Steelers coaching staff spends weekend on retreat

Some coaching staffs spent the weekend wining and dining free agents.  Or showing up at their houses.

The Steelers coaches hung out together on a “weekend retreat” at a Pittsburgh-area mountain resort.

The team-building exercise makes sense on a few levels.  The team takes a measured approach to free agency, so the coaches weren’t going to be busy yet anyhow.  Plus there are many new members to a Steelers staff which also includes an offensive coordinator that nearly got booted.

Mike Tomlin’s crew will be back in town Monday, when they will meet with wide receiver Arnaz Battle.

54 responses to “Steelers coaching staff spends weekend on retreat

  1. Can’t wait to read all the comments about how they should save their money for Ben’s legal fees. In 3, 2, 1………

  2. Wonder how much that cost the team?
    I am sure they would have been comped at Harrahs Nevada Mountain Resort.

  3. A “weekend retreat” featuring a bunch of “team building excercises”…what a bunch of homos

  4. I think the Steelers are doing the right thing by approaching free agency the way they are, but I feel they need to get one big name free agent and I hope its Leigh Bodden.

  5. A “mountain resort” in Pittsburgh? Are we talking the city dump or the heaping mounds of ripped panties they threw out of Ben’s locker after Housecleaning Day last week.

  6. “Can’t wait to read all the comments about how they should save their money for Ben’s legal fees. In 3, 2, 1………”
    Well they were going to go to Hawaii, but they could only afford a “Mountain Retreat”.

  7. So many lame haters on this site….Steeler fans laugh at you morons. Your petty jealousy is just so second grade. Let us know when you lame asses win as many Super Bowls as we have. Idiots!

  8. Ha, Ha legal fees. Once again the collective IQ is shining through…it is collectively about a 1.
    Silver and Blue ahole – The Steelers consulted the Cowboys about how to deal with players in legal troubles. After all, Irvin and his friends kept Jerry very busy.

  9. I hear Big Ben wanted to go on the retreat as well but was shut out. Probably went something like this:
    Big Ben: Hey coach, I kind of need to get out of town for a while, mind if I tag along?
    Tomlin: Um, yeah, I don’t think we have enough room in the van.
    Ben: But it seats 3 in the front and there are only 2 of you…
    Tomlin: Yeah, I like to put the center armrest down. Sorry.
    Ben: I could follow you there…
    Tomlin: Yeah…uh…we’ve got to… to the store, yeah thats it! You wait here. See ya!
    Poor Ben. Its tough being a jackass.

  10. While I do think these retreats are great for teams to do…..
    I cant help but get this vision in my head of Dick Lebeau, Mike Tomlin, and the rest of the coaches in a huge cabin having a good time talking about free agency and their opinions when all of a sudden the front door busts open and in comes Ben and his posse still drunk from Georgia….I can hear Dick Lebeau in the hell did he find us??

  11. lol at Cardinals fan – – still rips your heart out, huh? For an organization that hasn’t made six playoffs, let alone won six Super Bowls, you should be jealous. At least you have Matt Leinart to lead you to the promised land (and without Dansby and Rolle).
    As for bringing in Battle, that can’t be a good sign for Limas Sweed.

  12. FireJerryJones says:
    March 7, 2010 12:09 PM
    … so the Love Boat in Minnesota?
    has been over for years and not one of those players is on the team. ben rapesagirl is a pittsburgh icon considering i live here and cant stand the big headed rapist

  13. Can’t wait to read all the comments about how they should save their money for Ben’s legal fees. In 3, 2, 1………

  14. SteelersQT,
    You Steeler fans are all the same. Six good years out of 76 isn’t all that great.
    1934-1970 The “Clippers” of the NFL.
    1970-1980 Four good years.
    1981-2004 23 years of futility.
    2005 Referees handed you the Super Bowl.
    2008 Luckiest INT return ever set up SB win.
    2009-2010 Ben says “Gimme that, that, that Nut!
    Your team sucks, the woman they hang out with don’t, until Ben lays the pimp hand smack down!

  15. When the most successful pro franchise of all time does something it’s only a matter of time before the other 31 teams copy the model.
    Questioning how they operate only makes one look foolish. The trophy case crammed full of Lombardi’s is a good indicator they know what they’re doing.

  16. Laxer37 says,
    “When the most successful pro franchise of all time does something it’s only a matter of time before the other 31 teams copy the model.”
    When did the Steelers become the Yankees? (you know, the REAL team known as the most successful pro franchise ever).
    Do your homework. Fooball did not start in 1966, the Super Bowl did, but not the NFL. The Bears and Packers both have more “championships”, which is all that matters.

  17. Love the team building idea. Just further reinforces the team concept that has made the Steelers the most successful organization in the NFL.
    Championships are not won through free agency, but rather by using their draft picks effectively. I love the Steelers’ approach to free agency by sitting back and waiting for people to sign the big name players (who are usually pushing 30 years old) to hefty contracts and giving up valuable draft picks.

  18. Wonder if they’ve discussed getting Dennis Dixon up to speed on the rest of the playbook. #2 may be #1 in August.

  19. “# .VoxVeritas says: March 7, 2010 12:43 PM
    “6 Lombardi Trophies, most in the NFL…”
    Don’t forget the salary cap cheating.”
    That’s your opinion, and as usual, it counts for exactly zero, not to mention being wrong. Must suck being a Cowgirls fan…

  20. Discussing Roethlisberger’s new sponsor Trojan and the commercial for “leave no DNA behind.”

  21. god, some of you bring your jealousy to pathetic levels. But, it makes me laugh, so keep on doing it.

  22. “Most successful pro franchise of all time” ???
    That’s not even up for debate; the Steelers aren’t even the most successful pro football franchise of all time. Four teams have more championships and half the NFL has a better all-time won-loss percentage; the Steelers rank 17th and are closer to the Bengals and Jets than the Cowboys or Bears in that category. And that’s before bringing in other pro franchises like the Yankees, Canadiens or Celtics into the discussion.
    It’s okay to defend your team, but try just an ounce of objectivity next time.

  23. What a cheap budget, they had a retreat near Pittsburgh? Did they rent out the top floor of a local bar and drink Iron City while singing fight songs? I would hope that they are talking about throwing the ball less and running the ball more. Maybe they are talking about which coach is going to be Ben’s chaperone on the off days, so he does not get more investigations than he already has.

  24. Dixon 29 – –
    Since the merger:
    395 wins: 1st in the NFL
    .608 winning percentage: 1st
    24 playoff berths: 2nd
    19 division titles: 1st
    31 playoff wins: tied for 1st
    28 winning seasons: tied for 2nd
    64 All Pros: 1st
    7 Super Bowls played: 2nd
    6 SuperBowls won: 1st
    You want to give the title to best franchise to the Packers or Bears, go right ahead. We’ll take the best team since the merger. Hope that 1933 Bears championship keeps you warm at night.

  25. The finest Trailer Park Mountain Retreat in Pissburgh!!! Only the best for the Stillers

  26. @DICKson29: I came in the thread to laugh at your bullshit and perhaps retort, but @SDiegoSteel tore you a new asshole, so I’ll let you slide this time. Ouch… PWNED.

  27. @JOJo 420 …
    ben rapesagirl and you cant stand the big headed rapist, huh?
    So you not only hate the Steelers and their QB, you also hate the shift key, the space bar, apostrophes, hyphens, and due process. Wow, that’s a lot of hate.

  28. Those pre-Super Bowl championships are equivalent to Conference championships, not Super Bowl championships.

  29. Dixon29, HC:
    Nice reach guys, I laughed my ass off! The modern game is measured by Lombardi’s and I know you are both painfully aware of it. The game you are talking about was played by 130 pound guys with a piece of leather on their head. Hell, Cleveland even won some championships so you know it wasn’t real football.
    Dixon gets bonus points for bringing a major league baseball team into the discussion. Classic use of irrelevant information!
    What I am trying to say is, I can’t hear what you’re saying over the sound of all these Lombardi’s.

  30. 46 comments as I write this and about 4 that actually have anything to do with football.
    It’s a shame the comments have become little more than insults hurled between morons.
    I’m sure Florio’s probably making a killing but this site was a hell of a lot better when he was some dude typing from his basement.

  31. The Steelers are a joke.
    Yeah, that’s why they have 6 Super Bowl rings. The Steelers are always methodical when it comes to finding players in the off season.

  32. First off, the Steelers pre-70’s futility is way over stated. They had some bad years when they first started. From 1947-63, they were two games under .500, not exactly the Clippers. So yeah, they were pretty bad from 1933-46 and 1964-71. 22 bad seasons in 77 years isn’t too bad. They struggled mightily until Chuck Noll. From then, the fact is the Steelers have been the best team of over the course of the Super Bowl era; it is a fact.
    Second, Ben guilty or innocent is making terrible decisions. I hope he is innocent, but the fact is we know little of what any athlete is like off the field (see Tiger Woods). Also, I haven’t read it on these comments but on others; race has nothing to do about this. If I hear, one more time that he would be in jail if he was black. No, that is stupid. One, the first deal is civil not criminal. Second, the police have to move cautiously and get all evidence before filing charges. They do this to have the best chance of not making mistakes; it would be they same for anybody.
    To all those Ravens and Browns fans who look for any chance to bash the Steelers. One, we have more championships even if you combine the histories of your intertwined teams. Your minor league AAFC titles don’t count. Bengals fans your franchise is awful minus 5 or 6 years.
    Finally, Baltimore and Cleveland, remember that time Pittsburgh lost their team. Oh yeah, that was you guys.

  33. Keep the hate coming. Ben will be found innocent and the Steelers will be contending for #7 come Jan 2011.
    These other teams can have their “free agency paper championships”, the Steelers will settle for the real thing.

  34. I completely agree the Steelers are the best pro franchise since the merger; never said they weren’t. However, that does not make them the best pro football franchise of all time, and it certainly doesn’t make them the best pro sports franchise of all time.
    Just because the improvement of the franchise neatly coincides with when the championship game was named the Super Bowl, that doesn’t mean everything that happened prior to then was meaningless. That’s a complete slap in the face to great players like Jim Brown, John Unitas, Bart Starr, Don Hutson, Deacon Jones, etc. that played most or all of their careers before the merger.
    Regardless of the number of Super Bowls won, I just don’t see how a franchise that ranks 17th out of 32 teams in all-time winning percentage can be considered the best ever in that sport.

  35. I consider myself a historian of the game. I love those guys you mention. I love study the old guys. Sure, the Giants, Packers, Colts, Browns, and Bears have had a lot of pre-Super Bowl success. However, I think they have a better overall history than the Browns and Colts. And they are in argument with the other three and improve their standing each year.
    Also, I don’t think you can just throw out that the rank 17 out 32th franchise when 20 of the teams came in 1960 or later. If you look at the Steelers record since then, I am sure they are in a much better rank. They have a better history than all 20 of those teams. The game is different since the Super Bowl era. Also, the Steelers have been the model of consistency since Dan starting running the day to day operations. Also, don’t forget the contributions of his brother Art, Jr. Art was a wonderful man but often just hired his buddies to coach and wasn’t the personnel man. The Steelers are the best, most consistent franchise right now, and they have been since Dan took over. I hate that Steelers never get their due; unfortunately because of their success, people love to make often irrational arguments about their success and how they are overrated. I was born a Pittsburgh sports fan; so, I have to deal with the Pirates. Let me have my Steelers glory.

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