Source: Two teams are interested in T.O.

718.jpgAs receiver Terrell Owens makes his third trip to the free-agent market in four years, a league source tells us that two teams already have shown interest.

We don’t yet know the names of the teams.

One could very well be the Baltimore Ravens.

Last October, the Ravens contacted the Bills about a possible trade for receiver Terrell Owens.  The Bills responded in the negative.

Last week, Ravens coach John Harbaugh said that he’s interested in T.O.  The Bills declared the next day that they won’t be offering him another contract.

At a minimum, the Ravens figure to be considering making yet another run at him, especially if their Plan A guys (Kevin Walter and Anquan Boldin, reportedly) don’t pan out.

It has been a long flirtation between team and player, dating back to 2004.  Making the situation even more unusual is the fact that T.O. has never seemed to be gung-ho about playing for the Ravens.  Then there’s the six-year-old allegation Owens made regarding G.M. Ozzie Newsome, an African-American, whom Owens accused of making a racist comment during the initial discussions about the Ravens acquiring Owens.

T.O. claimed that Newsome told then-agent David Joseph that Newsome “was a black man from Alabama just like T.O.” and that “sometimes a black man’s gotta be slapped.”

The fact that the Ravens remain interested show that Newsome doesn’t hold a grudge.

The bigger question is whether T.O. does.

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  1. Just goes to show how dumb the Bills are. They could have traded him to Bmore last year and gotten something for him. Now he’s gonna go there neway and they aint getting jack for him.

  2. That is such garbage. There is absolutely no chance that TO signs with the Ravens. We don’t need another old wr, especially not one who is going to cause headaches for our ascending young QB. Will the media ever be held accountable for the bullsh** they spew???

  3. That “league source” wouldn’t have the initial D. R. and be famous for shouting “Next question!” at a press conference, would he?

  4. T.O. To the Jets??? Sounds likely considering Rex Ryan would trade to get a player with a negative history. He needs to bolster the WR depth chart and T.O. would do that.

  5. OZZIE!!!! NO!!!!!!!!
    If you are interest in this guy, just pull off the deal for the younger, better version – Brandon Marshall!

  6. So whose the other team? I bet it aint the Bengals…..Weak Ass Mike Brown in the FO! Get some balls in that FO and somebody who can pull off deals! FA is mostly a frustration for ALL Bengals fans……

  7. If you have read/listened to any of Harbaugh’s interviews or press conferences you’d know he says “we’re always interested in making our team better blah blah whoever will help”
    Harbaugh was polite, he didn’t insult him.
    But I still don’t see how that means the Ravens want him badly.
    TO, if he signs will be the Ravens last resort.

  8. Baltimore wanted TO way back when he left the Niners but he refused to go there due to the crappiness of the Raven’s QB situation at the time. Now Baltimore has a QB and Owen’s standards are considerably lower so this move would make sense.

  9. i believe Owens can still play,jerry rice in his prime could not have helped that BuffaloBills team

  10. This is good news for Brandon Marshall because if he were to end up in Bmore (the drug/std capital of america) he would last a matter of days.
    Never mind Ray Ray threatening him day in day out.
    In other words–TO going to Bmore could save Bmarsh’s LIFE.

  11. I’m hoping Ozzie doesn’t pull the trigger on T.O., he’s merely a “band-aid” for a team in desperate need for a LONG TERM relationship between their young QB and some quality receivers. T.O. is an old man already!

  12. Florio, I rewrote your headlines…..
    “Source: Two LOSERS are interested in T.O.”
    You’re welcomed.

  13. So Rosenhaus tweets that two teams are interested… and you print it.
    Next question.

  14. T.O. doesn’t want to play in Baltimore because for anyone that has ever visited Baltimore knows why

  15. TO will sign with the WNBA before he signs with the Ravens… just kidding, they don’t want him either.

  16. I want TO to go to the ravens just to watch ray lewis get him in line. And you know he would.

  17. T.O does not need the aggrevation of an up and coming team which is what the Ravens & skins are.
    T.O needs a Farve or Payton Manning QB type.
    With one of those tossing the ball he’d have a record year.
    Anything less is a waste of talent. (But glad to see him out of Siberia)

  18. Baltimore is a Great City, not sure what parts WarrenMoon is visiting-or do you only watch “The Wire”? Inner Harbor? Fells Point? Mount Vernon Square? All awesome spots in the City.
    And as far as the crime rate/std capital, not only is that BS , but peeps have been floating that stupid post for 10 years, try some new material.
    NFL Cities:
    2009 City Violent Crime Rate Rankings*
    2 St Louis
    4 Detroit
    6 New Orleans
    10 Memphis
    13 Baltimore
    16 DC
    2007(last Counted) Aids cases per 100,000
    1. Miami 33.1
    2. New Orleans 31.5
    3 DC 30.5
    4. Baltimore 29.6
    5. New York 27.5

  19. I hope he ends up going to B’more…. One hard hit from Troy will shut him up for good.

  20. Breaking news to add 31 teams may be interested in the #1 overall pick. Not sure which teams though…

  21. A league source told me that four teams already have shown interest in T.O.
    I just don’t yet know the names of the teams.

  22. Men slapping other men sounds kinda gay. Unless one of them is a pimp which would mean the other one was a male prostitute. Which one would T.O. be?

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