Nothing happening today between T.O. and Bengals

As rumors of the Bengals pursuing receiver Terrell Owens intensify (especially in light of the express approval supplied by the man who’d step into the cross hairs for T.O.’s criticism), we’re told that nothing will be happening today.

Come Monday, though, it’s possible that activity will increase between the Bengals and Owens — and possibly other teams.

It’s unknown whether any other team currently is pursuing Owens.  As of Friday morning, two unnamed teams were interested.  One was the Bengals; the other possibly was the Ravens.

If so, then there’s only one.  Unless someone else has emerged.

Receiver Chad Ochocinco has been lobbying the team to sign Owens since Super Bowl week.  Multiple reports suggested the Bengals weren’t interested, but the OCNN has yet to issue a final report on the matter.

It could be that the Bengals were feigning a lack of interest in order to soften up Owens’ expectations.  With Ochocinco due to earn a base salary of $5 million in 2010, the Bengals likely won’t be inclined to pay T.O. a penny more — if they’re even willing to pay him $5 million.

19 responses to “Nothing happening today between T.O. and Bengals

  1. Owens is a better receiver than Chad Johnson. He disappeared in two games against the J*E*T*S.
    Adding T.O. to this mix will have predictable consequences.
    Weak Head Coach.
    QB on the downside (can’t hit open receivers).
    Two WR’s who care more about tweets than wins.
    Lots of players with character issues.
    Owner who listens to players too much.
    No good can come from this cocktail.

  2. “Nothing happening today between T.O. and Bengals”
    Keep this headline handy if they sign him. Then you can just cut and paste it into the in-game story for the Bengals each week.

  3. “If so, then there’s only one. Unless someone else has emerged.”
    Philly! Since T.O. and 5 are friends now.

  4. Unless Jason Campbell signs as well, this team is stuck in nuetral

  5. Can anyone think of a quicker way to self-destruct your locker room than having the two biggest diva receivers of all time on your team?

  6. If Palmer says he wants, TO, you have to question his judgment. He really wants two aging WRs who are not as good as they think they are and never STFU? It was one thing to put up with TO’s antics when he was an elite player. He’s not that any more, but thinks he is, and that’s a terrible combination. Good luck with all that, Bungles.
    BTW, I suggest Chad Johnson change his name to DosOcho to represent the 28 yards receiving he had in the playoff game this past year against the Jets, when Revis absolutely owned him.

  7. We won the division with out a passing game last year. Anyone that thinks adding a receiver that still commands a lot of respect from defenses around the league would hurt the passing game is nuts. Plus TO is an outstanding blocking WO, and this is still a run first team.

  8. 5 Mil? I don’t see him getting more than 3 Mil from anyone unless the Redskins want him.

  9. @steveinohio: Yeah, winning the division without a passing game was luck, but it’s not going to happen all the time, especially with the D’s of the Steelers and Ravens focusing on that aspect this upcoming season. Bringing on T.O. is a death wish…

  10. HamBurghlar: The Ravens D is getting old, and the Steelers have to be wondering if they are gonna have a QB all season. If they do, he is gonna be distracted. And the Bengals D is fierce now. Don’t count the Bengals out, especially if they get some more offensive weapons.

  11. If only Jerome Simpson could actually pan out!
    I do not want to see T.O. in Cincinnati at all, not even for a year or two!

  12. All you cryin ass shitzburg fans should run back home and hope that the pervert that is your QB doesn’t wind up being someones prison biatch instead of worring about who Cincy signs. We owned you punks and the black birds last year without a passing game and it will happen again this year. No worries……

  13. “# CincyAllDaWay says: March 7, 2010 6:46 PM
    We owned you punks and the black birds last year without a passing game and it will happen again this year. No worries……”
    Home of the Dead Steve McNair Halloween Display.
    Stay classy cincy…

  14. Right back at ya foozie………Keep backing that rapist qb of yours and ragging on other teams. Who knows, maybe the next girl he forces himself on will be someone close to you. Wouldn’t that be nice.

  15. Just like a Cinci fan to not understand the difference between rape and ALLEGED sexual assault. Use the googles, if you have internet access in your trailer. One good year does not a powerhouse make… String some good seasons back to back and maybe you’ll not be considered the laughing stock of the division (a tie between the Bungles and the Brownies).

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