Ryan Tucker, Jason Ferguson suspended eight games each

On Thursday, Browns offensive lineman Ryan Tucker retired.  The decision, surprising at the time, suddenly makes sense.

Howard Balzer of the Sports Xchange and the St. Louis Globe-Democrat reports that Tucker has been suspended for the first eight games of the 2010 season. 

Also suspended for the first eight games of the 2010 season, per Balzer, is Dolphins nose tackle Jason Ferguson.

Balzer reports that it’s believed the suspensions arise under the NFL’s policy regarding performance-enhancing substances; we believe that’s the only plausible explanation.  Each player has one prior four-game suspension under the policy, and the policy calls for an eight-game suspension for a second violation.

Ferguson’s first suspension came 11 years ago, which could give him ammunition for an appeal.  Indeed, at some point the initial suspension arguably should be removed from a guy’s record; in this regard, 10 years seems fair.  (Then again, the policy doesn’t include such a provision, so it might be a tough argument to make.)

The Dolphins now need to get themselves a replacement nose tackle; we’re surprised they didn’t pounce on former Charger Jamal Williams before the news of Ferguson’s suspension was revealed.

10 responses to “Ryan Tucker, Jason Ferguson suspended eight games each

  1. Why should there be a statute of limitations for these offenses?
    You cheat or you don’t. If he had never cheated, it would have been a moot point.
    This guy should not be given a mulligan just because his career was longer than most.

  2. Why was Tcuker’s decision surprising Mike? The guy didn’t play all last year because of injury, and he’s missed time before with injuries. Add that to the fact that he’s an older player… retirement was inevitable.

  3. If belichick films practices in 2017, will florio be so magnanimous? oh he cheated but it was 11 years ago. cheating is cheating and it goes on your record.

  4. Well that certainly puts a damper into my hope the Fins take Dez Bryant at 12

  5. Using the logic everyone used when stoning Ben Roethlisberger, we should be saying that everyone in Cleveland uses steroids.
    And they all should be suspended for life 🙂

  6. “You cheat or you don’t. If he had never cheated, it would have been a moot point.”
    Not only that, what are the chances he cheats once 10 years ago, stays clean for a decade, and then cheats now? More likely he was cheating the entire time and didn’t get caught.

  7. The rule won’t change until Bret Favre gets busted again. While not suspended, he was in the substance abuse program.

  8. why should it be removed after 10 years? he broke the rules before, you’d think he’d learn from that. how about not breaking the rules? does that count for anything?

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