Pennington stays with the Dolphins

858-1.jpgAfter a back-and-forth process that appeared, as of early Friday morning, that it might collapse, veteran quarterback Chad Pennington has agreed to remain with the Dolphins.

According to Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald, Pennington signed a one-year deal, which will pay him $2.5 million.

Pennington had balked at the team’s reluctance to include a no-trade clause.  Per Darlington, the issue was resolved via an agreement to pay Pennington an extra $1.5 million if he eventually is shipped to a new team.

He has spent two years with the Dolphins, promptly signing after being dumped by the Jets after they traded for Brett Favre in August 2008.  Pennington, who played college football at Marshall, was a first-round pick of the Jets in 2000.

There were concerns that Pennington’s presence could create a, yes, schism in the Miami locker room if new start Chad Henne struggles.  In the end, our guess is that the team believes that Pennington will do everything he can to support Henne.

21 responses to “Pennington stays with the Dolphins

  1. Good.
    And frankly, as someone who has interacted with CP and has been familiar with his play for the past couple years I can say that Pennington will be nothing but a supporter of Henne. I think CP will has formed a bond with Henne and this will be good for the Dolphins.

  2. So did he get 1MM for a year w/ an extra 1.5 if he gets traded? Or 2.5 plus 1.5 if he gets traded?

  3. A “schism”, you say?? Oh, Holy Crap… NOT A SCHISM!! Mike Florio…can that be for real??
    I wish you would get over yourself, Mike. Pennington is not only one of the smartest dudes that have graced the NFL, he is one of the toughest. Look at what he did for the Jets in his last couple of years there. Look what he did for the Dolphins in his first season there.
    He spent years listening to “he doesn’t have the big arm”, and “his accuracy isn’t there”. To me, Chad Pennington has disproved all of the nonbelievers, and I believe (if it is his choice), he’ll be back out there and do it again. He’ll do it with success and he’ll do it with class. (again)

  4. @polinskinski (or whatever)
    If this poster could figure out how to use some capitals, some punctuation, SOME kind of use of the English language, I could perhaps become interested in reading his posts. I see his user name, and once that long, run-on sentence starts…I quickly forward with hopes of reading an inteligent reader’s post. Get a clue, dude!

  5. Glad to see Pennington stay with the Fins. He is a class act and will help mentor Henne for one more season. Welcome back Mr. Pennington!

  6. Not a bad back-up. Unless Pat White puts on about 200 lbs, he will get knocked out again anyway so they need someone besides Tyler Pickpen, who is bi-polar…

  7. The only reason the Dolphins didn’t make the playoffs in 2010 is because Pennington lost the first 3 (and only 3) games he started.
    No schism here. Henne is the guy.

  8. We are definitely better with CP on the roster than without. Glad you stayed Chad!

  9. Pennington is the best thing that everhappened to Henne. He will lead by example and make Henne a great QB. Pennington studies hard and is in my opinion the smartest QB in the NFL, he is just limited physically.

  10. I like Pennington, liked him when he was with the Jets, like him with the Dolphins. And that’s coming from a Panther Fan… What he lacks in Arm strength he makes up for with accuracy and intelligence, he’s still one of the most underrated QB’s in the NFL.

  11. Pennington has shown he is a great leader and team player, even in a backup role. He gets it done when starting. Excellent personnel move, but I hope the Dolphins don’t end up trading him.

  12. i wish pennington would drop the charade and go straight to coaching,college or pro,he would be great at it.

  13. In all seriousness, Chad Pennington has had a very interesting career. He’ll obviously never be one of the greats, but to stick around in the NFL as long as he has with what he has had to overcome is amazing. How many shoulder (throwing side) surgeries has he had to overcome? He must be one hell of a leader, and a true team guy for teams to still want him after all that. Class act. The NFL should have more Chad Penningtons. Oh and you never hear about him leaving rape and destruction in his wake like some other unnamed NFL QB, allegedly x2.

  14. This is a great move! In the concussion era it’s highly probable that the backup QB on a team will take the field and be asked to win a game or two.
    That Pittsburgh game was so disappointing when Henne didn’t come back in the 2nd half. If that happens again, now we have a fighting chance of still winning the game.

  15. Good! Now We Can Use Pat White Like The Jets Do With Brad Smith And Like The Browns Do With Josh Cribbs!

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