Artis Hicks agrees to three-year deal with Redskins

The Washington Redskins and free agent guard Artis Hicks have reached a contract agreement.

PFT’s Mike Florio reports that the Redskins and Hicks, who played the last four years for the Vikings, have agreed on a three-year deal.

For the Vikings, it’s the second straight day that they’ve lost an unrestricted free agent, following the departure of running back Chester Taylor on Friday. As one of the final four teams (along with the Saints, Colts and Jets), the Vikings can only sign as many unrestricted free agents as they lose, so Minnesota could now add two unrestricted free agents.

For the Redskins, the signing of Hicks is the latest reminder that — contrary to the expectations of some — they’re not going hog wild spending Daniel Snyder’s money on big-name free agents in an uncapped year. Coach Mike Shanahan would rather build for the long run by adding solid veterans like Hicks, rather than try to put together an all-star team of high-priced free agents.

14 responses to “Artis Hicks agrees to three-year deal with Redskins

  1. Good Ryan Cook can fill that backup roll now the Vikes have room to wiggle. We better start taking care of some essential needs: A 2nd RB and strengthening the secondary. I’m hoping we land Ryan Clark.

  2. Guy is worth having to the Redskins, I wouldn’t of minded having him come back to Minnesota.

  3. I like what’s going on right now with the Redskins. The plan is in place.
    Sign your own Free Agents, and bring in UFA to compete. The competition to win a starting job is going to be fierce. Sign 3 or 4 more on the OL, draft 3 more and the foundation is in place.

  4. As a Vikings fan all I can say is thank you Redskins.
    There’s no guarantee that the Vikings will find some one better, but it would be hard to find someone worse.

  5. I hope Minnesota Coach “Chilly” has a plan to replace Hicks.
    He was a very valuable player who could step in there whenever McKinnie or one of the other linemen decided to be more of a matador than a blocker.

  6. Artis is a journeyman OG. Nothing special. Played for the Eagles and then went to the Vikings. Since he is playing for the Foreskins, it is guaranteed that he is overpaid. But they do have a lousy OL, so at least they are trying to address the problem.
    Problem is that the biggest problem is the douchebag that owns the team. If you could cut or trade him you’d be a hell of a lot better off.

  7. You Viking fans should be more worried about who your QB is in 2010 and trying to teach you RB to hold on to the ball. PS….Real football is played outside!

  8. i hope he is overpaid . .i think that means the vikes can spend the same . .hopefully for a better person.

  9. To BurgNGold
    you should be worried about winning more than 4 games and trying to teach your owner not to be a d-bag. And PS Pop Warner football is played in washington.

  10. Why oh why are so many people concerned with our team. Go watch jay leno to get info on your team.

  11. @BurgNGold –
    Living in DC, you should worry about finding a coach who will stick around for more than 2 years.
    Maybe you can roll old Coach Joe and the rest of the space cowboys out again…

  12. Hicks was vey dependable for a back up. always a good safety valve when mckinnie was too hungover to play.
    mckinnie parties so damn much it wears him out. i know somebody that works at the mansion in miami, and says mckinnie makes it hurricane in the place.
    if the dumbshit would stop partying 5 days a week, he’d be stellar. for guys like him, the nfl couldn’t be on a worse day: sunday- the day after thur, fri, sat all night partying. i saw him in msp once a night outside Creame or whatever it’s called before a home game- TANKED!

  13. I thought Hicks was good until the Skins signed him. It seems like the Redskins have an uncanny ability to get almost nothing out of free agent signings. I don’t know what it is about that team but they seem willing to pay anything for a winning season but just can’t seem to pull it off ever.

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