Rumor of 49ers pursuing Jared Gaither is premature

medium_ravensbigguy1.jpgThere’s a rumor making the rounds that the San Francisco 49ers could make a run at Ravens left tackle Jared Gaither, a restricted free agent.

The fifth-round pick in the 2006 supplemental draft carries a first-round tender, making him available to sign to an offer sheet.  If the Ravens don’t match the offer, they would be entitled to his new team’s first-round draft pick.

Per multiple league sources, the Niners are not yet pursuing Gaither. 

If/when someone does, there are indications that the Ravens would not match the offer, opting instead to pocket the extra first-round draft pick.

Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun identifies four teams that could be interested in Gaither (not that are interested, but that could be) as the Niners, Seahawks, Cowboys, and Colts.

If he goes, 2009 first-rounder Michael Oher would slide over to the left side, the side that we refuse to describe as the blind side when referring to Oher.

14 responses to “Rumor of 49ers pursuing Jared Gaither is premature

  1. Ok, I’m just going to throw this out there but does anyone else think Oher is pretty over ratted?

  2. It couldn’t be the Seahawks–they are saving that pick for BM (Brandon Marshall).
    Get it? BM?

  3. Oher isn’t overrated. He is as good if not better than any of the tackles taken before him this year. He did a good job for us bouncing between the right and left side.
    Gaither is an immense man with phenomenal talent but no heart. He was a 5th round pick in the supplemental draft because he left Univ. of Md. He was tough to motivate in college and that hasn’t changed in the pros. He doesn’t play hurt and is a really mellow guy. There is no way the Ravens match a contract given if it means we get another 1st rounder. They will happily slid Oher to the left side and find a guy in the later rounds to play the right side.

  4. Oher is not overrated for a second. I think much of his hype comes from the film, but he is a great player. Most experts think that if there was a “re-draft” Oher would probably go #1. Now, the Ravens probably want to keep Gaither, but they know that eventually Oher is going to move to the left side anyway and if they can score a first round pick for a guy they picked up in the supplemental, it’s a no-brainer. They can find a good RT somewhere in the draft or FA, and use that early 49er pick on a stud DE or CB. Gaither was also hurt this year for a few games with a real scary neck injury and when he came back he wasn’t quite the same, and Oher filled in perfectly.

  5. hey Mike, i hope this report about the 49ers having interest in Gaither like most of the reports on here, …total BS

  6. this class sucks – are you kidding me? You must be saying that based on some (erroneous) instinct you have, and not from having actually watched Oher play. As a rookie he was simply outstanding. Sure, he’s got plenty of growing & learning to do. But don’t forget that soon to be HOFer Jonathan Ogden spent his first season as a left GUARD. Oher started five games at left TACKLE, and the rest at right TACKLE and played very well at both spots. Ogden is the original Raven & my favorite Raven (although Ed Reed is gaining on him)…and I’ll tell you that I won’t be surprised if Oher turns out to be even better.

  7. i wouldnt call oher overrated at all. he receives a great deal of media hype because of his story and the movie, so people may get sick of hearing about him over and over again but i dont think he is overrated one bit.
    he has great skill, hard work ethic and the mean streak required to play tackle in the nfl. watch some actual game film about him rather than read stories and i think you would see the kind of player he is

  8. Living in between DC and Baltimore and listening to their radio shows every morning/afternoon, I find that both teams beat writers/fans assume Seattle and San Francisco are just going to burn up one of their first round picks on whatever garbage the Skins/Ravens are selling just cause both those teams have 2 first rounders.
    All these rumors seem to grow in the studios of AM radio stations.
    Gaither is a lazy bum, not worth a 2nd rounder…a 1st is laughable.

  9. “Most experts think that if there was a “re-draft” Oher would probably go #1.”
    Who are these experts?

  10. Oher is overhyped because of his movie and book. On the field he is going to be a perennial pro bowl left tackle barring injury. Quick feet carrying a big body with a mean streak will lead that man, Flacco, Rice, Boldoin and GOAT all the way to superbowl.
    Gaither for a #1 in this years draft is another Reason the Ravens and OZZIE are FLYING HIGH AGAIN!

  11. Well Peter king is one of the “experts” that says oher would go #1 after talking to other gms around the league so yea that’s where he gets that from

  12. Niners were prepared to take Oher at #10 last year if Crabtree hasn’t slid to them. Couldn’t believe Oher slid all the way into the 20’s. Baltimore got a steal when this kid slid to them. Sort’ve wished the Niners had traded back into the first to get him last year.
    Oh yeah and not that high on Gaither, but if anyone can motivate that big sucker, it’d be Singletary.
    Like a previous poster said, this is probably a rumor created on the airwaves, not in league circles.

  13. Well they can get the forth best tackle in the draft att 13 or they can get this guy… I would rather get the player i know more about.
    And Singletarys pants dropping style has worked wonders for Gaithers former team mate.

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