower voice)

  18. Dude, Big Ben was chillin at Capital City. Why was he in Milledgeville? There is nothing there for him to be there, the college doesn’t have a football team. He might have been playing golf at Reynolds Plantation, 45 minutes away. But then why wouldn’t he just go to Athens to party.

  19. I like Ben Rapeandmurder. Tell him to hang out with Ray Lewis to get the murder part down

  20. Come on people. Everyone knows that Ben likes to rape people! Here’s an except I found of a game against the Bengals in 2009 that the mainstream media ignored.
    “Steelers, 2nd and 8 from their own 35, Ward goes in motion to the left as the ball is snapped. Ben looks for Parker in the flat and, wait… what is this? Roethlisberger has mounted Bengals Defensive End Frostee Rucker, and Rucker is not pleased one bit. Flags are everywhere! Oh the humanity!”

  21. Why the hell is Ben in Milledgeville Ga to begin with?
    he’s clubbin’

  22. Hey Salty,
    I’m not a Steelers fan, but if you’re talking about the championships the Browns won 50-60 years ago when there were 8-12 teams in the league, give it up dude. You’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel for insults.
    That’s like a Ford afficianado saying Ford was named the car of the year from 1903-1911, WHEN NO OTHER COMPANIES MADE CARS.
    If you decide to change teams, you’ll fit right in with the Philly fans and their “We have 5 NFL Championships”, which again are all over 50 years old and there were 12 teams then too.
    It’s 2010, brother. How about you join the rest of us NFL fans in the 21st century (don’t argue – its a fact – check wikipedia).
    Oh, and just so you know, not everything on wikipedia is TRUE. You could probably post that Brady Quinn got caught naked with a shaved german sheppard, a jar of peanut butter, and a cattle prod in the back of his SUV and it would stay there until an administrator determined that it wasn’t true.
    Is this really your first time on the internet???

  23. They would not release the name of the accused, but did confirm they are investigating a sexual assault that occurred early Friday morning at Capital City, a club in Milledgeville, Georgia.
    The name of the accused is Big Ben, don’t you read your own site?

  24. Rothlishomo needs to be suspended for a year. What a sick f*ck. You had it right Florio, he is one “dumb” mother f*er. Then again he’s in Pissburgh, which is not known for having smart people.

  25. *YAWN* wake me when he’s convicted of something. Some redneck looking for an easy payday. Keep hoping fans of other teams.

  26. let’s not convict the guy before hearing any details. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for why she said no.

  27. Lets get one thing straight. Nobody is jealous of championships before the merger. The Browns have more championships… as in NFL championships. Those were renamed the NFC championship. The AFL championship was renamed the AFC championship. This means that the Superbowl is the deciding factor between the two. The Browns have none.
    A Steelers fan would never be jealous about Philly leftovers. We learned our lesson. (see what happened with Staley)
    By far the funniest line I have read in a while was…
    “Even if he’s cleared, the fact that Big Ben would put himself in position to be on the wrong end of these allegations given everything he has experienced in Nevada makes us think that, yes, he really is as dumb as he looks.”

  28. did he not state the last time that he woulf never abuse women? Where there’s smoke, DOUBLE SMOKE, on fact, there’s trouble. Good luck, Ben. You douchebag.

  29. Here’s a Steeler fan betting Ben has a big drinking problem, and not so much a girl problem. The dude looks like the Pillsbury Doughboy, he’s always getting dinged up, he can’t move as well anymore, he plays like he’s hungover at times, and he apparently can’t control his behavior off the field.

  30. Still nothing on Ben, you’re lucky you’re white; makes it a non-story in Bristol….

  31. So I checked out the website for this Capital City club… looks like they have a Sublime tribute band playing tonight called “Wrong Way.”
    Insert joke here.

  32. ====”Ha – not only are the Steeler fans jealous that the browns have more championships (don’t argue it – its a fact – check wikipedia).”====
    I suppose the United States is also jealous of Iran because, after all, the Persian Empire was the leading superpower in the world much longer than the U.S. has been.

  33. Ha Ha, Big Ben is such a douche. Hopefully he is still around next year cause i dont want to hear blowhard Steeler fans make excuses when we kick their behinds twice…again.
    Cincy all the way baby!

  34. Nothing good happens in Capital City, should have just stayed in Springfield.

  35. BHindEnemyLines –
    Actually, it’s NOT like your Ford example… since there were other teams around.
    Sheesh, he goes all ad hominem on me and can’t even do simple math.
    Don’t know about you “bro” – but I’m proud of the Browns’ history and wouldn’t trade all of their championships for one “current” SB win. I agree on that part being subjective. I was just stating that the number of championships is NOT subjective.

  36. Hey BHindEnemyLines,
    If it was so easy to win a championship back then why didn’t the Steelers get any of them?

  37. As a Ravens fan, I have no love for the Steelers. But…………..let’s let the facts come in before we rush to judgment. Athletes are targets, and all kinds of crazy stuff happens when these guys are out. Let’s give the legal process some time & let’s let facts get out before calling Ben a criminal. I’m tired of hearing that he’s a criminal when the 1st girl was clearly a loon & we know nothing about this one. Too many people still call Ray Lewis a murderer when the facts show something very different. I hope for Ben’s sake that he didn’t do it. When the Ravens beat Pgh, I want them at their best so there are no excuses.

  38. Priceless. Ben “the Capital City Goofball” Roethlisberger.
    They would not release the name of the accuser, but its a 100% chance she was pretty hot.
    1. because ben has a history with REALLY hot chicks and
    2. because the assault occurred EARLY Friday morning at Capital City, a club in MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia.
    What a knob.

  39. Since when does “sexual assault” automatically mean someone was raped??

  40. Salty… maybe not all of their championships for 1 Superbowl win, but how about 6?

  41. I’m a huge Browns fan, but people like Salty make it embarassing for me to admit that. I have a hard time believing that somebody of Roethlesburger’s popularity and fame, wouldn’t be able to just get a girl to sleep with him. He has money, and he is an easy target. I guess he shouldn’t leave his house any more. The guy drives me nuts on the field, but he just doesn’t seem like that much of a scum bag. And as far as the Browns having more championships, technically I guess its true, but there have been none in my lifetime unfortunately, so they may as well have none. Salty is obviously an idiot, and is probably from Brook Park or Parma, OH. Sorry for everybody else being now dumber for having read his post.

  42. Guilty before being proved innocent. Love the American way. TMZ is such a credible news source, it’s nice to see the trust and faith everyone has in them. What does the motorcycle accident have to do with this accusation any how, “RumorMongering”? Your mother should not have had that abortion. Who cares why he was in Georgia? It’s a free country and it’s the off-season.
    BTW. Tiger says thanks for the distraction.

  43. The Notorious V.I.C. — The Persian empire isn’t around anymore… the Browns are.
    Come on guys… you gotta do better with your logic arguments.

  44. Big Blow, is a white coward.
    The NFL will do nothing to this sexual deviant.

  45. So we have a couple of options here. Either Ben is an idiot who puts himself in bad situations and makes bad decisions over and over again. Or he’s guilty.
    I’m always skeptical of these rape claims given that false rape accusations are at an epidemic level ( with some studies indicating that it’s at least 40% (it’s probably higher). Common sense would tell you that this phenomenon is likely more common when the accused is wealthy and has a public image to protect. But when you get accused of the same thing multiple times it’s a hard pill to swallow that it’s fake. Not saying it isn’t. It’s just that who puts themselves in this position over and over again?

  46. Whodey08 says:
    March 5, 2010 4:23 PM
    How shallow must life be for a Clowns fan who has to live off something that happened 50 yrs ago?
    Art Modell
    Well here’s something a little more current for you: How about that ass whoopin the Browns gave the squeelers and their fat QB the last time the two team played?

  47. Maybe we should have a lil ben alert when he is traveling.Put the alert out to where he is going and then FATHERS LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS!!!!! What a POS!!!!!!!!

  48. # salty says: March 5, 2010 4:11 PM
    Ha – not only are the Steeler fans jealous that the browns have more championships (don’t argue it – its a fact – check wikipedia), but they’ll also be jealous when we have mcnabb and rothlisassaulter is in jail.
    @Salty, I respect the history, but NOBODY is jealous of the Browns. At all. McNabb didn’t win a Super Bowl with great teams, why in God’s name would he succeed with the heaping/steaming pile of Dawg Sh*t that is the Browns? I hope you’re joking.

  49. “Ilovefoolsball says: March 5, 2010 4:36 PM
    let’s not convict the guy before hearing any details. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for why she said no.”
    Awesome. I’m in awe of your awesome, awesomeness.

  50. After everything Ben’s been through you’d think he could be smart enough to understand not to put himself into this position. It’s simply common sense.
    That’s like Cromartie going around the country and making babies. No way he could be that stupid……Oh, wait….. Oops.
    Wait, it’s like if Jackson continued to drive after a suspended license…. damn…..
    Ok, this time. It’s like ….. never mind. These athletes are ridiculous. My team may suck but I’m happy the players on Detroit don’t make this type of press.

  51. Ha – not only are the Steeler fans jealous that the browns have more championships (don’t argue it – its a fact – check wikipedia), but they’ll also be jealous when we have mcnabb and rothlisassaulter is in jail.
    Believe me jackass…..Steeler fans have NOOO! jealousy when it comes to the clowns. Agents steer prospective players away from that train wreck you call a football team. They are a running joke, even in the city of cleveland.

  52. HA HA HA
    It took you fools long enough to see what I said about the first one was true. Now you are the idiots! He’s a f’ing LOSER! This way is probably the only he gets any!

  53. This gives new meaning to the club’s nickname among Milledgevillians, Capital Sh*tty…
    I went to school in Milledgeville and have been to Capital City several times. I barely enjoyed my time there as a student, why would a multi-millionaire?

  54. the current browns have never won a championship. the browns you speak of are now called the Ravens. As far as Big Ben if guilty he needs to go to jail. If not guilty he really needs to look at the places and people he hangs out with and at.

  55. Heh… I’m actually a Ravens fan. Just here to stir it up with the yinz losers.

  56. The Steelers have a habit of doing this stuff. What a bunch of criminals they are. Rapeistberger. Like 5-6 of their starters are woman beaters. Their kicker is a drug head. Even the Mascot got arrested for a DUI. What is the matter with these psycho paths. Do they practice in a prison yard?

  57. don’t know if Ben’s a target or if he really has serious issues. Rarely do you read about some poor guy being accused of sexual assault. Didn’t Ben learn anything from Nevada? then again, I haven’t seen any other top QB accused of sexual assault..just our Ben..not once but twice. Is Ben going to have to stand up again at a team meeting with another Story about his offseason BS? A future court case/a suspension??Don’t think we resigned Batch..we just have Dennis Dixon..everyone in our division is quite happy about this news. Can’t blame em..I would be too.

  58. Wow salty, I bet that even Lions fans aren’t jealous of Browns fans…and I’m talking about the BC Lions

  59. Why say sexual assault? Why not use the word rape? Unless the teenager was a minor, then you can use the word molest.

  60. After reading these posts I wonder how many of you can’t see the dollar signs dangling like a carrot in front of some girls eyes when she an opportunity like this. Roethlesburger can surely get himself a girl, especially in a town like that. He a) doesn’t need to attack one and b) has already been down this road. I think there should be a penalty for the woman who is obviously looking for her 15 minutes of fame and/or the bucks.

  61. As a bengals fan and a long time steelers hater i still wonder how many times that false reports are filed to make money from sports players. we all know it does happen but with that being said onto bens case. if ben is gulty of such stupidy
    then he should be band from sports however if the claims are untrue the wmen makeing them should spend time behind bars. I have always wondered if you sign a contact to play sports then why not have a sexual partner sing a document before sex to say it is what they wish to do do these guys loss something on the field or are they so hung up on themself to think that they can do what they wont no matter what it is. again i say if bens guilty bye bye ben if not then leave him alone remember theres all kinds out there trying to make a fast dollar
    this is just one bengals fan opion

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