Thomas Jones to visit Kansas City

If the New York Jets want to re-sign Thomas Jones, they’ll need to out-bid the Kansas City Chiefs.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that Jones will visit Kansas City on Monday.

Jones is coming off a 1,402-yard season, and the Jets would like to have him back. But they didn’t want him back badly enough to pay him the $3.3 million roster bonus he was due before he was cut.

27 responses to “Thomas Jones to visit Kansas City

  1. don’t go back to NY TJ… those douchebags obviously didn’t want you that badly, just trying to save a few bucks

  2. Why would KC want T.J ?
    They already have the best RB in the league in Jamaal Charles.
    Charles is better than butter fingers Peterson, and mop head Chris Johnson.

  3. Why would the Chiefs want a running back with high mileage and expensive too rebuild with?

  4. Is Thomas Jones the type who would rather take a little less money from the new team just to be able to “stick it” to his old team that didn’t want to pay up?

  5. Thomas Jones is a veteran guy who can come in and back up Jamaal Charles.
    Right now the Chiefs are EXTREMELY thin at RB. Kolby Smith can’t stay healthy and no one on the roster is worth even a #3 spot, let alone a backup role.
    I’d like the signing personally, but only in a back up role capacity.

  6. This is an odd choice by Pioli. I wonder if he’s just trying to drive up the price of Jones to screw with the Jets?
    @Child_Please! says: March 6, 2010 8:32 PM
    “They already have the best RB in the league in Jamaal Charles.”
    Don’t bogart that joint you’re smoking.

  7. I like the idea behind this. Charles is an explosive back, but he’s on the small side and was really beat up after this past season. So he does have durability questions. Jones is a good veteran back who can come in and take some of the load off. Jones can get 10-12 carries and Charles can get around 20-25 touches. So everybody chill out, Jones won’t be the primary back in KC. Charles is emerging as one of the best in the league. He just needs to be healthy enough to stay on the field.

  8. Why would Thomas Jones go to Oakland? The Raiders have a ton of money invested in McFadden and they have Michael Bush-the very reason why they showed Justin Fargas the door. A “better” place for Jones would be Detroit or Cleveland.

  9. Thomas Jones is a frigging stud and K.C. would be wise to have him in their back field.

  10. Jones is “purportedly” visiting KC. We’ll see after his plane lands…The more likely scenario is his agent putting this out there to drum up some interest in other teams in need of a RB (see Detroit, Cleveland, Seattle, Houston-hell he’d probably start on NE as Maroney is always busted up). Furthermore, after coming off of a 1400+ yd. season, there is no way Jones will see himself as a complimentary back to Charles or anyone else. Jones would be a good signing for a team that had more pressing needs in the draft. I’d be willing to bet that he could put up similar #’s this year and possibly the next.

  11. idiots.
    do you really think that McFadden is a feature back? or even has the durability to be the man in the offense?

  12. Hey TJ is not coming to KC! Im a big time Chiefs fan . My friends at they say the KC dont need to spend any money in FA. Go have some fun with these people, if you say something they dont like. They will kick you out of the KKK! Whats best is they hate is site, but most come here to info. Then post it on there web site. Chiefs go spend some money!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. This Chiefs fan says NO to Tommie Jones: too old, too much mileage & he is too stupid to play for a loser like KC.
    My Chiefs need anothe runner because jabba ‘the hut’ charles is a twig who weighs less than 200 lbs. soaking wet (try 189) and he’ll end up on IR by mid-season in 2010, guaranteed.
    Still, KC is cheap, has disastrous managment in egoli, hailme & clerk kent, and is going noweher FAST.
    Another 16 loss season appends in 2010. FIRE egoli & hailme – FAST. Sell the team clerk – STAT!

  14. The Devil says:
    March 6, 2010 10:41 PM
    do you really think that McFadden is a feature back? or even has the durability to be the man in the offense?
    Dear Jackoff,
    Tom Cable has already gone on record to say that Bush is going to be the starting tailback. Why do you think Oakland turned down a 2nd round pick from San Diego for Bush last year? Bush will be the feature back. You do remember Michael Bush right? You know, the guy who was in the Heisman race while at Louisville until he broke his leg. The Raiders got a STEAL in the 4th round. McFadden is injury prone and overrated, but when healthy-he excels as a pass catcher out of the backfield, which is what he will primarily be used for. Do some research before you open your mouth like you know what you are talking about.

  15. J.Charles looked real good last season, so my guess would be they would like to keep him fresher. Jones would help in that department. Not to mention KC could maybe be a running team that keeps there defense fresh by controling the clock. Wasn’t J.Charles benched for fumbling earlier in the year? Maybe they want him fresh and focused, having Jones would help JC in so many ways. Help him be a professional, pick up blitz, fumbling ect. No brainer if the price is right. He had LJ the head case to show him the ropes, now TJ can show him the right way to be.

  16. It’s obvious what the Jets are doing. They don’t want TJ back, but they want to get in a bidding war with the Chiefs. They have their price, and if the Chiefs go above it, then the Jets did their job in driving the price up. A higher price means more money for them to play with in free agency.

  17. @ The Devil
    Who the F*** are you? I’m nobody’s minion. And you are most probably wrong. The Raiders have plenty of RBs including DMC who should be on the spot to prove himself this year. Are you one of those types who makes a bunch of bold predictions in the hope that one day you’ll come off as a genius?

  18. How DARE you say that jamaal charles is a problem in the locker room??
    honestly, what the F is that
    the man is a honey sweet darling

  19. Jamaal Charles is definitely not a problem in the locker room. There is nothing but praise from the coaches, and they say he is a pleasure to be around. You are just posting to post, bc you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.
    Icon-you’re just an idiot.
    I thought this was a football forum…not a place for people to post things for the sake of their own amusement.

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