Carr agrees to terms with 49ers

Alex Smith has a new backup quarterback to worry about in San Francisco.

David Carr agreed to terms with the 49ers, according to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.  The deal was first mentioned by Carr’s former teammate Kevin Boss, who tweeted the news.  (What is it about Carr-related tweets making news?)

Carr’s arrival doesn’t bode well for Shaun Hill, who lost his starting job to Smith during last season.  Hill is due $1.5 million in 2010, and is hardly a lock to keep his roster spot.

The chance to get back on the field was paramount in Carr’s search.  The 49ers are committed to Smith as a starter, but Carr knows better than anyone a number one overall pick at quarterback has to win eventually or lose his gig.

46 responses to “Carr agrees to terms with 49ers

  1. When your threaten by Carr, how on earth did you get into the league in first place?

  2. Damn from journey man, to starter, to benchwarmer, to looking for a job. Nice career for Shaun Hill thus far.

  3. Smith fell on his face once, they’re pretty confident he won’t do it again?

  4. Carr is probably better than Smith, either way as long as they hold on to Nate Davis I don’t care what they do.

  5. yes! 2 greatest #1 overall picks EVER. small hands alex smith and the poor bastard that got drafted first only to be thrown to the lions. (har dee har har. you’re not the only one to use ridiculous puns) watch out florio i’m comin for your job!

  6. WOW a #1 over all draft bust backing up a #1 over all draft bust??? And they say lightening doesn’t strike twice. Now all the 49ers need to do is find Akili Smith or Joey Harrington for the 3rd string QB…lol

  7. how does Patrick Willis feel about this? listening to his comments about this, …thank God they pay him to play football, and NOT to have input on personnel decisions

  8. Very disappointed that they got this douche bag who sucks over spending some money and getting Michael Vick who could actually help us win some games

  9. @thegaterecords
    Kurt Warner had a superbowl championship BEFORE his career went downhill and then back up as a Cardinal. Not even close to the same situation. Warner also wasn’t sacked like 5 million times in 4 seasons.

  10. At this point in both their careers, Hill is better than Carr. What are you doing SF??

  11. 49erfan4life says:
    March 7, 2010 9:08 PM
    Very disappointed that they got this douche bag who sucks over spending some money and getting Michael Vick who could actually help us win some games
    I’d take Alex Smith over Mick Vick any day. I think people get caught up with Vick’s highlight reel rather than how he actually plays.

  12. Alex Smith, JaMarcus Russell and David Carr all in the Bay Area simultaneously?
    I’m pretty sure that this was foretold by the Mayans as a precursor to Armageddon…

  13. Very disappointed that most 49ers fans aren’t smart enough to see this is a good signing and that both Alex Smith and David Carr are both victims of circumstance; both coming from from small-conference schools, drafted by horrible teams with horrible O-lines and immediately fed to the wolves.
    But, you know, Smith and Carr should have done well early in their careers since Houston and San Francisco 2004-2007 were ideal situations for QB development…. riiiiiight.

  14. As a giants fan, I can tell u he can be a decent starting QB if the oppty presents itself. He has improved on holding on to the ball too long.
    Watch out Alex

  15. 4 nobodys at QB, looks to be another losing season in the worst division in the NFL. Good Defense ZERO offense

  16. I’m very confused. Cannot see how Singletary or Jimmy Raye could covet this guy. It’ll really boil down to contract numbers, but FAs going in the first two days usually get good bucks. Personally, I am just glad it’s not Vick. Feel bad for Shaun Hill, but it’s live/die with Alex and if he’s benched Carr/Hill/Davis are all interchangeable. So it’s no change with possible upswing. Again, I am just afraid to see the contract numbers.

  17. 49erfan4life says:
    “Very disappointed that they got this douche bag who sucks over spending some money and getting Michael Vick who could actually help us win some games”
    Maybe Vick could keep the Bay Area animal population under control, like the douch bags who resemle your sister who really know how to suck. ha-ha!

  18. There was a time when the 49ers had Montana at #1, Steve Young at #2 and Steve Bono at #3.
    Damn, I miss Eddie D. I miss the West Coast Offense. 🙁
    Bring on the ticket price hike!
    We are turning into the West Coast Bears!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Great. Another quarterback that sucks. You can’t bash a minimum salary signing, but its sad that this is our marquee signing. York is really a public relations idiot. Raises season ticket prices in some places by 52 percent, after an 8-8 season and 7 years with no playoffs, and then does nothing in free agency. Hmm, I wonder why San Francisco residents didnt want to give him a stadium

  20. Not sure why people are complaining about this. He’s being signed as a backup, not a starter. As far as backup QB’s go, Carr is one of the top backups in the league, along with Pennington, Kitna and Vick. Look at most of the NFL backup quarterbacks and it quickly becomes apparent Carr is not a bad choice.

  21. I am really glad we didnt sign this guy, we already have enough bad qbs on our roster now.I think we should do what ever it takes to get Kolb from philly.

  22. I think a lot of Carr’s problem was Houston. He just accepted that he was going to land flat on his back with every pass play.
    The few times I watched him play with the Giants he didn’t look too bad. It makes a difference how well a QB can do if they have a good team around them.
    At least he may get another chance to prove himself.

  23. @raiderrob21
    First of all the 49ers didn’t have a losing season last year they were 8-8. Second the worst division in football is not the NFC west. This decade the Cradinals have gone to a Super Bowl, the Rams have gone to two and won 1, and the Seahawks have gone to a Super Bowl. The NFC west? The raiders went to 1, and…thats it. They did have a team win their division at 8-8. The AFC west is worlds worse than the NFC, at least last year, and this year is all speculation. Either way how does David Carr make the 49ers worse. It may not improve them, but worse? Hardly.

  24. Carr will be a good player for the Niners and if Smith falters or is injured will be much better than Hill. Hill is a good guy but is not a starter, I wish him the best though and hope he gets picked up.

  25. From a Giants fan: Niners…draft a QB. I want SF to be competitive. It’s good for the league. IF somehow you guys could get a Bradford type, it could be something great.
    SF is a cool franchise and Singletary is awesome.
    Smith is average, y’all need better. Also, Davis and Willis are beasts. Y’all might be a back up RB, 2nd WR, and QB from winning the West.
    Two first round picks, right? From the games I saw, I just don’t like Smith.
    Your defense is coming alone nice…right? Solid D-Line? Having the best young MLB is a great place to start. Wish the G-Men had a guy like that haha. Hopefully we get McClain or Spikes.
    In conclusion, I want Giants and Jets to get the best possible deals and drafts possible,
    BUT, I want all the other teams to do the same, to keep everything competitive. I figure no one cares about this :p
    Also, Kolb is quality, he’s ready IMO. Philly’s waiting for something big.

  26. So many stupid people…so little time to properly find and punish them.
    For everyone that thinks this is a bad signing, I’m sorry the Niners didn’t run out and blow a lot of money on Peppers, or mortgage the future to bring in McNabb just so that you could have your wet dream.
    This was one of the worst FA periods there has ever been thanks to the CBA expiring. The value wasn’t there, and that’s why the Niners are holding on to their draft picks. Stop crying like the little girls you are, and think things through.

  27. “At this point in both their careers, Hill is better than Carr.”
    Yeah right. Teams could put 9 in the box and Hill still couldn’t do a thing. Carr is not a world beater but we are talking about Shaun Hill here….

  28. People are complaining about this because this guy sucks. A backup qb, especially on a team with questions at that position is extremely important. He is NOT one of the top backups in the league (how do you even determine that?). When he was in Carolina, he had a decent team with a good offensive line and he still sucked. He doesn’t ever look past 10 yards down the field.
    That whole “he was thrown to the lions” argument is crap. Yes, those Texans teams were atrocious, but plenty of good qbs started on horrible teams…Peyton Manning for example.
    How Carr keeps getting a job is something I’ll never understand.

  29. Meh… I guess if you don’t have an established starter you might as well stockpile a bunch of guys and se what you can shake out of it…kind of the old Gruden philosophy.
    Sucks for Hill who appears to be the odd man out. Good guy, big heart…I actually think he still has a winning record as a starter.
    @desperate9erfan: No the reason the niners are not going to get a stadium payed for with tax money is because At&t Park still has a huge billboard on it with a finger pointing at bypassers while a rolling text keeps repeating “Haha, Suckers! Haha,Suckers!”

  30. As A Browns fan, I am soooooo very relieved we didn’t sign this dude. If you look it up, his numbers and Tim Couch’s numbers are very much alike. Scarey stuff 49er fan……………….

  31. Carr is easily better than any of the current 9ers QBs; unfortunately that doesn’t say much.

  32. And some people actually think that SF could contend for the NFCW title……..WOW

  33. hate to break it to you oscar, but atandt park was the first completely privately financed stadium since the dodgers built theres in 1962, and the revival of the economy in the area around it has been a huge success story.

  34. @desperate9erfan again: Well that’s kind of a moderated truth. The building itself was built without tax payers money, but the city spent som 80-100 million on infrastructure and tax abatements to get it done.
    When plans of the Santa Clara project were first revealed one the owners selling points were that the infrastructure at candlestick point is a mess (no argument there) and that the site down in Santa Clara would be so much easier to create access to. Basically the Yorks knew that the city wasn’t going to put money into a new stadium again like it did for the Giants.

  35. we had a good season last year just look at the numbers smith put up. we also have crabtree at wr. the defences is awsome. i’m hoping the Ol will give smith time to throw. go niners!!!!!

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