On closer review, Rolle's deal is better than Sanders', too

In response to the widespread assertion that the contract signed on Friday night by safety Antrel Rolle with the Giants carries the highest value of any safety in league history, some of you have asked the age-old question (when considering crappy movies from the early 1990s), “What about Bob?”

As in Bob Sanders.

Here’s the breakdown.

In year one, Sanders received $8.5 million.  Rolle will get $10 million.

After two years, Sanders pocketed $15.615 million.  Rolle will have made a total of $15.5 million.

Through three years, Sanders’ total take is $21.735 million.  Rolle will have $22.5 million.

After four, $24.510 million for Sanders and $29.75 million for Rolle.

After five, $30.5 million for Sanders and $37 million for Rolle.

Sanders has a sixth year to get to the full value of $38.5 million.

(The difference, in large part, comes from the fact that Sanders signed a five-year, $37.5 million extension; Rolle signed a five-year deal from scratch.) 

There’s also a difference as to guaranteed money.  Though Sanders’ total guarantee was $19 million, only $8 million is guaranteed for skill and injury.  For Rolle, all $15 million is guaranteed for skill and injury.

Anyway, some of your wanted details.  So those are the details.

I bet you now wish you didn’t ask.

30 responses to “On closer review, Rolle's deal is better than Sanders', too

  1. HEY!
    What About Bob? was NOT a crappy movie. It was awesome!
    “I’m sailing!”
    “Keep sailing, Bob.”

  2. Great job, Giants… you gave the highest contract to a safety in league history to Ed Reed.
    No, wait… umm… Troy Polamalu.
    Huh? Oh, right… Bob Sanders.
    Adrian Wilson? Oshiomogho Atogwe? Brandon Meriweather? Hell, Brian Dawkins?
    If not those guys, then who?
    Antrel… Rolle?
    What a joke.

  3. Pay attention to the two year numbers. That’s how long Rolle will be a Giant. These absurd free agent contracts for “good” players usually last about two years. Same goes for Dansby.

  4. What discount rate are we using for time value of money? (Or are these details ignored when making it rain?)

  5. What is the other 11 million of Sanders deal guaranteed for? If it is guaranteed does it matter?
    What about Landry’s deal?
    How does it compare to Reed (same per year but an extra year) and Polamalu (more guaranteed)?
    Bet you wish I didn’t ask.

  6. Where are all the “awful contract” comments and posts about how the Giants didn’t get good value???
    It seems like a double standard that you would degrade the Lions multiple times for their signing of Burleson, but fail to make the same claims against New York for obviously overpaying Rolle.
    I would agree that Detroit may have stretched when signing Burleson, but didn’t New York do the the same with Rolle?
    Police your boys, Florio! You’re a lawyer, right? Do the scales of justice not apply on PFT Planet?

  7. Mike Florio wrote:Though Sanders’ total guarantee was $19 million, only $8 million is guaranteed for skill and injury. For Rolle, all $15 million is guaranteed for skill and injury.

    What other type of guarantee is there? e.g. the 11 million in guarantees for Bob Sanders not covered by “skill and injury”?

  8. as a 20 year cards season ticket holder, I am stunned…he continually gets beat…at least now he can take care of his back taxes.

  9. You just lost any credibility that you may have had. “What About Bob?” is a crappy movie? Mr. Florio sir, you are dead to me.
    Baby steps Florio, baby steps.

  10. along the lines of dirtmcgirt’s point, Sanders contract was signed in 2007. I think there is a presumption that salaries increase every year (cap or not). If Sanders was healthy and was signing a contract now, he would probably be making more money then what he signed for in 07′. This is one of the reasons that I find it frustrating when two years into a contract, players feel ‘disrespected’ when other players are making more then the contract they signed a few years ago. Salaries increasing every year is an automatic so comparing $ for $ contracts signed two/three years ago with ones signed today isn’t an apples to apples comparison.

  11. i wouldnt even put sanders in the same league as any of these safeties–when was the last time this guy played. he is always hurt

  12. yea its basically a 3 year contract morons.. get some knowledge about the nfl and how it works before you try and bash teams because they are making moves

  13. Florio, have you lost your god damned mind? What about Bob is a classic and one of Bill Murry’s best movies ever. What is wrong with you?

  14. but Bob gets the use of a “alternative fueled vehicle” for personal and business use during training camp. See, it’s perks like that, that make signing your name soo sweet!?!
    @ Gautam: really?….really?!?

  15. Here’s a line from another movie you probably consider crappy.
    In regards to Florio:
    ‘If he were an ice cream topping, he’d be pringles and dick.’

  16. The Cards knew he wasn’t worth this kind of money but I’ll bet the IRS loves this signing.

  17. as a bills fan, this makes me mad because donte whitner is coming up on a contract year and, oh…….wait, maybe this is good because it will force the bills to get rid of him…. either way, the giants fubar’ed everything up because ur only supposed to give these deals to good players, not average players who only became average players because of how bad they sucked at the position they were drafted for……….
    if he is worth this much, what should we resign jairus byrd for…..

  18. @rjgreen3, @promin1, @hufcane – I’d rather pay Bob Sanders for 3 good games than Rolle for 16 terrible ones. At least, from a talent perspective, Sanders has a contract that compares… Rolle does not.

  19. @VikesCan’tBuyARing…last time I checked Rolle was a pro bowl safety. Don’t think you suck if you make the pro bowl moron.

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