Teams should gladly give up first-round picks for proven wideouts

Peter Warrick.  Travis Taylor.  Sylvester Morris.  R. Jay Soward.

David Terrell.  Koren Robinson.  Rod Gardner.  Freddie Mitchell.

Donte’ Stallworth.  Ashley Lelie.  Javon Walker.

Charles Rogers.  Bryant Johnson.

Reggie Williams.  Michael Clayton. Michael Jenkins.  Rashaun Woods.

Troy Williamson.  Mike Williams.  Matt Jones.

Ted Ginn.  Dwayne Bowe.  Robert Meachem.  Craig Davis.

Darrius Heyward-Bey.

The names become a blur of mediocrity and unfulfilled potential.  Each are receivers who were first-round picks in the past 10 drafts.  None ever performed like Brandon Marshall, Miles Austin, and Vincent Jackson.

We mention those three because any one of these restricted free agents can be had via a first-round pick (and, for Austin and Jackson, a third-round pick, too).  The same first-round picks that over the past decade have become players like Charles Rogers, Mike Williams, and Reggie Williams.

So why not view Marshall, Austin, or Jackson as a player who was obtained via a first-round pick?  That’s what the Vikings did two years ago when acquiring defensive end Jared Allen from the Chiefs, and the Vikings presumably have no regrets.

It’s therefore no surprise that the Seahawks are bringing in Marshall on Saturday, and we wonder how long it will be before Austin and Jackson are courted by other teams that need pass-catches.

The logic applies to all positions.  Why take a chance on a rookie who might never become anything other than a guy who once was a great college football player?  If the goal is to use the draft pick to get a good player, it makes more sense to use the draft pick on a player that we already know will be good.

The argument gets stronger for teams picking lower in a given round.  If Colts president Bill Polian thinks his offensive line needs an upgrade, he should present an offer sheet to Chargers left tackle Marcus McNeill.  Polian would get a quality linemen in exchange for the 31st and 93rd picks in the annual NFL crapshoot.

Throw in the poison pill, which if done properly makes it impossible (or, more accurately, ridiculously expensive in terms of guaranteed money) for the current team to match the deal.
Before citing the reality that this year’s crop of rookies is deeper and more talented than in past seasons, there still will be plenty of busts.  And no one knows who’ll they’ll be.

Given that reality, the safest move is to use those picks on guys who have already shown that they are capable of making the transition to the highest level of the game.
Especially in an offseason with a depleted crop of unrestricted free agents.

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  1. 100% agree, I was hoping you’d post something like this…Rashaun Woods hahahah

  2. Robert Meachem shouldn’t be listed. He was injured his first two seasons and when he finally started coming into his own during the middle of the season, he eventually led the team in receiving touchdowns this past season, an integral part of that offense getting to the Super Bowl. You could’ve at least waited ’til after 2011 to determine his fate and see whether or not he can be a 1000 yard receiver through 16 games.

  3. These teams are delustional. They act like even a 4th round pick is going to turn out to be great. If you have a chance to get a proven player for a draft pick, you should do it in a second. Might as well pay someone big time money whose proven it in the league already.

  4. dwayne bowe…come on, he had 2 pretty good years. with the exception of that whole steroids thing hes still got plenty of potential. i just pray he gets traded so its all tapped.

  5. Javon Walker is a little out of place on this list.
    He’s fallen off since becoming a head case and forcing his way out of Denver, but until then he was a borderline star in the league.
    Injuries and bad decisions hurt him… he sucks now, but he’s definitely not the same kind of bust as everyone else on that list.

  6. Wow, I don’t necessarily disagree with you. First round WRs and DEs scare the crap out of me.

  7. I completely agree Florio. Its like teams fall in love with this idea of the draft when it boils down to filling a position need with a proven player. Even getting Quan for a 3rd and 4th is a steal. I really don’t understand why more teams don’t give up a maybe for a proven thing. Dolphins need to give up a 1st for Marshall IMHO. Whats up Jay Edwards

  8. Alternatively, you can say that wideouts can be had in the later rounds so giving up a 1st and a 3rd could be too much if you can have guys like Devery Henderson and Marques Colston that can be had beyond the 1st round.

  9. except for the fact that teams get 4 fewer years of play from the player, I never understood why NFL teams don’t trade more for proven commodities like these RFAs

  10. “Throw in the poison pill”
    My sources tell me that the respective owners of the various NFL clubs have agreed off the record to refrain from using poison pills to stave off creating an even bigger pissing match than the last round of poison pills did. It has the potential to create genuine animosity between what are supposed to be business partners. The Vikes poison pilled Steve Hutchinson from the Seahawks and got poison pilled back by the Seahawks with Nate Burleson, as everyone should know by now.

  11. I don’t think Mr Polian needs advice on how to use his draft picks.
    Of course Florio already has them signing every high-priced FA out there.
    Maybe he gets a pellet ever time he is wrong.

  12. I completely agree with your argument Florio about late round picks making sense because technically it costs less. But couldn’t you argue that it almost makes more sense for teams picking high in the draft because they don’t have to offer loads of guaranteed money to a guy who has never played a down in the NFL. It would also be a good time to throw in a jab about a rookie pay scale.

  13. This is why the Colts are going to take Jared Gaither away from the Ravens.
    Baltimore should have locked him up to keep that young dominant offensive line in tact for the future.
    Peyton sure will be happy now, though! No more surgeries for him! haha

  14. Why is Dwayne Bowe on this list? He was a 1000 yard receiver each of his first two years in the league (well, 995 yds his rookie season, but close enough); but fell out of favor with the new regime in KC last year. Still got ~600 yards and a handful of touchdowns.

  15. Yeah I hear you Florio.
    Hear that Miami, go get Marshall.
    Also, I think Bowe isn’t that mediocre…

  16. And when you consider that a bunck of rookir WR’s take a year or two to settle in it makes even more sence. If I needed a WR I would give up a low 1 and 3 for Austin in a Heartbeat.

  17. Excellent point why gamble on an unknown when you can buy a sure thing for roughly the same price.
    I don’t think Bowe deserves to be listed as a first round bust.

  18. meachem, heyward-bey and dwayne bowe still have time to show up.
    meachem is on an unselfish team and his role is expanding.
    Bowe is a very solid reciever with no qb throwing to him the past couple years

  19. He must have mistook Mark Clayton for Dwayne Bowe.
    I agree though 100 percent. PEople act like draft picks are gold. The analysis should be as simple as what Florio says. Are you going to get a guy as good as these players in the first round of the draft? The chances are probably less than 10 percent that you will. Then people always mention the fact that you have to sign these guys to long term deals. But would you rather make a commitment to a proven player or a guy that has never played a down in the league? It seems too easy.

  20. Miles Austin break out year 81 rec 1320 yards (2009)
    Roy Williams break out year 82 rec 1310 yards (2006)
    Sometimes proven receivers don’t work out for 1st and 3rd round picks.

  21. You had me through most of that. I agree with SonOfNOLA and Meachem is a pretty good player who was injured when he was drafted. I do not agree on the poison pill option. Any team that uses a poison pill has to expect the same treatment back in spades and to be on the shit list of the team it was pulled on for the next decade at least. You have to remember that the NFL is an old boys club and you don’t want to tick off one of the boys for no reason. Just make your offer and see if the other team decides to match it. If they do, your offer was not high enough. If I was an Owner/GM, I would take it out on any team that poison pilled my team for the rest of my life. I may be a little more cold hearted than most Owners or GM’s. Isn’t Jerry Jones both of those………

  22. I’ve wondered the same thing for years …. I don’t know why teams are so afraid they’re going to miss the next “greatest player” if they don’t draft … your Jared Allen analogy was spot on …

  23. Good article Florio. I think that is the first time I’ve written that this year.
    Denver & U. of Tenn fans will remember Marcus Nash. Total flippin bustola.
    But we also remember Rod Smith. Rookie WRs are such a gamble I’d much rather cough up a 1st rounder for a proven one and add youth in late rounds or free agency.
    If you can get a young speedster and develop him in house over the first two years of his contract, he’ll be a much better player / asset in the future.
    Their worth is not only their speed, but their ability to pick up all the other nuances to playing WR with the big boys.

  24. Youre an idiot. Dwayne Bowe has done pretty well so far in his career.
    And DHB has only had one season so far. You cant judge a guy on one year.

  25. Were you listing the Lions draft pics from 2000 to 2010 or am i missing something??

  26. Holy crap Florio… this is like the smartest thing I’ve heard you say in years… I guess even a blind squirrel can find a nut from time to time.

  27. The chargers have like 5 very good players with 1st and 3rd tenders. And there isn’t a player in this draft thier equal.
    I’ve been very worried about this. I wouldn’t be surprised if they loose one or two of them this year to a team that wants to spend some money.

  28. Is this an article to justify the Boldin trade? Just a stupid way of doing that. Boldin is a good receiver, the problem is that he wants a new deal and he has some durability issues. While seemingly giving up a 3rd and 4th round picks are no big deals, the prospect of being able to sign him is a big deal. He hits the open market next year. I guess the Ravens are possibly looking at this like they are renting or leasing with an option to buy, but it won’t be very good for them if he does happen to play injury free. He hits the open market and it is syonara Baltimore.

  29. Robert Meachem is actually the biggest bust on the list…he argubly has the best QB in the league and he still cant produce…Devery butter finger’s Henderson, undrafted 5ft 9in Lance Moore, and 7th rd Marques Coslton have all produced great numbers in the Saint offense….retard meachem cant do it
    he wasnt injured his first 2 season’s he was to stupid to learn the playbook and get on the field….he cant run a route at all…he’s strickly a deep threat
    he’s a former 1st rd. pick who has played in the most prolific pasing offense in the history of the NFL for 3 seasons, and if you add up all 3 seasons he’s still not a 1000yd WR….thats why he’s considered a bust

  30. normally I agree with you about signing guaranteed stars and trading draft picks for them, but the thing that you aren’t mentioning is money.
    Do teams want to tie up 50-60 million on a receiver? or would they rather pay 2-3 million a year for an unproven guy.

  31. I think Heyward-Bey gets a do over. With Jabust at qb for 10 games then a minor injury. I’ll write him off after 8 0r 10 games of the same crap.

  32. I’d actually think that trading early picks (1st rounders) would make more sense in this scenario because of all of the guaranteed money that goes along with them.
    There’s a lot less room for error when you’re picking in the top 10 and paying top 10 money to these un-proven prospects. You can sign a proven talent for less money than drafting the same position in the top 10…
    And I didn’t notice before, but Dwayne Bowe and Meachem?? What?
    And as much as he looks the part, how do you call someone a bust that’s played one year?? (Darrius Heyward-Bey)

  33. Robert Meachem had 9 td’s for the champs and possibly the play of the year in the entire nfl with his strip and score in Washington. He is just starting to hit his stride and does not deserve to be mentioned along with the rest of these scrubs. Bowe can play as well, just has never had a qb that could get him the rock.

  34. Could not agree more, these fans whinning about receivers’ and their personalities, or even about the cost to bring them into an organization have no clue just how hard it is to find a true number one receiver. When near three quarters of those drafted in the first round and through the top three rounds usually do not live up to the hype. Gamebreakers who become true number ones are the hardest to find, near as hard as finding a true franchise quarterback. Let alone that those taken in the top fifteen of the first are just as much fiscally as say a proven wideout, then you actually see the value in such trades.

  35. The biggest oversight in this argument is that when teams use (surrender) their first round picks on the wideouts (busts) you listed above, no other team is affected but the team picking (the bust WR).
    When they sign tendered RFA’s and have to surrender their pick, you seem to forget that the team from which that player is coming receives that surrendered pick to enhance their team and fill a position of need or draft a stud 1st rounder (at whatever position -not limited to WR). Thus if KC wanted to sign Brandon Marshall, they would be giving their rival another pick to improve their team (say at offensive or defensive line), whereas drafting a guy like Dez Bryant (although unproven and probably more of a risk) won’t allow the rival to improve.
    Otherwise you make a decent point.

  36. SONofNola,
    in 3 playoff games Meachem had a combined 4 catches for 25 yards, he didnt have anything at all to do with The Saints getting to the Super Bowl

  37. this is a PFT list.. ok the research department is not exactly world class (yet)
    this is an attempted list of ALL receiveres drafted in the first round, showing you all busts, good players and great players…
    you get the idea.
    Florio, your research sucks – you need to take your pills again

  38. Yeah, because trading and signing proven NFL players later in their career has worked out great for the Redkins.
    The best teams build up from the draft.

  39. A) I’m surprised there aren’t a crapload of Raiders fans calling for a Florio lynching over mentioning Heyward-Bay, and B) I’m surprised Florio didn’t mention Crabtree. Granted, it took only one game for Crabtree to surpass Heyward-Bay, but if its too early for determine what Crabtree is going to do, it is too early to determine what Heyward-Bay will do.

  40. Plaxico Burress, Travis Taylor, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Donte Stallworth(turd as he is), Andre Johnson, Bryant Johnson, Lee Evans, Roddy White, Santonio Holmes.
    They have all had productive careers, and thats going up to 2007, because others are too young to judge yet.
    Truth is the risk you run drafting one in the first round is about 50/50, and thats not too bad considering there are plenty of times when signing a so called “proven” free agent doesnt work out the way the team plans.
    And besides if ive seen anything in my years of watching football, its that Quarterbacks make wide receivers.

  41. Yeah, teams should just throw 1st rounders at veteran receivers. It almost always works out better. Just ask the Cowboys and that deal they got for Roy Williams.

  42. PFT clearly hasn’t properly accounted for the fact that rookies are cheaper than established players and when you get one that pans out you get certain financial benefits and trading opportunities that are a big part of the overall value in picking a fresh unknown player. I think the opposite of this perspective is true and it makes more sense to stress why teams won’t give up valuable picks for 100% guaranteed to be expensive players. PFT looks at the certainty of the veteran as an advantage over the rookie, but doesn’t look at the certainty of the financial and trading advantages that the rookie has over the veteran.

  43. Some idiot on the Eagles website says the Eagles should poison pill the cowboys and steal Austin. Thinking it would destroy the cowboys.
    He doesnt understand that that would give the cowboys more picks this year that they can use to keep the team good for years to come. He also doesnt understand that the Eagles are set at wr with Jackson Maclin and Avant.
    Possibily the most important part he doesnt understand is the Eagles didnt lose 3 times b/c Miles Austin they lost 3 times b/c of our defense. And after the day the Eagles had its clear they need the draft more then ever to rebuild their defense. Giving a 1st and 3rd to Dallas takes a 1st and 3rd away that the Eagles could have used on their defense.
    This is what I was saying about Eagles fans they might know more about the actual game of football on the field then any other group of fans, but for the most part they are horrible at understanding how a team is put together and why they should or shouldnt do certain things.

  44. LSU Rocks:
    Agreed, Meach didn’t have a great showing in the playoffs, but I think a lot of that had to do with his inexperience and the trust Brees has developed with Colston and Henderson over the years. He did however, play a big role in the teams 13-0 start, making several big plays in a number of games. He scored 9 td’s this year and I believe he is just scratching the surface. Wait to next year before we hang a verdict on this guy

  45. normally I agree with you about signing guaranteed stars and trading draft picks for them, but the thing that you aren’t mentioning is money.
    Do teams want to tie up 50-60 million on a receiver? or would they rather pay 2-3 million a year for an unproven guy.

  46. I agree, how does Darrius Heyward-Bey make a list like this after one season? It’s a little unfair. I mean, his QBs were JaMarcus Russel and Bruce Gradkowski. Not exactly the easiest for that rookie out there in Oakland…which isn’t exactly a model franchise either.
    If it continues for another year or two (which it sucks for him, but it will be in Oakland)…then yes, you can add him to the list. For right now, I think it’s a little over the top.
    And Dwayne Bowe and Robert Meachem aren’t exactly bad either.

  47. @asween40
    Your logic is faulty because you are forgetting that your rival gets to keep the player. Even if they use the pick on something else they will still be worse of in the sense that they have a worse WR group.
    Status Quo:
    Denver has Marshall who is a “stud”
    KC has a 1st round pick that could be a bust and a need for a WR (I actually don’t think that do with Bowe but this is going on the assumption that they feel like they do)
    After Trade
    Denver has 1st round pick that could be a bust and a need for a WR
    KC has filled a need with a proven commodity.
    I recognize that not all picks are busts but a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush.

  48. you idiots who are saying that meachem doesnt deserve to be on that list need to realize that every WR on the list except for Craig Davis, has been much more productive than meachem
    actually calling meachem a bust is a huge understatement…he hasnt made it that far yet

  49. “Dwayne Bowe and Robert Meachem? How are they busts?”
    I don’t think it’s so much that they’re busts as much as it is that they are just guys that were picked in the first round that haven’t performed as well as Jackson (2nd round pick), Marshall (4th) and Austin (undrafted).

  50. Who posted this article, Florio or Dan Snyder? Or maybe it was Al Davis. This article is so off-base. Look at the Superbowl winners of this decade. I can’t remember the last time the Pats traded away high draft picks for players. (Moss was traded for a 4th Rounder). Or the Steelers, or any of the perenial winning organizations. Florio also fails to take the players salary into account. When you trade for UFAs, you got to include the cash into the new contract. Not to mention the risk of players skills declining after they recieve the payday. Keep pumping this misinformation to the massess. The smart NFL GMs know better.

  51. I said this last year about Jahri Evans(tendered 1st &3rd). He was tendered as a second round pick. The Cleveland Browns had two picks in this round. We took two WR and one started, the other didn’t. We now need help at RG, RT and this year we could have gotten our second WR via free agency or the draft. Would have three young, possible probowler starting lineman. Hmmmm Now this year there aren’t any RG that are in the same caliber as Evans and we have a big need at the position. Could have been a top 3-5 line in the NFL. Maybe I should consult the Big Show for a consulting job?

  52. if a team like the rams doesn’t want to pay the 30 million dollars it would take to sign a unproven player why dont they just sign a tender player like austin and stick the cowboys with the pick and the financial burden

  53. What!!! No speculative posts about Brandon Marshalll?!?!?! Guess he is going to stay in Denver.

  54. Walker had a very good 2nd year and was on his way to being a top 6 or 7 WR when he blew his knee and his head.
    If I recall he was pretty good his first year in Denver before he again got weird.

  55. I’ve said all along that AJ Smith is playing with fire tendering Marcus McNeil and Vincent Jackson. If I was another NFL GM i’d give up a 1st and 3rd for those guys in a heartbeat, especially if I was picking at the bottom of the rounds. These two guys are young and proven NFL pro bowlers. How they aren’t signed to long term deals by now just blows my mind.

  56. Footba11Joe is 100% right. The likelihood of drafting a bust is the same as the likelihood of your “star WR’s” best years being behind him and having to eventually cut him because of the big extension you gave him.
    I like the idea of renting Bodin for a 3rd and a 4th, but I would rather draft Hakim Nicks or Jeremy Maclin than have Marshall/Austin/Jackson at their market value with an extension.
    1st round Wr’s being busts is not a mystery – it has much more to do with draft strategy and coaching. Not to mention, none of the three are sure things – Austin and Jackson are not necessarily proven and Marshall is a prima-dona, head case.

  57. How do you put Donte’ Stallworth & Dwayne Bowe on that list and not Mark Clayton? Stallworth has had some really good season’s when healthy? What, cause Stallworth accidently killed a person with his car? Come to Houston or any other big city now a days! You don’t need to be intoxicated to run over an individual, there always jumping out in front of traffic! If I had a doller for all my close call’s I’d have a couple hundred bucks! They don’t follow the rules of the road, they don’t think! Just like the idiot that got killed, (poor guy). And Dwayne Bowe is actually pretty good? He’s done more than Clayton has since ’05. Clayton had one good year in ’06 and that’s it! He’s a bust and will be going from #2 to #4 on our depth chart, and that’s if he doesn’t get beat out by whatever rookie we draft.

  58. Bob S. says:
    March 6, 2010 12:20 AM
    left out hakeem nicks who will be a great one
    plaxico burress was $8 overall
    He was only listing top 10 overall picks.
    Nicks is the truth. If Barden is ready to be the #3 or #4, the G-Men have a sick sick WR corps!

  59. is there anything stopping a team with a high draft pick from first trading down to the bottom of round 1 and then using that to acquire one of those restricted players? i don’t recall a team ever doing this and i am wondering why. it seems like a way to get the most value out of a high first round pick

  60. Miles Austin isn’t going ANYWHERE except to add a 6th banner to the top of Jerry World this coming season. Jerry would give up his money and his family for another ring

  61. As a Bengal fan living in Chicago, this is one of the reasons I endorsed the Cutler trade. Sure, you give up 2 first round picks. But looking from a Bears or even Bengals perspective, how likely is a 1st round pick going to help your team? Especially when they are getting paid as much, if not more, than the player you could acquire via trade (ala Cutler)
    Think about all the 1st round busts these two franchises have suffered…. then tell me it isn’t worth shipping out a 1st round pick for a Brandon Marshall.

  62. 1. You can potentially get more years from the player, and some of those years in his prime.
    2. You will pay less, unless we are talking about a top 5 pick. And we wouldn’t be in an RFA discussion.
    3. While there is potential for the drafted player to be a bust, there is also potential for the drafted player to be better than whatever rfa is in question.
    Really mike florio, there’s a reason most nfl gm’s covet draft picks more than RFA’s and the reason isn’t that you know football better than them. It’s actually… the opposite.

  63. 722 yards for a 16.1 yard average and 9 touchdowns = bust? not on a team with that many weapons. other people do have to get the ball.

  64. Saying DHB never lived up to his potential after one season with an incompetent QB is just an example of you looking to fill the list.
    I’m not saying he’s not going to be a bust but one season and the word never don’t work in conjunction.

  65. This is something i’ve questioned since i started following this sport about 4 years ago, why aren’t there more trades? i know draft picks are a commodity, but why risk a vernon gholston? if the players are worth it, make the trade, i know the salary cap constrains “blockbuster” trades but rookie salary’s are ridiculously high anyways

  66. So I signed up because all you people ready to jump on Florio for writing a terrible article regarding busts is annoying. Florio has written some blunders, but this is not one of them.
    He is simply listing First Round WR picks from the last several years, not busts. His point is that if you scour the list, the majority of them are busts or mediocre players in order to prove his point that the %’s play out for a team to trade for a proven WR vs. drafting an unknown.
    I guess that people with an inferiority complex in real life compensating by putting someone more successful than them down on this board without reasoning is good therapy.

  67. So aside from Miles Austin, you have Brandon Marshall, a malcontent with maturity issues, and Vincent “One more for the road, bartender!” Jackson? One outta three aint’ bad, huh?

  68. To the dipwad who said the Ravens will lose Boldin after this year, they’ve already given him a new 4 year deal. NEXT!
    To the dipwad who said the Colts will take Jared Gaither from the Ravens – first, that would be fine by me…turn a 5th rd supplemental draft pick into a 1st round pick…and move Michael Oher to the Blind Side…but you’re a dipwad because the Colts can’t sign any free agents under the final eight plan. NEXT!

  69. You can’t call a guy a bust after one season.
    Bowe and Meachum are nowhere near this list and shouldn’t be there either.

  70. @DcNinerFan
    Regarding the Raiders’ fans and DHB, surely most of them at least secretly admit that Al had a major “senior moment” during last year’s draft. While Crabtree didn’t exactly set the NFL on fire, he did finish 4th in the league for receptions by a rookie and had the highest yards per game figure. Additionally, no one is ever going to mistake Alex Smith for Joe Montana.
    DHB on the other hand did absolutely nothing to silence the draft critics who questioned his hands, his route running skills, his blocking, or his willingness to go over the middle. I’m not sure about injuries other than to all the footballs that clanged off those frying pans that he claims are his hands. The injury report seemed to be a way to save face and get him the hell off the field. In 11 starts, Bey was able to amass 9 receptions for 124 yards. Tied for 27th among rookies and only had one game with multiple receptions (a whopping 2).
    You might not be willing to call Bey a bust just yet, but I call him DHB (DamnHugeBust).

  71. There are good players in every round of the draft. Look at what the cowboys gave up for Roy Williams.
    They could have got Percy Harvin for that, paid him far less money, and they would have had two extra picks later in the draft.
    Oh, and Percy Harvin’s contract is for 8.5 million guaranteed. Roy Williams got more than that as a signing bonus.

  72. If the Carolina Panthers can find a team that will accept next year’s first-round draft pick or a team that will accept that and this year’s third-round pick, they should pull the trigger on that deal.

  73. In three years of PFT, this is the most insiteful comments. It took Troy Williamson for me to learn this. The replacement for Randy Moss started his carreer by dropping the pen he signed his contract with and then dropped everything else during his tenure at Minnesota.
    Drafting Sidney Rice in the 3rd round was FAR more productive.
    Look at NE or Phil, draft a big lineman in the 1st round, steal a skill player in rounds 2-5.

  74. @ asween40: you hit the nail. guess it depends on how close you are to being competitive and/or a playoff run.
    @ .vox: I don’t believe, based on some of your other blather, that you actually have sources. To actually site and use sources would suppose that you like to base your statements on facts & not your feelings….
    As for Tracey Austin, she’s not worth a 1st & 3rd. One good year does not mean she will be a dominant player for the next 5 years.
    She’s a one hit wonder, kinda like the group “Bow Wow!”

  75. Seems to me that trading a high pick for a “proven” receiver is almost as risky as drafting an unproven college player. Time and time again, we’ve seen wideouts find success with one team….but when placed in a different system with a different coaching staff and different QB, they struggled.
    How has the Roy Williams deal worked out for Dallas? How about Deion Branch in Seattle? Braylon Edwards didn’t exactly set the world on fire as a Jet.
    Randy Moss was a disaster in Oakland; Peerless Price flopped miserably in Atlanta. The list goes on.
    The fact is, WR is one of the riskier acquisitions a team can make…and it’s not like any one method is significantly more successful than another. Trade, draft, free agency…..any one of them is liable to blow up in a team’s face.

  76. Jay Cutler. Terrell Owens. Javon Kearse. Lavaraneus Coles. Nate Clements. Roy Williams. … Free agents and trades can bust too.

  77. This logic never seems to translate into real action with NFL team management. Right now teams are balking at giving the Eagles a 3rd round pick for Vick. How often does a 3rd round pick produces a quality NFL starter.
    A team like Carolina that has a good defense, a good set WR and a great running game should not hesitate to bring in a player like Vick for a 3rd round pick. Vick has a better shot at getting the Panthers to the playoffs than Moore.
    One last note, DB, LB TE C and Gaurds are the least likely positions to be a bust in the first round

  78. re: Hutch and Burleson
    Let’s be honest, was Minny really that concerned about letting Burleson walk?

  79. It is not just the draft pick and contract-
    Marshall has some big personal issues that could
    surface any time.

  80. He’s not listing just top 10 picks, because Meachem was drafted 27th.
    I don’t want to defend Meachem too much, but it’s poor analysis to claim he was of no worth in the playoffs. The Saints system relies on the fact that they have way too many weapons for you to defend all of them. If you start taking those weapons out of the picture, it’s easier to defend the offense as a whole.
    To the degree that Meachem required defensive attention (and to the degree, as someone pointed out above, that he contributed to them having home field advantage in the playoffs) he was important to their Super Bowl championship.

  81. Yes, teams overvalue picks. Though it’s been widely panned, the Richard Seymour has so far helped the Raiders and hurt the Patriots.

  82. @DcNinerFan- you are correct on most fronts. there is no need to even respond to this articule. i am not debating the point of the articule but the examples used are somewhat bogus. you could use histrocical drafts from ’80-’95 and probaly get a more realistic view.

  83. Bowe? He’s pretty much a stud. He’s on your wash-out list? Why not Braylon instead?

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