Taylor says he didn't demand to be the starter in Chicago

Running back Chester Taylor, who jumped Friday from the Vikings to the Bears, told Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times that the veteran didn’t condition his decision on being the starter.

I didn’t come here like that,” Taylor said.  “[Matt Forte’s] a great player.  I’ll
come in with the mindset that we’re teammates, but we’ll compete.”

Right, but Taylor contract suggests that he’s the top man on the totem pole, and that Forte is now the secondary player.

Regardless of who’s No. 1 or No. 2, Taylor realizes the importance of spreading the load.  “Running backs go down a lot.  You got to have two maybe three running backs,” Taylor said.  “It’s a long season.”

But he made it clear his goal was in part to “play a lot more.”  And he wasn’t going to play any more than he had played the past three years with Adrian Peterson in Minnesota.

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  1. chester taylor quote “Running backs go down a lot.” is this a homosexual reference? i think so

  2. Now Bears fans can stop crying about Bernard Berrian. Your welcome Chicago. best of luck to chester Taylor in Chicago with the exeption of when they play the Vikings.

  3. Sweet. The Bears have a nice tandem again in their backfield. They’ll both fit in nicely in Martz’s scheme, and will be “fresh” because of split reps.

  4. axeman54jt says:
    March 5, 2010 5:42 PM
    chester taylor quote “Running backs go down a lot.” is this a homosexual reference? i think so
    Why are you hoping to get in on some of the action with them you closet fag..

  5. If Chicago can get the Oline straigtened up, this could be the most productive TB Tandum in the NFL.
    Chicago is finally starting to get it right.
    Now maybe the Vikings can sign our AP

  6. Now, the O-line in Chicago needs to be seriously BEEFED up and if that happens.. Cutler might have a decent year.

  7. Forte isn’t *THIS* far out of the loop as a good starting RB in the NFL, I’m really not sure why he’s getting the Anthony Thomas “bust” treatment.
    Forte is still one of the better pass-catching RBs in the NFL, and he’ll still be a big apart of the offense.

  8. Yeah, Taylor might not have demanded to be the starter in Chicago.
    But he will be. Because Matt Forte sucks and is a joke.

  9. @ onesweetworld…You are correct on that one!! He had a horrible sophomore year, but I think they are still high on him. Adrian Peterson (Bears) isn’t a formidable backup. So Chester and Matt will compete..Chester reminds me more of Marshall Faulk which i know Martz is looking for…

  10. shit sweetness himself couldnt have run behind that line last year! shows how pathetic the bears are…this article should be about the o-lineman they signed or are going to draft!

  11. Forte is better than Chester Taylor. The issue wasn’t the running backs, it was the piss poor offensive line. Until they fix that, nobody is running anywhere.

  12. well even if none of the recent free agents work good gracious am i happy they are at least trying! nobody thought in a million years the bears would open up the wallet for Cutler, Peppers, or anybody else especially me always freaking mad at em after free agency ended saying damn come on man get somebody!! but that being said just beat the hell out of the packers and drive favor into the damn ground as often as possible. and the guy with the fag reference damn son… what up with that. you do know guys can go down on girls right? i mean right? maybe he just aint had any women in his life with the goods. Somebody give that boy a bus tix to vegas so he can feel what its like ok. Hell i got 5 on it

  13. # dr4iz says: March 5, 2010 7:28 PM
    Chicago = where football careers go to die.
    Then why do the Bears have have more players in the Hall of Fame than any team in the NFL?
    Another dumb ass chimes in for no reason.

  14. ItalianStallion says:
    March 5, 2010 6:44 PM
    Forte is better than Chester Taylor.
    Thanks for keeping the tradition of Italians being retarded meatheads alive my olive oiled hair douche….

  15. Queens fans are bitter because they lost the 1 rb that knows how 2 hold on to the ball and now the have to play peppers twice a year mikinnie should ask to be traded because when he heard peppers is a bear he s**t himself and queens fans are always going to be haters keep hatein

  16. Taylor is way better than Forte. This is better than the Peppers signing. Except I can’t get past the feeling this is some kind of fantasy football madden league. It’s not really the “Chicago Bears”, it’s a bunch of guys who like money wearing Bears clothes this year.

  17. What, somebody didn’t want to hang around and stay on the best team in the division (if not all of football,) and ride “Favre-The-Wonder-Horse” into the sunset? OK…let’s start hearing all the reasons why it’s a good thing he is leaving….why the Vikings are better off without him.

  18. “Right, but Taylor contract suggests that he’s the top man on the totem pole, and that Forte is now the secondary player.”
    LOL florio, why would you think that? because he’s getting paid more than forte? Forte’s on a second round rookie contract. Forte is a much better RB than CT; Forte was playing hurt last year, he’ll do much better this year especially with a solid backup. Get the hell outta town Kevin Jones, Garrett Wolfe, and shittier adrian peterson!

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