Josh Reed to visit New England

Free agent wide receiver Josh Reed has scheduled a visit to New England.

A league source tells PFT’s Mike Florio that Reed will visit the Patriots on Sunday.

Reed is coming off a season in which he was largely phased out of the Bills’ offense, catching just 27 passes for 291 yards.

In 2008 Reed had a career-high 597 receiving yards on 56 catches.

15 responses to “Josh Reed to visit New England

  1. EShine “As long as the Bills don’t resign him, I’m happy.”
    If he plays for the Pats I would expect at least two good games a year from him 😉
    and going from trent edwards behind a sad excuse of a line to tom brady behind a decent line (that will be better next year when volmer is a full time starter and nick kazur isn’t) may make josh reed look a lot better than you remember him.
    that said, can he play special teams?, because I hope that pats find better wrs than him

  2. He will go there and then when he plays Buffalo he will catch 15 passes a game against us.

  3. Oh god…
    He sucked in the bills offense. How is he going to do anything in NE?

  4. josh reeed was a solid reciever on a bad team….thanks josh for your hard work and never complaining about stuff. if a good team uses him correctly he`ll be a good addition. funny how we laugh like he`s the 10th player on a kids softball league team. i saw him in person many times. to say he would kick ass is an understatement. dude is all muscle.

  5. im gonna laugh when he drops perfectly thrown balls against the bills, he has butter fingaz

  6. What do Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, Michael Crabtree and Josh Reed, they all won the Bilitnikoff Award as the best receiver in college football. Of course, Josh Reed has spent his career playing for the Buffalo Bills, where he has never had the benefit of a great (good?, average?, acceptable?, not terrible?) QB.

  7. Reed needed to move on from buffalo and the bills’ pathetic offensive schemes and lack of talent at QB and WR………heck, if belicheat could make Aiken a capable WR, Reed could catch 60 balls or more untill the Pats slot receiver gets healthy.

  8. Great. A wide receiver in a running back’s body with the skill set of neither. I can’t wait for another frustrating year watching this NE team.

  9. He’s no Andre but he’s a still a good receiver. He will produce on a good team.

  10. lets not forget that players who seem to have faced career deaths on other teams, come to new england and reincarnate themselves. Josh Reed would be great even though he does not have the stats like we would like but. take into consideration on what he had to work with also he would fill the void of the slot position very well since Wes is out. Take into consideration that even though Josh is not a big name receiver, he has many things that will make him a good fit for Pats, That is he works hard, runs good routes, not afraid to come across middle, and never complains about not getting the ball………….

  11. To any that thing Josh Reed will fail—->You are a joke!!! This guy has been one of the hardest working players to ever step into orchard park! You can not succeed as a WR without a decent QB! Josh Reed will put up better numbers than Lee Evans if he ends up in NE with My Fair Lady Brady! He may not be a flashy WR but the guy has heart and loved playing for Buffalo! The Bills are idiots to not keep him around!

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