Linehan popped in on Burleson, too

nfl_burleson.jpgMuch was made of the decision of Titans coach Jim Schwartz to show up in Nashville to lure defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch to the Lions.

He wasn’t the only member of the coaching staff who made a house call.

As Tom Kowalski of explains, offensive coordinator Scott Linehan went to Seattle for a 9:00 p.m. PT visit with receiver Nate Burleson.

Linehan was the offensive coordinator in Minnesota in 2004, when Burleson had the biggest year of his career.

But Schwartz says personal trips won’t become the new norm for the Lions.

It was kind of a perfect storm this year,” Schwartz said.  “We went
because we knew those guys. If you don’t know the guy, that might be a
little awkward.  You’d be in there 10 minutes and then you’d be gone.”

Schwartz also admitted that he borrowed the concept from Jets coach Rex Ryan, who showed up last year at linebacker Bart Scott’s house.

“It was great idea, Rex put himself out there,” Schwartz said.  “It worked because Rex had coached Bart before.”

Still, the fact that the Lions were so willing to pounce on players like Vanden Bosch and Burleson makes even more glaring the failure of Schwartz to make a play for former Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth in 2009.  For Haynesworth’s first seven NFL seasons, Schwartz had been his defensive coordinator.  And if Schwartz didn’t think he was worth $40 million guaranteed, that’s all we need to know as to whether the Redskins made a wise investment.

12 responses to “Linehan popped in on Burleson, too

  1. Rex Ryan also borrowed the idea from someone. The Snyderator. Who probably borrowed it from the Steinbrenerator.

  2. Not even a mention of a certain QB who might wanna return to Detroit that used to toss the pigskin to Burleson in ’04…?

  3. Titans coach Jim Schwartz
    I thought he coached the Lions. I’m sure he wished he coached the Titians

  4. Basically ANY investment the Redskins make can be characterized as an unwise investment.

  5. Pretty sure Schwartz didn’t go after Haynesworth because he knew:
    1.) There is no way the Lions could compete with the Redskins for ridiculous free-agent salaries– $100 million dollars.
    2.) He knew Haynesworth was a punk (suspension for stepping on face) and only works hard in contract years– i.e. would be one of the biggest free agent busts in NFL history.

  6. We Detroit fans love what GM Mayhew & Schwartz have done so far.
    And not making the mistake of getting Albert Haynesworth makes us like them even more.

  7. Linehan is a man of weak character. That came out in St. Louis. Squirrely. Spineless. (except to the extent that squirrels do in fact have spinal columns.)

  8. Linehan had a front row seat to watch Burleson nearly singlehandedly beat his Rams with punt/kick returns for TDs while he was their coach, so it’s no surprise that he coveted Nate.

  9. @ Drat,
    Which is why he has been a very successful coordinator and not so much of a good head coach. That and the players from the Rams glory years were all getting into their 50’s and 60’s when he was there. So they had to rebuild, and still are. The thing that really hurt the Rams is that the entire core of their team was around the same age. So when they started phasing out old players they had to replace almost the entire team at once. With a few exceptions.

  10. Yeah because Haynesworth really made the skins a force to be reckoned with this past year…

  11. not a fan of the move either, but umm he cleary stated he got the idea from Rex Ryan, and that was reported after the haynesworth signing, so not showing up to his house doesnt prove anything towards the signing of haynesworth. if haynesworth was a FA this year i could understand your theory but not when it happened last year.

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