Will James will head to Seattle for a visit

Though not making a big Day One splash like the far more desperate team located in Chicago, the Seattle Seahawks are putting the wheels in motion for an aggressive free agency haul.

We reported yesterday that tight end Benjamin Watson will visit on Monday, and Adam Schefter of ESPN reported on Friday afternoon that the Seahawks could be making a big push for receiver Brandon Marshall.

We’re now told that veteran cornerback Will James will visit the Seahawks next week.

James, who has had an up-and-down nine-year career, currently is riding 16 appearances and 14 starts with the Lions in 2009, his most work since 2004 with the Giants.

6 responses to “Will James will head to Seattle for a visit

  1. Would the PFT crew mind posting an updated list of the best FA’s still available by position?
    Much thanks. You do great work.

  2. when this guy came up with the Giants, he was a future star, but he got injured and hasn’t been the same since

  3. As a Lions fan I was scared to death when the ball was thrown his way. Even more so than the other corners we’d put out there…which says a lot.

  4. Please sign with them! So I don’t have to watch you give up on covering WR’s, miss your assignments, and give up a pass play of 60 or more yards a game. This guy is just aweful. He lets the receivers just run right by him then has to make up 20 yards to tackle them. then he always looks around at everybody else on the defense with that “what happened there” look on his face and shrugging his shoulders. The problem is you can’t remember your plays and get confused very easily by simple slant-and-go routes Mr. James. If that is your real name!!!!! (which it isn’t because he changed it)

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