Browns may be interested in Seneca Wallace

S. Wallace.jpgBrowns fans hoping for quarterback salvation: Could we interest you in Seneca Wallace?

Mike Holmgren is reportedly looking at Seattle’s backup, according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.  The Big Show helped developed Wallace, who could be more available and cheaper to acquire than Matt Hasselbeck.

The Browns are seemingly looking for two quarterbacks minimum because Derek Anderson is almost sure not to be back, and Brady Quinn’s future is also in doubt.

Pete Carroll has apparently decided Hasselbeck will be his guy in Seattle, and will probably look for a young player to develop behind him.

The Browns have eleven picks in April’s draft, including an extra third-round pick, and four picks in the fifth round.

26 responses to “Browns may be interested in Seneca Wallace

  1. I do not remember who it was but someone definitely called this a couple of days ago on one of the other articles. So congrats to whomever that was.

  2. I think Seneca is underrated, look at his career stats. His fill in time for Hasselbeck has been pretty good. With a whole camp with starter reps he could be a pretty good qb. He’s accuarate and throws extremely well on the move…

  3. I call bullshit……ANYTHING printed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer must be taken w/ a grain of salt. This article in particular never stated the Browns were interested in Wallace. The author, well-reputed HACK, Tony Grossi is “speculating” who the Browns might consider bringing in.
    My question is: Why haven’t they dumped DA yet? What are they waiting for?

  4. How bad is your QB situation when Seneca Wallace is your hope for “salvation?”

  5. Wallace and a draft pick to Browns for Quinn.
    Quinn and Seattle’s 14th pick for Marshall.
    Done and done.

  6. REALLY!?!?! FUCING SENECA WALLACE!?!?!? REALLY HOLMGREN!?!!?! is this your “big splash” in free agency???

  7. Just what the Browns need – another QB not good enough to start in the NFL. Where’s Jeff George when you need him?

  8. “My question is: Why haven’t they dumped DA yet? What are they waiting for?”
    They’re waiting for Quinn to be tossed out on the streets first. My guees is that DA and his agent (me) are currently negotiating a restructured contract. DA will be no less then a backup in Cleburg…………….BOOK IT!

  9. anyone who thinks that the browns are a few players away from competing are a grade A Sarah Palin RETARD!!! Also, what would make anyone think that Troy Smith is any better than Seneca…there is no proof.

  10. Seneca Wallace > Troy Smith
    Larry David must be a LuckEye fan, but you do make great sitcoms!
    Seneca deserves a chance to compete for a starting gig, this deal would make sense.

  11. If you’re talking about or looking at Seneca Wallace or Troy Smith, you might as well keep either Anderson or Quinn.
    Oh, and Sandra Lee! Jeff George is already on this team, his name is Derek Anderson. Funny enough, they both ware the same number (3).

  12. I agree this seems odd. However, isn’t the mark of a good football mind/organization to find and develop what others can’t and don’t see? Heck anyone can go overpay for the current pro bowl player. Even those don’t always work out.
    I wanted to dump Mangini and was upset when Holmgren didn’t do it. Then I decided, “In Holmgren we trust”. Lets let him build what he sees fit. Face it, even Seneca Wallace is better than what we have. If he builds crap he’ll be gone and we start all over again. We were headed that way without him anyway.
    So, all of us arm chair/internet head coaches need to let the guy that has lived football do what he’s paid to do. He doesn’t give a crap what we think anyway. Nor should he…

  13. Holmgren gets Majikowski, develops him. He gets Favre, develops him. He gets Hasselbeck, develops him. I don’t see what might be so bad about Wallace, as long as the Browns get him cheaply.

  14. Seneca Wallace is a QB that HATES to lose football games. I have watched him play and he definitely has a competitive personality.
    He is a very athletic, accuarate and throws well on the run.

  15. Last year, they stocked up on former jets. So I guess this years plan is fill the roster with ex-seahawks? Forget Paul Macdonald; I beginning to think the “veteran qb” is going to be end being Jim Zorn or David Krieg.

  16. ErikinHell — i think the difference here is that Holmgren wont be working with the QB, Mangini will.

  17. ErikinHell — i think the difference here is that Holmgren wont be working with the QB, Mangini will.

  18. I was one of the guys that brought this scenario up…and it’s a good move.
    Who remembers what people said about Hasselbeck when he went with Holmgren to Seattle? Nobody cared, he was a backup caliber player that wouldn’t matter…then he took them to a SB. Holmgren knows what he’s doing, and Seneca Wallace will make a name for himself shortly. This is a move that should excite Browns fans.

  19. I like Wallace, but I’d rather stick with Quinn for a year, give Cribbs reps actually throwing the ball in training camp, and go after a late-round QB in the draft (John Skelton, Jarett Brown, Jevan Snead, or Jonathan Compton).
    Holmgren already said he doesn’t want a QB competition. Wallace isn’t good enough to bring in as the unquestioned starter, even if Quinn and Anderson are both dumped. Cribbs is a much, much more raw passer than Wallace, but superior in running ability, size, and versatility.
    I’d rather see Josh get an education as a passer in training camp, and roll with Quinn as the primary signal-caller (and at least a little bit of a threat of a pass from the Cribbs-run wildcat formation) in 2010 than bring in an undersized Wallace (5’11” 205lbs according to his profile) simply because Holmgren is familiar with him.
    And, yes, I’m aware that Brees is short. Wallace is not Brees. Neither is Troy Smith. At least Smith would generate ticket and merchandise sales in Cleveland, though, even as a backup. Plus he’s at least won a starting job out of training camp once, even if an illness and the emergence of Flacco prevented him from keeping it.

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