Report: Browns could trade Shaun Rogers

The Cleveland Browns have already traded one defensive lineman this off-season, shipping Corey Williams to the Detroit Lions. Could they trade another?

Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer writes that they could and Shaun Rogers could be gone.

Pluto doesn’t name a source for the report, but writes that the Browns’ coaching staff dislikes Rogers’ tendency to freelance, rather than cover the area he is assigned.

And the report says the Browns think they’d be fine with the defensive linemen remaining on the roster, including Ahtyba Rubin, Robaire Smith, Kenyon Coleman, C.J. Mosley and Brian Schaefering.

That doesn’t mean Rogers is definitely on the move. But if the report is to be believed, the Browns are open to it.

39 responses to “Report: Browns could trade Shaun Rogers

  1. As long as we get a third or maybe a second for him, I say we move him to DE and have Rubin start in the middle. Maybe we can find a team willing to give up a first rounder. i know that is wishful thinking, but a guy can dream right?

  2. I’m sure trading Joe Thomas is next, especially since he and Shaun Rogers are the only two players on the Browns roster that have a chance of starting on another team in the division.

  3. With his size and strength he would be perfect for teams transitioning to a 3-4. As a Broncos fan I would love to see them make a run at him as long as it won’t cost more than a 2nd or 3rd round pick. I do have some concerns about his coachability and how that would mesh with McDaniels but this guy is a beast and would be a great anchor in our 3-4 or with his heigh he could even play DE.
    Let’s go Xanders and McDaniels, if this guy is really available, make it happen.

  4. Browns freed up $10 million in roster money moving Corey William and Hank Fraley. Holmgren may try to move Rogers to Eagles (who need DL help) in exchange for Kevin Kolb. Browns need a QB and Kolb is ready to start, but won’t this year in Philly, which is his final contract year – plus he’s owed a $6.5 meg bonus two weeks after the draft. Hmmmm! Just sayin!

  5. I’ll give the Browns 300lbs of chewed bubble gum for him. Since thats all he is worth!

  6. if they think were going to be fine with those guys…where going to be in for another loooooong year.I wouldnt be opposed to trading rogers as long as we get nothing less then a 1st round pick for him

  7. By the way Pluto is a overrated HACK at writing.How this guy has won awards in the past is beyond me

  8. With Dolphins nose tackle Jason Ferguson facing an 8 game suspension, the Dolphins should call the Browns and offer a low round pick for Rogers. All he needs is a little motivation and sunshine.

  9. sounds like a carrot for a McNabb trade.
    McNabb, Kevin Curtis, and their #1 for the Browns #7 pick plus a 4th or 5th rounder and Rogers.
    Eagles get a solid run stuffing DT plus can draft the safety they need so desperately in Eric Berry. It also allows them to move a veteran but unnecessary WR in Curtis and free up some additional cap space.

  10. Rogers overruns plays. When he got hurt and Rubin took over at the nose, the run defense improved. He’s a great player, but too much risk/reward for the Browns. Plus, he has great trade value. Time to move him.

  11. Well it’s the Big Show’s show so let him create the type of environment he wants to see. Furthermore Ryan looked like he was having more fun with the group he ran out there on the field following Rogers’ injury. Rogers has certainly delivered big performances during his time with the Browns, but if he leaves let’s get a good return.

  12. If the Eagles trade a player like Kevin Kolb for this over-the-hill fat DT I’m going to be so upset I just might punch someone.

  13. Every time the Browns get a new GM/Prez it’s 2 steps forward, 2 steps back.
    By the time the current admin finishes cleaning their predecessors mess, it’s been 2 losing seasons and a raised blade on the guillotine.

  14. This Just In: I’m completely and totally shocked by this new and unexpected development. It’s as if Rogers turned into a primadonna overnight.

  15. come back to detroit, he says he wants to go back, then we dont need to draft suh, trade for more pix and get okung, …… give them ruben studdard

  16. I think the Eagles should give a 3rd round pick next year for Rogers. He could really help out our run defense. Bunkley and Patterson just don’t seem to get the job done. Their not big enough. Rogers is, he can fill some holes with that huge body.

  17. It’s rinse-wash-repeat, but never get it CLEAN… Useless waste of energy in Cleveland. Can someone please draft some players that have some REAL potential. If you’re going to raise cash, you better have an excellent scouting team available to draft well or the Browns will be back to 3-13, 4-12, 5-11 seasons…what am I talkin’ about, they just had a 5-11 season. I couldn’t even watch the games last year, even when they were winning toward the end. I went to the grocery store, instead,…now that is sad…

  18. Trade the guy! Makes too much noise in the Locker room! He’s a Big Baby! The Defense picked it up and did alot better when he on the side line hurt. He plays when he wants to and it’s all about him! This is best time to trade the guy when his value is up! I say Sell!

  19. Sandra Lee’s Cans says:
    March 7, 2010 10:34 AM
    Rogers overruns plays. When he got hurt and Rubin took over at the nose, the run defense improved. He’s a great player, but too much risk/reward for the Browns. Plus, he has great trade value. Time to move him.
    Most accurate and intelligent post in this thread, IMO.
    And by the poster with the best name, ha ha…

  20. It makes no sense for the Eagles to trade for Shaun Rogers. They need help at DE, OLB, and safety. DT is one of the few positions on defense they have good starters at.

  21. I also noticed that the defense improved with Rogers on the sideline. Defense is a TEAM effort, if he’s blowing his assignment best to get rid of him.

  22. I really hope they do trade him, seems to me the d played better last year after he got hurt. I wouldnt mind seeing the Browns send him to philly along with a 2nd round pick for Kolb or McNabb, though I would prefer Kolb, a young qb with some good upside, unlike noodle arm cant through a pass further than 5 yards quinn, or mr rifle every throw off my back heel anderson.

  23. I think most of you are completely misguided about what the Browns will take for him. While they may trade him, they will not dump him. So these terrible trades have no shot of interesting the Browns. Rumor has it that they’ve already turned down a 3rd for him.

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