Osgood's new deal pays him $3 million this year, and more based on receptions

As Rosenthal posted a little while ago, Kassim Osgood is the newest member of the Jaguars.

His contract pays him well as a special-teamer; even better if he becomes a successful receiver.

Per a league source, Osgood received a signing bonus of $2.2 million.  He has a guaranteed base salary in 2010 of $775,000, along with a $25,000 workout bonus.

Next year, his base climbs to $1.475 million, with another $25,000 workout bonus.

Then, in 2012, he’ll receive a base salary of $2.175 million and another $25,000 workout bonus.

So the base value of the deal is $6.675 million, with $2.975 million guaranteed.

Here’s the kicker — he can make a lot more if he becomes a competent pass-catcher.

Each year, he’s eligible for up to $1.3 million in incentives based on receptions.  For 40, he gets $200,000.  With 10 more, he gets another $400,000.  Another 10?  He gets $700,000 more, for a total of 1.3 million.

He also is eligible for an annual Pro Bowl bonus of $100,000, regardless of whether he makes it as a special-teams player or as a receiver.

It’s unclear whether Osgood will become a competent wideout.  For whatever reason, the Chargers never gave him much of a chance. 

As we might soon find out, it might have been because he can’t catch.  Either way, he’s got 3.9 millions to try.

9 responses to “Osgood's new deal pays him $3 million this year, and more based on receptions

  1. now he just needs a QB to throw him the ball so he can achieve those incentives

  2. If the Jags can snag Kampman too it will be a banner day for a small market team on the rise!!
    The AFC SOUTH and AFC NORTH and NFC EAST and NFC NORTH are BY FAR the best divisions in the NFL. Willing the bet next year’s wildcards ALL come from the aforementioned divisions!

  3. Good for him. He is so damn reliable on Special teams. The duo of Osgood and Scrifes was a deadly matchup, not often do 2 special teamers have the ability to swing the momentum of a game the way they did. So many inside the 5 yard line with these two.
    As a receiver I think he’s a bit in over his head, regardless the Jags will definitely see a difference on ST.

  4. I am confused on these damn contracts. They say X amount guaranteed but when oakland went on its splurge 2 years ago with gibril wilson and D. Hall. Neither of them got paid the full amount in their guaranteed part. Wilson was like 16M and Hall was 23M. Hall only got 8M for eight games.
    So what is all this Guaranteed money mean anayway?
    You got a guy like Dunta Robinson who just got a 50+M contract with 23.5 M guaranteed for 6 years. Well yea he will not see all that 50+M but will still probably make on the upwards of 30M with base salaries if the 23M is actually guranteed.

  5. Doesn’t make sense? You get a probowl special teamer (probably the only position in the probowl that you still get in based on merit instead of popularity) and you give the player the incentive (i.e. carrot on a stick) to become a good wide receiver on a team that needs more than one.
    The only thing that doesn’t make sense is that the Jags pulled this off.

  6. Do the Jaguars know that wide receivers have to be able to catch the ball on a consistent basis? This move makes no sense.
    Osgood is an outstanding special teamer, but he is not at all consistent when it comes to catching the ball.
    The Chargers have struggled for years to get any home grown consistancy at wideout. IMO, Osgood had his chances in the past during the Chargers drought at the position, and for whatever reason he never got it done.
    I do think he should have gotten another chance at WR as a Charger though. They should have just kept working with him.

  7. The word on Osgood was that he could not consistently catch passes in practice…and it’s pretty clear SD has a very good group of “home grown” receivers now….as well as good homegrown…

  8. Good deal for the Jags, they get a great special teams player and will pay him accordingly. WIth the incentives they will only be paying out money if he actually becomes a quality receiver and for him to make the $1.3M he will have to catch 60 balls. I am sure the Jags would love to pay all $3.9M if they can get a consistent 60+ catch guy for the next 3 years.

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