Thanks for a tremendously tremendous day, PFT Planet

The first day of the 2010 league year has come and gone, and we need to thank all of you once again for helping us set a new single-day traffic record.

The prior high was 2.1 million page views.  We nearly matched it on March 4, and then we shattered it on March 5.

The final tally for Friday?  3,803,901.

In the 4:00 p.m. ET hour, we maxed out with 300,014 page views, an average of more than 88 page views per second.

Through it all, the peacock-provided hamsters that power the servers never so much as farted audibly. 

So thanks to everyone at NBC who helped make it happen, and special thanks to Gregg Rosenthal and Michael David Smith and Josh Alper for helping us also set a single-day content record with 119 separate articles posted.

More chocolates will be rolling down the conveyor belt soon, and we’ll continue to put them in the right boxes (five-second rule fully in force) for your edification, gratification, and/or amusement.  So while I wish I could unscrew a bottle of wine, relax, and fart audibly, I simply can’t.

Then again, one out of three ain’t bad.


19 responses to “Thanks for a tremendously tremendous day, PFT Planet

  1. I think I was about 88 of those page views around 4PM EST when the Giants were rumored to be on the verge of signing Rolle.

  2. Thanx 4 da best football site on the net
    why did peppers leave wanna say TRAITOR but without full story will never know so thx 4 memories

  3. Florio your going to shit your pants(safety). ESPN just gave you credit for breaking a story on their sports ticker. It is 1:37 a.m. so maybe they hoped no one would see it.

  4. Florio – today I enjoyed coming back to the site multiple times because the start of the free agency period left you no choice but to go back to what made this site good in the first place, and that is simply reporting NFL happenings/transactions/rumors of substance.
    When you start posting your opinion pieces, or rumors that are completely out of left field and with no substance behind them, that’s usually when the site starts going to shit.

  5. Every single day. The first thing I do is check PFT. Thank you guys for your hard work. Lord only knows who much work I would accomplish if I didn’t have this to fill the time.

  6. When you get done patting yourself on the back and scratching your ass, post some more shit.

  7. Congratulations guys.
    Despite the occasional snarky comment (some of which are from me), people obviously love your site. You all do a great job puting together one of the best NFL-related sites around.
    (Can I write “NFL”? Or will that automatically prompt a cease-and-desist letter from Roger? Can I call him Roger?)

  8. Awesome Florio – 3 golf claps for you and the NBC Hampsters.
    So when will they be flipping the switch to turn the Comments Ratings back on as you promised last July at the big switch over?
    Its not that big of a deal to make this happen if the NBC techs can keep the site running smoothly on high traffic days like yesterday – they can toggle the Comments Ratings switch very easily to the “on” position.

  9. 3,803,901 – you’re most welcome for getting you over the 3,803,900 mark…..or should I apologize for not allowing it to be a nice even number?
    I’ll say this, I may not agree with some of the things you post, but I absolutely agree with the way you go about your business and show appreciation. Kudo’s to you, sir, well played!

  10. Congrats and have fun driving the NEW MERCEDES SL550 convertible.
    Now tell us something useful like the impact of a no cap year on REVENUE SHARING…. what is the impact on balance of power in the league and finally do BIG MARKET TEAMS HAVE A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE?

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