With Dunta's deal done, Falcons will trade Chris Houston

On Saturday, the Atlanta Falcons signed veteran cornerback Dunta Robinson to a free-agent deal.  With Robinson under contract, they no longer need cornerback Chris Houston. 

And so, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, they’re trading Houston.  To the Lions.  For  a sixth-round draft pick and a flip-flop of fifth-rounders.

It’s a dramatic free fall for the second-round pick from Arkansas, who has started 37 regular-season games and every 2008 contest — including a playoff loss to the Cardinals.

28 responses to “With Dunta's deal done, Falcons will trade Chris Houston

  1. I hope you enjoyed the winning seasons of ATL chris, you won’t have many more of those in DETROIT

  2. Not sure ATL has the luxury of getting rid of quality veteran depth at CB, regardless of the Robinson signing…

  3. Sweet! Now they can use that pick as the one they can forfeit for tampering! That works out well.

  4. You’d think you’d want as many corners as you can get in that division.
    .. We’ll I guess just the Saint’s now that Arizona has successfully dismantled themselves.

  5. Florio must be slipping.. I for sure thought he’d make a pun about after the Falcons signing a CB from Houston that they get rid of a CB named Houston.

  6. Well, unless Chris Houston starts training with an owl to learn to turn his head around, he will never be great.

  7. “Well, unless Chris Houston starts training with an owl to learn to turn his head around, he will never be great.”
    Or as long as he’s playing for the Lions..

  8. That’s hilarious! Atl gets rid of one CB that has great coverage and has trouble playing the ball for one can’t stay within 3 yards of a WR. These were the two stupidest moves of the offseason. Good job Falcons, there’s a reason they’ve never been to the playoffs 2 years in a row.

  9. Chris Houston was more nickel than feature CB. And yes… Owens and Grimes beat him. As a matter of fact, Owens and Grimes looked pretty good at the end of the season.
    So they now have two good CBs and Owens and Grimes as backup. If they can get something for Chris Houston, then that’s great. But Chris Houston was a bust in Atlanta.

  10. Man this regime had a spark when it started now it’s just garbage! My birds are being retarded!! Chris Houston, regardless of his ball tracking skills–is the best CB on the team!! Chevis is not that good. Grimes is quality. I keep hearing how C. Owens is going to be the next Tracy Porter in his 2nd yr, that’s an “If”. B. Williams is avg. he was way too over hyped b4 his knee injury! Dunta is my boy, I always wanted him on the squad, but after his rookie year–his picks went way down. He didn’t even have one last year. Tye Hill is not good. Got rid of Jimmy Williams/D .Hall/ Chris Houston recently–DEVELOP THE TALENT YOU HAVE!!! Grrrr

  11. They should call Thompson in Green Bay for Houston. We seem to have a knack for acquiring and continuing to overpay for shitty corners in our system. I think Ted would even admit that Charles Woodson’s renaissance was a blind one-in-a-million dumbass luck situation.

  12. i would like to know what falcons fans think because as a chiefs fan when I saw him play (not against the chiefs I mean) He was playing decent I would have to loved to see Pioli pony up those picks if not another 6 or 5 just to make it happen. But alas Pioli is not what our franchise needs He will be outta of the job in 3 maybe 4 years

  13. As a Falcons fan I’m just glad we got SOMETHING for him. I don’t think it’s a better than 50% chance he was on the roster next year. There’s a REASON he wasn’t getting on the field last year. He wasn’t progressing and while he was always with the receiver, you could be pretty sure there’d be a flag coming if the ball came that way. Maybe this will be a wakeup call for him and he’ll learn and how turn his head and play the ball.

  14. Wow, shadowGM. You really can’t give a guy any credit, can you? Ted Thompson fielded an 11-5 team. He can’t be that bad, can he?
    Oh wait, according to you that would be “dumbass luck”.

  15. Houston’s lack of development may well be a coaching failure. The guy has talent but he never developed in the Falcon system. Look for Dunta to suffer the same fate.

  16. Chris Houston is not as good as some of these morons make him out to be. The Falcons did the right thing. There is still a chance to pick a DB out of the draft. I still have confidence in this front office. This move hardly justifys the ignorant comments by some of these clueless commenters.

  17. FreeAgentPro your theory would have merit if not for the progress we saw all year with Owens and Grimes. They were pretty solid by the end of the year, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see our starter CB’s be Robinson and Owens with Grimes as the NB

  18. All of these haters and know it alls have probably never played a down of football in thier life!
    I love it how they knock our team and never mention who their team is.
    Half of these guys are about to clock in and ask”would you like fries with that?”
    Go Dirty Birds!!!!!

  19. You guys aren’t very good at looking beyond basic stats. The metrics on Dunta were down, but a large part of that was based on PI penalties, which vary greatly year-to-year. Plus he played in a different coverage system than the Falcons employ. And all the calls about “develop from within” make sense, except two things: 1. Dimitroff and Smith would NEVER take a guy like Houston, who didn’t play but about 10% zone in college and showed no ball skills at any point; 2. they FIRED the DB coach, so they recognized and addressed the lack of development from within and expect more from *all* DBs this season and beyond.
    Know a few facts before analyzing. I’m not thrilled about the price for a non-ProBowl level player, but he’s less of a crapshoot than a first-round CB, plus it frees the team to look at O-line, DE, WLB, and get another Owens-type player for special teams/nickel/dime packages.

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