Brodney Pool possibly will visit with the Rams

terrell-owens-brodney-pool-2009-10-11-15-10-23.jpgWith the Rams extending a low-level restricted free agency tender to safety Oshiomogho Atogwe, they could soon be in the market for a replacement.

And they might be getting a head start on the process.

Per a league source, safety Brodney Pool may be visiting the Rams on Monday.

Pool, a second-round draft pick of the Browns in 2005, is a restricted free agent.  But since the Browns extended no RFA tender, Pool has no restrictions.

A concussion caused Pool to miss the last five games of the 2009 season.  And given the NFL’s new sensitivity to concussions, there’s a chance that the Browns decided not to rely in 2010 on a guy who possibly will be missing additional games moving forward.  It’s one of the cruel realities of the league’s decision to make the problem a priority.  Players who understand the risks and who are willing to accept those risks in order to earn much more money playing a game that they love in lieu of getting a “real” job will find it harder to continue their NFL careers.

Regardless of whether the concussion issue caused the Browns to sour on Pool, it’s a very real dynamic that will be a factor when teams are choosing between available players.

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  1. and in completely unrelated news…. Jerry Jones possibly will attempt to secede from the union.

  2. @Vike#28Owns – totally agree, the pic is funny. Was Pool concussed on this play? Somehow, I’m not really up on the injuries sustained by the Browns players this season. 🙂

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