Report: Browns want David Carr

New Cleveland Browns boss Mike Holmgren wants to bring in a new quarterback, and now a new name can be added to the mix: David Carr.

Carr spent last night and this morning in San Francisco visiting with the 49ers, but Matt Maiocco of the Press Democrat reports that the 49ers aren’t his only suitors. It’s previously been reported that the Giants would like to keep Carr as Eli Manning’s backup and that the Cardinals would like to sign Carr as Matt Leinart’s backup, but Maiocco reports that the Browns are also a legitimate option for Carr.

If Carr’s goal is to start, the Browns probably give him a better chance than the 49ers (where coach Mike Singletary has said he expects Alex Smith to start) or Cardinals (where coach Ken Whisenhunt has said he expects Matt Leinart to start). And Carr certainly won’t start for the Giants as long as Eli Manning is healthy.

But Holmgren and Browns coach Eric Mangini seem to be willing to consider just about anyone as the starter in Cleveland. Holmgren is looking at trades involving multiple quarterbacks, and he’s interested in acquiring Seneca Wallace. And now he’s apparently interested in Carr.

As for the quarterbacks Holmgren inherited, Derek Anderson is likely gone before March 19, when he’s owed a $2 million roster bonus, and it doesn’t look good for Brady Quinn. The Browns want to make changes at quarterback, we just don’t yet know what all those changes will be.

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  1. If Carr wants to resuscitate his career, playing for the Browns probably isn’t the way to go. If he was shellshocked by playing for the Texans, I can only imagine what it would be like to play for the Browns. He might drop back to pass, then kneel down and cry.

  2. David Carr is a step below Quinn AND Anderson… Dumbest decision ever, if it is true.

  3. pleae take him so SF doesn’t piss off the best player on their team… Mr Willis

  4. Seneca Wallace and now David Carr…..Wow, the Browns are trying to corner the market on career backup QB’s….

  5. Why would Carr go to a team that is in as a bad of a condition as Houston was when he was down there? I thought the guy had grown tired of being a tackling dummy.

  6. As someone who lives in Ohio and hates Browns fans, I would love for this to happen

  7. Hey east96street, get a clue. Browns have a need at QB and WR, which is why their pass offense sucks, but they happen to have a very good OL and gave up fewer sacks than two dozen other NFL teams last season.

  8. Everyone wants a used Carr! Suprised he is a “hot commodity”. First the Cardinals, then 49ers, now Browns, his old team the Giants. Wow!

  9. Just demonstrates that there are not even 32 men in the entire world that are capable of quarterbacking an NFL team. That to me justifies the nine figure salaries many of them expect. Even unproven entities such as Sanchez.

  10. Cleveland’s O-line is much better than anything Carr ever had in Houston.

  11. “Doesn’t matter who they get……….the’re still the browns.”
    Ballsy statement coming from a guy named “Ravens Macg”.
    Doesn’t matter what they change their name to, they’re still the browns.

  12. marktg30 says:
    March 6, 2010 1:22 PM
    David Carr is a step below Quinn AND Anderson… Dumbest decision ever, if it is true.
    There is no step below quinn and anderson, they’re not even good enough to be back up QBs

  13. I for one, and not being a big Holmy fan, think David Carr deserves another shot. I would take a chance on him with some competition.

  14. Quinn is not better than Carr. At least Carr throws downfield unlike Quinn who always throws to his checkdown receiver.

  15. Holmgren is making moves like he’s interested in other QB’s but what he really wants to do is make a deal for Kevin Kolb. If he can’t do that, he’ll run with Brady Quinn next season and draft a QB in the mid rounds to develop; someone like Lefevour or Skelton.

  16. Well if you’re Carr, you know that an elite team is not going to be offering you a starting job. So basically your options are:
    1. Go to a bad team and have a chance to start.
    2. Go to a good team as a benchwarmer.
    If the guy still has the fire inside, why wouldn’t he choose option #1?
    And if you’re the Browns, are you *convinced* Quinn is better? Really? If you are set on releasing Anderson, you need to bring someone else in anyways. I think you could do a lot worse than Carr.

  17. Have any of you actually watched a Browns game? They are in the top half of the league in fewest sacks allowed…their QB’s just stink, and their WR can’t catch. I don’t get the Seneca Wallace thing, but David Carr is an interesting name.

  18. # TryTheVeal says: March 6, 2010 1:27 PM
    Seneca Wallace and now David Carr…..Wow, the Browns are trying to corner the market on career backup QB’s….
    hey now, we all saw how well the 5 qb shuffle worked for tampa bay a few years ago…

  19. All of you clowns that are skeptical of the Browns wanting David Carr don’t seem to fathom that Mike Holmgren has been evaluating football players almost as long as you numbskulls have been pushing brooms in factories. What a great forum to visit when you are in need of a good laugh!

  20. I would give him a shot. Holmgrem has a solid track record with QBs no one thought were any good. M.Hasselbeck, M.Brunell, and J.Kitna to name a few. Not saying they were all studs but all at one time were productive in the NFL. Cleveland’s line isn’t horrible and Holmgren will continue to make it better. Not saying Carr is the answer but sometimes guys have to hit rock bottom before they can become all they can be. Houston(atleast when Carr was there was rock bottom) , backing up Sheli could have helped Carr out alot. I don’t think I would do it but Holmgren knows alot more then me or you. Anyhow Browns fans whats your options? Quinn or Anderson? is Carr that much worse then either? Maybe Holmgren thinks signing a Carr may light a fire under someones butt. I want Cleveland to do good, they have struggled in all sports way to long. As a Philly guy I know what its like watching, rooting for my teams season after season and never winning anything. Thank god for my Phillies. I hope the Cavs can get you that feeling Cleveland, as for the Browns your going to have to be patient. Holmgren will make you better but not overnight.

  21. The Browns only allowed 30 sacks last year, 10th lowest in the league. Saying Carr would “drop back and cry” is just ignorant.

  22. Hey dillhole Raven’s fan- maybe learn to spell before you insult someone. Hypocrite. Must feel great to cheer for a stolen team when the same thing happened to you.
    If they’re looking at Carr, I imagine it’s as a backup. I don’t know if I like it, though.

  23. Sounds to me like you guys are making David Carr something hes not. If he starts anywhere, you can write that team off for next year.

  24. The Browns only allowed 30 sacks last year, 10th lowest in the league. Saying Carr would “drop back and cry” is just ignorant.
    …but it IS funny. And that’s the important thing.

  25. Would be cool to see Quinn go the Vikings, learn from Favre for another year or 2 and then step in and be the man there.
    It’s not the Brown’s QB’s fault that the only talented player on offense they have it a role player (Cribbs).

  26. if he really wants a passer SO bad, either make a trade with Washington or just wait till the draft, Unless Washington finds linemen, they will screw the pick up and take Okung so Clausen WILL fall in Cleveland’s lap, i just don’t understand why they are quitting on Quinn, especially for Carr.

  27. If Kevin Kolb is not a legitimate option than Carr would not be a bad option. As a Browns fan I am able to watch them play every week. They have an above average O line. Their problems go way beyond QB. If Carr has the right intangibles I say why not.

  28. This is making no sense. None of the names mentioned seem like an improvement. Sounds to me like Holmgren is trying to accommodate Mangini who obviously never believed in nor was willing to give a real chance to Quinn. With the level of the nearly non NFL caliber offense for most of last year it was really impossible to judge a quarterback who previously had no track record.
    If they intend to get a QB and have him compete with Quinn that makes more sense, but Holmgren has already said he doesn’t want QB competition. First time what is happening seems pointless

  29. browns = BAD, however the browns o-line would feel like the israeli defense force next to houstons train wreck of an o-line.

  30. I don’t know if anyone has posted this. But FYI. David Carr was on the local Bakersfield,where he grew up, News channel a couple days ago.
    David Carr told them he would entertain any team on the west side of the mississippi river. He said he wanted to get close to home. David said if he didn’t find a team closer then he would just go back to the Giants.
    So I don’t think the Browns fall into his choices. Just something to think about. Because he also said it would be nice if Joey Porter and Stephen Neal all signed with him on the same team but Neal went back to the pats already.
    Also you can rule out the 49ers for Joey Porter. He was quoted as saying “I don’t want to go their, thats my last choice.” Apperantly He doesn’t think highly of Head Coach Mike Singeltary.

  31. Would all of you just settle down, nowhere in the articles that are linked to this story does it say the Browns want Carr. The article states that the Browns and the Cardinals could be options, that’s all.
    Trade for a QB, sign Bodden, and Shepard (2 corners that are better than Mcdonald. Then take the best OL available with the first pick.

  32. “Why would Carr go to a team that is in as a bad of a condition as Houston was when he was down there? I thought the guy had grown tired of being a tackling dummy.”
    Because the Browns are far better than any of you think. Our quarterbacks did not take an excessive number of sacks; they just played poorly. The Browns O-line is better than most.

  33. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Carolina dust off Vinny Testaverde to START over David Carr just three years ago?
    Pull Tim Couch’s first five years’ stats vs. Carr’s. Then keep in mind that Carr had a 1,000 yd WR in Andre Johnson and a 1,000 rusher in Domanick Davis yet Couch’s stats are still better and he had absolutely nothing. This isn’t to say Couch was great, only to say if you think Couch was a bum then what’s Carr?

  34. Carr at the right price, why not, same for Wallace Both are better than what the Browns have now.

  35. Nowhere in the articles does it say the Browns want Carr. San Frans beat writer said that the Cardinals and Browns “could” be options to land him. I would love to the browns trade for Saun Hill from San Fran. and give them Quinn and a 5th. then draft Lefevour in the mid rounds or Tim Hiller in the later rounds or both. Bring back Bodden, and sign Lito Shepard (both unrestricted) and take the best safety available at the 7th pick. Just a simple wish list.

  36. If Carr wants to prove he has something left, he won’t do that sitting the bench. The “Big Show” knows QBs and if Carr is looking for a 2yr deal that would be perfect for Cleveland. My prediction>>>Browns will be drafting a QB between rounds 3-5. Carr starts for 1 full year maybe 2 if he deserves it. Quinn stays on as backup for Carr and then for the rookie.
    BTW…OL is not a problem especially if they upgrade RT.

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