Carson Palmer wants Bengals to sign Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens hasn’t always had a good relationship with his quarterbacks. Just ask Jeff Garcia. Or Donovan McNabb. Or Tony Romo.

But after reports surfaced that the Bengals are interested in Owens, Cincinnati quarterback Carson Palmer said he welcomes the opportunity to play with T.O.

I’d love to,” Palmer texted back when Geoff Hobson of asked if he’d like to pass to Owens this season. “His past doesn’t bother me at all. If any qb can deal with extravagant wrs, it’s me.”

Palmer said he’d be happy to get involved in wooing Owens personally. He also said he had reached out to another free agent wide receiver, Antonio Bryant, and hopes the Bengals will make him an offer.

From Palmer’s perspective, adding a playmaker at wide receiver is something the Bengals need to do to keep pace with the division rival Baltimore Ravens, who traded for Anquan Boldin on Friday.

“They’re making some moves,” Palmer said. “Whatever we can do to stay in the race.”

28 responses to “Carson Palmer wants Bengals to sign Terrell Owens

  1. Why didn’t they sign T.J. Houshmandzadeh last year? oh, right, it’s the Bengals…

  2. It won’t matter who the Bengals sign at WR unless Carson gets his shit together. He looked awful in the Bengals last three or four games last year.

  3. Well, that does it. TO is going to be a Bengal. Carson only makes bold statements like this when there is no risk of him looking like he is going against the teams wishes.
    This is going to grueling as a fan…comical for everyone else.

  4. If you’re as good as you think you are, T.O., then why all of the jumping around from team to team? If you were worth anything, you’d be on the same team for more than a year. Image is NOT, in fact, everything. When are you going to learn? He’s just going to be the crybaby he’s always been when he doesn’t get the ball as much as he’d like. He’s a waste of good oxygen.

  5. I agree with Poo Flinging Monkey (never written those words before). And if Palmer doesn’t get his shit together, T.O is definitely gonna let him hear about it and we all know how that story goes.
    I think any team considering signing should consider hiring Joanna Krupa as assistant WR coach or something just to keep him in check.

  6. Over the past ten years the Chargers and the Bengals have had more selfish, classless, crime committing, players than the rest of the league combined. These teams are the reason PFT created trier “days without an Arrest Blotter.” When will they learn their lesson.

  7. Carson is sniffing pez, Bengals get nowhere with Owens or OnchoCaca.

  8. Palmer would be happy to get involved in wooing T.O.?? Ridiculous. At this stage in his career, T.O. may be an on-field asset–if teams overlook his off-field baggage–but he’s no longer the best of the best. If he wants to continue playing and gets a decent offer from a contending team, he should be happy to take it, no wooing required. By foaming at the mouth for him, the Bengals are setting themselves up for the kind of drama he’s created everywhere he’s been. And why? Other talented wideouts are available. T.O. was seldom seen or heard in Buffalo. Working alongside #85 may put him back in the limelight–and the result may not be as entertaining as Chad seems to expect.

  9. # ChrisD says: March 6, 2010 5:07 PM
    Why didn’t they sign T.J. Houshmandzadeh last year? oh, right, it’s the Bengals…
    Bengals offered the same amount of money that the ‘Hawks did and TJ decided to leave for Seattle. Now he gets to spend the final years of his career playing for a rebuilding team while the team he walked away from has built a playoff caliber squad.

  10. Has Palmer reviewed the game film from 2009 ? he was awful at the end of last season

  11. I don’t see it as a big deal. TO won’t break the bank at this point in his career. The draft class of wideouts looks a bit lame. Old TO is better than almost as old Coles. If TO acts up it would be easy to get rid of him.
    How many of you said picking up Ced Benson was the wrong move?

  12. “If you’re as good as you think you are, T.O., then why all of the jumping around from team to team? If you were worth anything, you’d be on the same team for more than a year.”
    That’s been the case throughout his long career with the exception of one team.

  13. actually the bengals should hire Hugh Douglass as WR coach if they wanna keep TO in check

  14. TO is going to destroy what little confidence Palmer has left after last year. TO hates on decent QBs – God save Carson!

  15. I hope they sign him. It would serve as punishment for wearing those ugly helmets.

  16. Long time Bengal fan here — grew up there and was brain washed for life…maybe that’s unfortunate.
    Anyway….it’s very typical for us all to get caught up in the hype of names and forget about the X’s and O’s. The Bengals went from a pass first team in 2007 to a run first team in 2009 — in 2008 Palmer had the elbow injury and missed most of the season. The Bengals pass offense worked 2-4 years ago because, even though they didn’t use the RBs or TE very well as receivers, Palmer had three above average wideouts (Chad, T.J. & Henry) on most passing downs. Going into 2010 Chad is on his downward spiral and no longer has the deep speed that made him one of the game’s biggest WR threats — although I’d still say that Chad is still one of the most precise route runners in the league with his excellent footwork and balance. After Chad, though, T.J. has been gone a year, and his 2009 replacement Laveranues Coles is also gone after the team wasted $10 million to learn what most others saw on film regarding his lack of speed and height. And Henry, as we all know, is deceased — God rest his tortured soul.
    To replace the #2 the Bengals currently have Andre Caldwell. And for the tall, downfield, Red Zone target at WR #3 the team currently has 2008 2nd Round draft bust Jerome Simpson (1 career catch for 2 yards in two seasons) competing against Jacksonville’s 2005 1st Round bust and off-field cocaine head Matt Jones, who lacks short area speed and the work ethic required to be an impact player.
    What the Bengals actually need right now is a vet who can be an immediate #1 WR and a rookie draft pick to groom as a future #1. T.O. still has some gas in the tank, but he’s like Chad in that he no longer poses that constant deep threat he once was. Plus, T.O.’s hands are not that of a good #2 although he does have the size and height one would prefer in a #2. If the Bengals sign T.O., then they are electing to start 2010 essentially with two aging vets that are now #2 equivalents — similar to what we saw in St. Louis when the “Greatest Show on Turf” was heading on its downward spiral. Since the Bengals don’t use their TEs or RBs well, they can expect another season in the pass offense basement with that formula.
    Other options at this point might be to sign Antonio Bryant and hope that he catches fire again with a better QB throwing to him. Or to trade for Denver WR Brandon Marshall and hope that he suddenly settles down into a team player — that would cost at least a 2nd Round pick (and probably more). More remotely, the team could elect to bring in a veteran TE (like Chicago TE Greg Olsen for a draft pick or NE UFA Ben Watson) and/or begin using the HB and FB more as pass receivers. And even more remotely likely to happen would be for the team to draft a rookie who could step in immediately as the starting #2.
    The talk of getting T.O. is one of mild desperation by a team whose Offensive Coordinator has limited creative ability to deal with such talent restrictions. Owens actually had a decent season in 2009 for the Bills, who had no functional QB — we Bengals fans can vouch that Ryan Fitzpatrick falls into that category after watching him start most of 2008 for Carson Palmer. And Owens did a good job off-the-field last season, IMO, of dealing with constant overzealous press members who really do love pushing his buttons to see if they can generate a story. At this point with one of the toughest schedules in the league on the board for next season and with Palmer leaving many with questions about his arm based on his play late in the 2009 season, it doesn’t look good for the Bengals.

  17. Every time a QB on a struggling team comes out and advocates bringing T.O. to town, I’m reminded of women who fall in love a man that has a history of abuse and say, “Those women didn’t know him like I do…he won’t be like that with me!”

  18. if they get him at a fair price, very little risk here which gives them more flexibility in the draft. I’d however like to see them go after Greg Olsen or Ben Watson…

  19. Yeah this won’t end up bad. One prissy, primadonna, attention whore is more than enough for one lockerroom.

  20. Ternell owings be qualified for one thing and one thing only-driving a cab in Birmingham. I bet his mom wants to cut out her uterus. Dump this piece o garbage.

  21. # WhoDat_champs says: March 6, 2010 5:30 PM
    “Over the past ten years the Chargers and the Bengals have had more selfish, classless, crime committing, players than the rest of the league combined. These teams are the reason PFT created trier “days without an Arrest Blotter.” When will they learn their lesson.”
    BE happy your team won the SB, and stop bringing on the hate. Lumping the Chargers in with the Bengals is beyond a joke. IMO, the Chargers are nowhere near as bad as the Bengals.
    The Chargers had the opportunity to sign Vick, instead trading the pick to the Falcons. So they at least have done something right.
    And BTW, I don’t think the Chargers were anywhere near the top of the turd watch list for an entire decade.

  22. This has the potential to be a good move for the Bengals. TO got $6.5M last season and likely won’t get even that much this time arround. Considering the major QB problems they had in Buffalo last season he had a pretty good year and with the lack of even a decent QB he had plenty of opportunities to speak out and become a problem but he didn’t. Carson seems like a good guy and I don’t doubt that after dealing with Housh and Ocho Cinco he can deal with TO.
    If you can keep TO interested he can be a productive receiver and with his size and strength he can be a great blocking WR, which is a big plus for a team that relied heavily on the run last year.

  23. FMWarner: Since you are calling the Bengals a “struggling team” you do realize the Bengals went to the playoffs last year don’t you? And that was with a weak offense. They are only going to get better.
    Again and again I see clueless posts from people who I swear don’t watch a complete game all season.

  24. Filbertkiwi 71: The Bengals and Chargers did about the same last year. They both went to the playoffs and lost their first game.

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