Not so fast: Pashos leaves D.C. without a deal, visiting Cleveland

Contrary to what we told you a few minutes ago, it’s not a done deal for free agent offensive lineman Tony Pashos in Washington.

We’re now hearing that Pashos left his visit with the Redskins without a deal and will pay a visit to the Cleveland Browns before he signs anywhere.

Pashos is coming off a 2009 season in which he started just one game for the San Francisco 49ers, but he’s a 29-year-old with the talent to be a starting tackle in the NFL, and he’ll talk to multiple suitors before signing.

18 responses to “Not so fast: Pashos leaves D.C. without a deal, visiting Cleveland

  1. PFT just needs to take the rest of the night off. Every thread they have posted has been followed up by a “thats not true” thread.

  2. common Mike lets get some decent credible info here !!!!!!!#@%$%#@%#@$%& i went from happy to pissed real quick

  3. Get Redskins One up in the air! Catch him at the airport, bring him back! Sign all the OL you can.

  4. Maybe he’ll sign in cleveland. We definately need to upgrade our right side of the line.

  5. lmao…nobody wants to sign with this joke of an org. they all realize they will get their tails beat every game and finish last again…lmao.

  6. Pashos is another ex-Raven made good in the NFL. A straight RT. Too big and too slow to play the left side. Great run blocker. Marginal pass blocker. Road grader type of tackle. Very mean and nasty. Good guy to have on the team.
    If we could get some to offer Gaither our current LT who is good, we could mover Oher to the left side which is his natural position and I would love to resign Pashos to man the right side.
    hopefully he won’t sign with the Clowns. it will force me to cheer against a player that I have liked for some time.

  7. @NarDawg – he doesn’t fit in with the Clowns because he’s not a loser.
    When are you a$$holes gonna give it up. I made a reasonable comment about a player that I know really well and you have to be stupid.
    It must be really tough watching us make the playoffs as often was we have. Must be difficult watching us draft a franchise QB that will be a star. Tougher still when it’s Ozzie doing the drafting. Must be really impossible to handle the fact that since the Clowns grew up and became the Ravens they have been a model franchise in the NFL with an owner committed to winning, the best GM in the business, and a young head coach that players like and want to play for.
    Meanwhile you have Holmgren who failed as a GM in Seattle and Mangina who is universally hated and you have been taking our sloppy seconds for years. btw – how is Jamal playing? How bout that Derek Anderson guy…. That Gary Baxter sure was a great pickup….
    Life’s really tough for you huh? Too freaking bad.
    As long as you continue to make idiotic comments about murder etc…. you show yourself for what you really are, which is a miscreant.
    Have a nice day.

  8. This just in…, the rumor generating football site, has just created a false rumor! Stay tuned for more rumors on why this rumor was wrong.

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