Three teams chasing Rolle, deal could come today

Though safety Antrel Rolle has launched his free-agent tour with a visit to the Giants, a league source tells us that three teams remain in the hunt for his services.

Per the source, it’s down to the Giants, Dolphins, and Cardinals.

We’re told that the deal will “probably” get done later today or tonight.

So stay tuned.

22 responses to “Three teams chasing Rolle, deal could come today

  1. If he leaves NY he won’t be back. Giants sign you or take the offer off the table. They do not let you shop them around.

  2. He’d look good in Aqua and Orange.
    Actually, unless you’re digging in your old Cross Colors clothes, NOBODY should wear Aqua and Orange.
    Let’s just say he’d fit in well with Miami.

  3. NFL Network just reported that Rolle to the Giants is 95% done deal. If Rolle’s agent tries to shop the deal to Miami, the Giants will rescind the offer. The Giants do not allow their offers to be shopped around.

  4. Why not the Vikings? Too expensive, I suppose. NFL Network said lastnight that since he was cut, he’s free game for the Colts, Saints, Vikings, and Jets. Although the Jets don’t need him with the Crowmartie acquisition.

  5. it amazes em that people will just make up stories they want to beleive. I have been watching NFL network all day and I havent heard them once say he is close to signing with the Giants. Hes considering the fins,giants and cards but nothing is that close right now. Not saying the giants wont get him but it just gets annoying when some fans just post nonsense.

  6. As a Dolphins fan, I’m not sure how I feel about them spending alot of money on this guy… There are a few really good safeties to be had in the draft, Otogwe and Clark might be available at a cheaper rate (and Otogwe is better than Rolle), Tyrone Culver and Chris Clemons are promising, and the Dolphins have more pressing needs (ILB, OLB, NT, WR, TE).

  7. i wouldnt mind rolle of the fins but not for 5yr 40MM hes not worth that much u can get otogwe for elss and hes better.

  8. Let’s go Parcells sign Dansby, Rolle and Boldin. this will make the Fins as competetive as the sorry “J.E.T.S”. We need these guys right now, as Rolle gets off the plane Gibril Wilson needs to be on it OUTTA here…

  9. Why aren’t the Lions overpaying for him?
    They don’t even have a high school CB on the roster right now.

  10. The Dolphins just announced they are cutting Gibril Wilson.
    I’m guessing that’s because they know they are getting Rolle?

  11. brownsfn? your really going to try and take a shot at one of the best run organizations in the sports.. ridiculous
    axehawk rolle is a safety and texas no that has nothing to do with it. Right now the giants are the front runner and there are reports that if the phins dont get rolle they could sign atogwe from the rams to an offer sheet.

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