Allen, Steelers make a deal

The Steelers didn’t waste any time improving their safety depth.

The team has already agreed to a three-year contract with former Bucs safety Will Allen, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Allen and Arnaz Battle are in Pittsburgh for the Steelers’ first free agent visits of the year.  It appears last year’s starting free safety Ryan Clark, now visiting Miami, is unlikely to be back with Pittsburgh.

33 responses to “Allen, Steelers make a deal

  1. Good, Will Allen is horrible, I don’t know what’s better news, the Bucs finally being rid of Allen or the Steelers picking up a bum. I wonder if they’d be interested in trading a draft pick for Michael Clayton?

  2. Maybe he will bond with Big Rape and they can go out and rape stuff after practice.

  3. Well, for a guy who can’t tackle, he’s had 195. Not bad for someone who’s largely played special teams. And he was a first-team alternate for the Pro Bowl on special teams last year, so he must be doing something right.
    Picking up a no-name free agent safety who has a lot of special teams experience when we’re weak at special teams sounds very Steeler-like to me.

  4. Florio- you gotta do something about allowing these ignorant commentors to post whatever they want on your site… your losing a ton of credability

  5. Maybe start looking at QB options since BR will at least be suspended for several games at a minimum.

  6. Ross
    “the Rapist?” Why would the steelers have to worry about your father? Also the last time I heard, your mom said it was concensual.

  7. Allen worked with Tomlin in Tampa Bay. The Steelers wouldn’t sign a guy the coach didn’t like.

  8. I see that Ben hired the same attorney that got that murderer Ray Lewis off. Considering Ben didn’t do anything, this should be a slam dunk.

  9. I like the move. Allen will contribute immediately on Special Teams and I don’t think they are looking to make him the immediate starter next to Polamalu. Ryan Clark wasn’t spectacular and was mediocre at best when Polamalu was not on the field (take a look at how he played when Polamalu was out hurt). This move is almost identical to when they signed Clark 4 years ago….

  10. In addition to not resigning Ryan Clark the Steelers haven’t resigned Tyrone Carter. The Steelers needed to pick up someone for depth, they went with Allen. Will Allen isn’t going to be the starting FS next year.
    Just wanted to clarify that for everyone who thinks Allen is going be the next starting FS.

  11. Lets be serious about this signing … Will Allen is not the replacement for Ryan Clark. Allen is replacing Tyrone Carter. He is a younger player will special teams ability. He kills two birds with one stone. We needed a special teams player in the backup safety role more than we needed a backup safety, similiar to Carter.
    Ryan Mundy is going to be the starter next year. Or Keenan Lewis.

  12. I agree with Stillerz….I am a with you FLorio, I am a big time Vikings fan like you……..
    but cmon…..this is starting to look like a Jerry Springer site….I think I know the reason too…
    It goes something like this…..I was watching CNN this morning…There has been only (1) tornado so far this year….That is a huge drop since last year… SO in a normal year..the Tornados clean out a high percentage of trailor Parks……thus , it eliminates alot of the trash, that post on these sites…so we have (2) countem (2) options Florio…..either you have to do a better job screening the posts, or we all need to ask Mother Nature to send a few tornados through the trailor parks to eliminate the trash….
    Ideas anyone?????
    Comments like the ones against Big Ben are rediculous….How many money hungry whores, prey on rich ignorant athletes, then cry rape….I have a tender heart to an “actual” rape victim…It is a horrible crime…but cmon, these are just becoming to mainstream to be anything but a lottery ticket!!!

  13. GReat pick up of Will Allen. We needed a safety and special teams help and we got it. Remember Ryan Clark wasn’t wanted by anyone when we signed him and look how he turned out. Perhaps he just needed to be with a winner like the Steelers. HE’s who I stated I wanted for weeks.So I’m glad we got him plus he can challenge Ryan Mundy & Keenan Lewis.
    It allows us to take the BAP in the Draft and not have to reach for anyone in the first round. Now if we can sign Battle and then go after Kirk Morrison of Oakland. Contact Oakland about a Trade. Trade Willie Colon to Oakland for a 2nd & Kirk Morrison.

  14. @hjc
    don’t even respond.
    @count sacula
    He isn’t the best coverage safety in the world, but he isn’t a bum. He is also a fantastic hitter. I assume you are a Miami fan, I think he would be a good fit with Nolan.
    This is a total steeler move. They rarely go after big free agents. They usually go after role players like Allen.
    I think Florio has worded what he means poorly, I think this is more a special teams move then a safety move. I would be very surprised if Allen is the opening day starter.

  15. ampats says:
    March 8, 2010 1:24 PM
    Maybe start looking at QB options since BR will at least be suspended for several games at a minimum.
    He won’t be suspended even if arrested. The NFL cares about Drugs, murder, etc but in terms of women, they couldn’t care less.

  16. Stillerz says:
    March 8, 2010 1:19 PM
    Florio- you gotta do something about allowing these ignorant commentors to post whatever they want on your site… your losing a ton of credability
    You really can’t censor people on the comments section, unless they are spamming, putting up porn links (Send those directly to my e-mail please) or inciting violence.
    Just because they make dumb posts ripping on your team doesn’t mean we can ban them (Even if we want to.)
    Just do what I do when people rip on the Pats with the “cheatriots” comments, rip them back. It is kinda fun.

  17. Steelers need depth just like any other team and especially when it comes to special teams. I feel the Steelers will get a FS and CB in the first two rounds of the draft and possibly some backup players like Allen in free agency.

  18. @Jimmy Football
    at least someone is on the same page with me!

  19. @Katmandu
    Suuuuuure. Ben didn’t rape a girl just like Ray Lewis didn’t kill a dude. Ray has only been known to kill once, while this is Ben’s second rape… If I were a dad, I’d feel a lot better about my daughter’s safety if Big Rapistburger was taken off the streets.

  20. Well, why not just put Big Ben back there at Safety?
    I heard he TACKLES anything with TWO LEGS and a HEART BEAT?!

  21. Bmore Styles,
    your post was impressively idiotic. I am not a steelers fan nor do i like Big Ben but that first girl lied about Big Ben raping her and the night after she slept with him she was bragging to her friends. Did Big Ben sexually assault this new girl? I don’t know but let’s wait until the facts come out.

  22. Love the signings the Steelers are making. I’m not going to second guess the franchise that has collected two shiny trophies in recent years.
    @Bmore Styles – i’d sleep better at night knowing that someone who pours bleach on women was off the streets as well.

  23. @The Real Shuxion
    of course Florio can filter out comments he doesnt want posted on his site. ESPN does it. Tell me what value this post adds to the story:
    “Maybe he will bond with Big Rape and they can go out and rape stuff after practice”
    Like seriously? Why the hell would an up and coming (somewhat) credible journalist want that posted on his site?

  24. Re: Stillerz says:
    March 8, 2010 3:33 PM
    @The Real Shuxion
    No doubt.
    It seems that these scum have no problem with calling the guy a rapist without a shred of evidence other than an accusation. Florio has no problem with this and is a joke and just as bad.

  25. I love the casual Tampa fans saying he can’t tackle just cuz he isn’t on the team anymore. Allen can lay the wood when he’s in position. His weakness is coverage and taking bad angles. I’d much rather have seen the bucs resign him and cut ties with piscetelli (and any other safety not named tanard). Allen actually has a respectable amounts of starts/experience and if there are other disciplined players around him, he’s solid.

  26. Ignore the pestilence that occasionally erupts from their insignificant minds. They have no place in the reality of the Elite.

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