Dunta Robinson gets $25.5 million guaranteed

The numbers are out on Dunta Robinson’s new contract with the Atlanta Falcons, and the numbers are big.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Robinson’s contract is a six-year, $57 million deal, with $25.5 guaranteed.

It’s impressive that a contract of that magnitude was able to be finalized on the very first day of free agency, and we’re sure that there was absolutely no impermissible contact between the Falcons and Robinson’s agent before the first day of free agency, even though it was reported even before free agency started that the Falcons were likely to sign Robinson.

Last year Robinson made $9.957 million as the Texans’ franchise player, but he was unhappy with the lack of a long-term deal. He can’t be unhappy with the deal he got on Friday.

20 responses to “Dunta Robinson gets $25.5 million guaranteed

  1. What is the fine for tampering or do they just loose a first round pick for next year?

  2. For that kind of coin, he better be a shutdown corner. And he was not that in Houston.
    I believe the Falcons seriously overpaid for this guy.

  3. So, if Deon Sanders were a free agent in his prime today like Dunta what would Sanders get then??
    75 million gauranteed?? 95 million gauranteed for a CB?! WTF.
    Man, the old saying of College Football vs NFL being better cause the college players play for the game and not the money is becoming more relevant every offseason and draft.
    Well, other then the top picks that played great in college and tanked in the NFL, hey Reggie!

  4. Dunta fills a huge need as the other corners from last year lack primo talent, and that a draft pick didn’t have to be used as there is no 2nd round pick this year (used for Tony Gonzalez). Hmmmm…. will there be less of the zone coverage that has blowed foul wind the last two seasons? A big change had to be made ‘cos Chris Houston is Mr. Pass Interference & Brent Grimes even though a nice player is physically overmatched and Chris Owens is still developing. Dunta may have been burned more last year than Stevie Wonder lighting a book of matches but he’s better than what was there.

  5. TiceWasBetter, college players do not play for money?
    Maybe they don’t earn a salary, but they get anything they want on campus. Free meals, money to buy suits, etc. Don’t kid yourself. If you know anyone that played D1 football, they’ll all tell you the same.
    Hell, USC buys their players houses.

  6. $25.5 million gtd???
    {*cough* *cough* snicker..chuckle..drawing tears}
    Not bad coin for a shut down Pro Bowler…oh..wait!
    Not a Saints fan but, Drew Brees is smiling…

  7. Texans offered him 23 guaranteed last year and later had to backtrack on their word that they wouldn’t franchise him (thinking he wouldn’t turn that down). His response was to throw a fit, stay away from the team until late August, and write ‘Pay Me (GM) Rick’ on his shoes during his first week back. He ended up getting 10 mill guaranteed from the Texans anyway under the F-tag.
    Robinson didn’t play anywhere close to his pre-injury form in ’09. His tackling skills diminished (unless he was saving himself), he had trouble covering rookies like Kenny Britt and Mike Crabtree, he was caught with his pants down celebrating a tackle while Peyton burned him on a critical play in a hurry up, he has no picks since ’08, and he’s never sniffed a Pro Bowl…
    I think the Falcons got the short end of this deal.

  8. Of course they also tried to trade for him last year, so it is possible they already had numbers in mind that they would have paid him last year . . .
    Or they just did what everyone else does and tampered!

  9. All u haters should be mad. The Falcons had one of the toughest schedules and many injuries last year and still were in the hunt until the end of the season. We will compete with any team this year.
    And to xetuoh1836- im sure Drew Bree’s is not smiling considering we almost beat him at home last year in the monday night game.

  10. 25.5 million. Dollars?
    Drew Brees, Josh Freeman, and the ghost of Jake Delhomme are all smiling right now.

  11. Really dude? The Falcons are the ones you’re going to whine and moan about tampering?? Didn’t FA start 12 AM friday? umm the numbers for the deal weren’t even announced until Saturday morn.. On half the deal of Peppers that was annouced Friday afternoon.. and you’re harping on the Falcons? Cute. Did they tamper? Enough that 2 lines of your post were football related and the rest was a whine session on tampering? come on…

  12. “I don’t know that it’s viewed as a problem” by many within the league, McKay said in a telephone interview. “But that doesn’t mean we should leave the rule as it is. You don’t want to have a rule that is not enforced. You want a rule that can be and is enforced.”
    The term tampering, as used within the National Football League, refers to any interference by a member club with the employer-employee relationship of another club or any attempt by a club to impermissibly induce a person to seek employment with that club or with the NFL.
    The purpose of the NFL Anti-Tampering Policy, as it applies to tampering with players, is to protect member clubs’ contract and negotiating rights, and, at the same time, to allow the intra-League competitive systems devised for the acquisition and retention of player talent (e.g., college draft, waiver system, free-agent rules under an operative collective bargaining agreement) to operate efficiently. As the Policy applies to tampering with non-players, its purpose is to strike a balance between protecting the rights and maintaining the organizational stability of employer clubs, and providing realistic advancement opportunities for employees if other clubs desire their services.
    NFL Anti-Tampering Policy 4
    Anti-Tampering Policy applies during that period of the year (before the start of the free-agency period in mid-February) and that tampering violations may be based upon contacts with players at or in connection with the Pro Bowl, including when:
    1. Club executives in attendance engage in private conversations or meetings with a player or players under contract to another club; or
    2. Club executives directly or indirectly instruct or encourage conversations or meetings involving their own players and players under contract to other organizations that can reasonably be interpreted as designed to express the club’s interest in acquiring the services of such other player(s).

  13. He will suck now…
    As opposed to that time he didn’t suck?
    I’d expect a $10M corner to make at least one pick playing in all 16 games. Robinson’s a clown. Have fun with that.

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