With Boldin on board, Baltimore bails on Walter

There was a belief in some circles that, one the new league year began, the Ravens would try to trade for Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin and sign Texans free agent wideout Kevin Walter.

We’re told that the Ravens were working on deals with both players, with the intent of signing one.  At times on Friday, however, there was a concern they’d emerge with neither.

And now that Anquan Boldin has been acquired via trade and signed to a four-year, $28 million deal (the guaranteed money is believed to be in the neighborhood of $10 million, but we’re not firm on that), the Ravens are not trying to sign Walter.

The thinking is that Walter will re-sign with the Texans, for a contract comparable to the one that receiver Nate Burleson signed with the Lions.  If Walter waits too long, however, the Burleson money might not be there.

8 responses to “With Boldin on board, Baltimore bails on Walter

  1. 1st post.. Yeah ! Boldin to charm city ! Now we can go TE/ DL in the first round or snag another good wr in the ladder rounds. Do Work.

  2. If the Ravens are out of the Walter hunt i hope the Eagles take a look at him, we could use a his size.
    I do miss Hank Baskett’s ability to jump up and impersonate Fitzgerald’s catches.
    We need another big target for the redzone…6″ 5″10 doesnt cut it

  3. I’d say still try for Walter for the Ravens, it gives us another weapon to upgrade the WR corps with, then go re-sign Mason and our offensive upgrade for the short term is complete.

  4. or he might “re-sign” with the Bengals… we had him on our practice squad for years, and let him walk as a RA for a 7th round pick…. oops

  5. That’s ok, Florio. I’ll make a website, cite you as the source, and then you can call it confirmed!

  6. They have a pretty nice 1,2,3 now with Boldin the 1 Mason the 2(if he returns) and Stallworth the 3.
    It sets up pretty nice too, as Boldin is the physical receiver Mason is the possession guy and Stallworth if he still has it is the deep threat.
    Also Mark Clayton is a decent 4 if he returns also.

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