Whitner's future with Bills in question

A surprise pick by the Bills with the eighth overall pick in the 2006 draft, safety Donte Whiter’s run in Buffalo could be nearing its end.

Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News writes that the team’s retention of two veteran safeties last week (Bryan Scott and restricted free agent George Wilson) could leave Whitner without a clear role.  Jairus Byrd is the team’s starting free safety.

Whitner has had an up-and-down career in Buffalo, not to mention a few run-ins with PFT over the last year.

He welched on a promise to give away Super Bowl tickets, and hundreds of people responded by unfollowing him on Twitter.

Whitner also took exception last summer when we passed along a report Whitner could eventually lose his starting job.  He wound up coming off the bench behind Wilson late in the year.

Now keep a close vigil on rumors, Whitner wrote to fans he’ll just “wait and see” what happens.  It wouldn’t be a surprise if Whitner is twittering from a different locale next season.

15 responses to “Whitner's future with Bills in question

  1. Well again I see an opportunity for the Eagles. Vick and 4th for Whitner, helps solves the Eagles safety issues.

  2. Super Bowl tix welch was one of douchiest moves I’ve ever seen.
    If he never made another $ in the league it’d serve him right.

  3. 4th round pick from Minnesota would solve his future. Couldn’t be any worse than Tyrell Johnson.

  4. Cutler and Leinart are not great, but they are light years better than any QB buffalo has had since Kelly retired!
    I hope the Ills hold onto whitless and then cut him the day before the 2010 regular season, so his contract is not guaranteed and he is forced to take a minimum salary deal somewhere!

  5. This the same guy who worried about Ted Ginn losing his starting job? Stop worrying about your colleague and worry about yourself Whitner.

  6. Whitner didn’t “welch” on his promise of SB tix…
    Off of PFT…
    “To win, the follower had to guess the scores of both conference title games. As it turns out, no one did. So now Whitner won’t be giving away the tickets.”
    Sounds pretty clear to me. I followed him on Twitter and gave my guess. I didn’t guess it right and I didn’t win. Really it was pretty clear and I’m not upset at all that nobody won. To pick his tweets apart word by word to make it seem like he promised something he didn’t is wrong. The guy’s not a lawyer, he’s a football player.

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