Allen says Snyder is on board with new approach to free agency

So in the first year without a salary cap since Daniel Snyder purchased the Redskins, Snyder’s team behaved for the first time on the first day of free agency as if a salary cap were still in place.

The team’s new General Manager says that Snyder has no problem with the change.

“”Do what you guys think is best‘” was the message that Snyder conveyed to Bruce Allen before free agency, and that Allen shared with Peter King of

Once free agency started, Snyder did not waver.

“He didn’t throw anything at me,” Allen told King.  “And he didn’t throw a tantrum.  He’s fine with it.”

King believes that the Redskins were indeed in the hunt for defensive end Julius Peppers, but that they were only willing to pay him $10 million per year.  Once it was clear that the Bears would do whatever they needed to do to get him, the Redskins dropped out.

If so, that’s the most tangible proof that the Redskins have indeed changed.  In past years, they would have outbid the Bears and anyone else for the player they wanted.

24 responses to “Allen says Snyder is on board with new approach to free agency

  1. The Redskins don’t always go after the prime free agents. In 2008 they signed zero free agents. In 2007 the “big names” were Fred Smoot and London Fletcher.
    The simple fact is that, in recent history, this year in free agency more resembles the rule rather than the exception.

  2. yeah, i really see Snyder being on board with this, i bet they have him tied to a chair.

  3. Snyder’s the impatient sort. His enabler, Vinny Cerrato, is gone, and that helps. But I wonder if the change is also a function of the free agent market and the lack of any big names. Snyder’s background is marketing, and there were no big names to market.

  4. Good for the Skins. If you look at the last decade you will see that the best teams were built primarily through the draft, smart trades, and solid mid level free agent signings. The Colts do it throught the draft. The Steelers do it through the draft and sign solid guys like Hartings, Moore, and Clark. The Ravens do it this way. The Pats are the best at getting great value through trades. Throwing huge money at guys who take plays off is just bad business.

  5. I agree with thunderdog. It has not been an every year event that they go crazy. But when they have…..

  6. For the first time in a long time, there’s hope in DC. Gibbs woulda been good, but with Cerrato there it just wasn’t gonna happen. I think the change to Bruce Allen is at least as important, maybe more so, than the change to Mike Shanahan. We will see.

  7. this team is in such bad shape personnel wise. It has to do with the rapant tossing away of draft picks over the yrs for washed up players. What exactly do they have right now that would give anybody any sort of hope that they are a contender to win more than 4 games? They signed daniels though…guy is 90 yrs old…lol.
    I see probably 15 positions currently that they need to fill with quality players just to compete. All NFL teams have injuries too so that 15 number will go to 20 as they have no depth too. Then the aging guys fletcher etc are wearing down and there is no quality youth to step in. It is like a poorly run co about ready to liquidate.
    2-3 yrs and midget weasel boy loses his patience again and starts over. I have never been to a stadium too where the opposing team has more fans than the 4skin base. It is embarassing..LMAO.

  8. Yea, have to agree also, Hate for Synder seems to sell more. Chicago is the big spenders this year. Building through the draft is the best way to go. Hopefully the Skins learned ther lesson, But I see others still haven’t. I predict Peppers to sit on that big paycheck and take a nap.

  9. Florio, Allen has aready said they NEVER inqiured about Peppers. You and King are wrong as usually.

  10. “He didn’t throw anything at me,” Allen told King. “And he didn’t throw a tantrum. ”
    Give it a year.

  11. # brownsfn says: March 8, 2010 9:18 AM
    they are still gonna suck…
    hmm, really? And this is coming from a Browns fan??? A BROWNS fan!!!

  12. Snyder can’t change at all. Sure he behaves temporarily for new guys but this is just an aberration. He’ll be back as soon as his honeymoon with Coach Sun-tan is over.

  13. i do wish they would have signed pathos or clifton. they are two solid mid level guys we need badly on that “o line” to use the term loosely.

  14. He’ll be fine with it as long as it translates to a playoff spot within the next two years. I predict that, if the Redskins aren’t in the playoffs within 2 years, ‘The Danny’ will revert to his ‘spend a bundle in FA to try to buy a Championship’. He won’t be able to help himself.

  15. a browns fan saying the redskins suck…. rotflmfao….. get a decent player other than Josh Cribbs and come holla at me… C’mon Son

  16. Danny is like a child – he’ll behave for a few minutes when he’s temporarily humbled but reverts back to his behavior when he gets bored or needs excitement. With him it’s always a lull before the marketing storm.
    And if ‘Skins fans buy into it that it’s permanent they’re bigger fools than anyone.

  17. Whether he’s tied to a chair or smiling like the Joker because he’s got a new crew on board, something will go wrong after a year or two and a new regime will be in DC. Remember Marty? One year and Snyder couldn’t take it anymore.
    Do I want this coach and GM to work out? Yes, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that the grim reaper is hovering over them waiting to strike…
    It’s not easy being a Skins fan.

  18. funny to see how the cowboys fan always so enthusiastic about what is going on with the redskins!!! boysroll, if i were you, i would worry about my own team first

  19. that actually could be a tiny bit worisom for the other 3 nfc east teams. Of course it wont be a problem this next year but in 2 or 3 years down the road they might actually be contenders in the division. If Snyder can stick to this plan for more then 1 year this time Allen might be able to undo all of his mistakes in the next couple of years. Then he can start building them up.
    Even though it might be a little early, by the 2012-2013 (if were not all dead by then) season they could be in a position to challenge for a wildcard spot.

  20. Ok so I don’t post comments on here; but after reading a few post from this article I cannot resist myself. #1, brownsfn: im not to first to say it, but im gonna reiterate it, YOUR A BROWNS FAN, the Browns always suck, the only time I talk about them is when I go to the bathroom, you know “gotta take the Browns to the superbowl.”
    #2 and most importantly, boysroll: you may have made the dumbest comment I have ever seen on PFT, because myself the inteligent people that read PFT know damn well that there is never a football game at FedEx field where there are more of the opposing teams fans than skins fans. And if you have ever been to a Redskins game at FedEx as a Cowboys fan you would know that its a scarry situation all around for you.
    Thanks for your post, but dont be ignorant

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