Antonio Bryant will have company in Cincinnati on Tuesday

It was reported earlier today that receiver Antonio Bryant will visit the Bengals on Tuesday.

He won’t be alone.

Receiver Terrell Owens is visiting the Bengals, too, a league source has confirmed.  (Adam Schefter of ESPN reported it first; we’re not sure why we still bend over backwards to mention that when so few of the other media companies simply say “confirmed” and nothing more.)

Receiver Chad Ochocinco has been actively lobbying the Bengals to sign Owens, and quarterback Carson Palmer recently expressed approval of such a move, too.

At a minimum, it’ll be almost as awkward as the first shower-room encounter between Patrick Willis and David Carr if Bryant ends up joining the Bengals instead of Owens.

44 responses to “Antonio Bryant will have company in Cincinnati on Tuesday

  1. Why does Ochostinko want TO so bad?
    He really wants to do some sort of stupid TD celebration with the guy.
    6-10 at best.
    The Bengals should take a long hard look at Jason Campbell. He can take a hit, unlike Palmer, and has a nasty deep ball.

  2. Adam Schefter is also reprting that after the workout Rey Maualuga will show Antonio and T.O. what bar the 17 year olds hang out at.

  3. thank God. I wouldn’t mind Antonio Bryant but having Ocho would just be down right nasty.

  4. Please sign them both. We could do it. That would be the best trio in the league.

  5. Cincinnatti has done nothing in Free Agency. Might as well sign both. One for the slot and one outside. Owens would make one heck of a slot receiver.

  6. Could you think of a more volatile situation? I can not wait to see this happen.

  7. “it’ll be almost as awkward as the first shower-room encounter between Patrick Willis and David Carr”
    Solid gold right there!

  8. Ironically, the least known of the three receivers–Bryant–is probably the best.

  9. This makes a lot of sense actually. Carson Palmer seems completely immune to the diva receiver concept.

  10. Antonio Bryant is this years Haynesworth, in that he is out for the money
    Buyer beware. He quit on the Bucs last year, after they franchised him instead of a long term deal (Bucs? Long term deal? Signing bonus? HAHAHAHA)
    All that said I would take Bryant over T.O.

  11. The steelers better sign some secondary help, and quick, because Ryan Clark aint gonna cut it if eithe rof those gus sign and now with boldin in the AFC N.

  12. Not a chance they sign both of them… Hopefully they sign Bryant for a two year deal for 12 mil or something.. Owens doesn’t have much left in the tank I’m afraid.. Bryant is a beast and we (who-dey nation) need this.

  13. I think since both of then are coming on Tues,the Bengals will offer them both a contract and keep whichever one accepts a deal.

  14. This is weird. Something tells me that this might be sone weird charade in preparation for a play they’re going to make at Brandon Marshall. That, or they’re trying to drive the price down for either Bryant or TO.

  15. Why do you bend over backwards? Because it wasn’t that long ago that Adam Schefter was one of you. And he’s pretty good at his job.

  16. tank johnson and packman are available too! what class! no wonder jalardass russell got one of his wins for the raiders against this club! LOL GOOD LUCK!

  17. “At a minimum, it’ll be almost as awkward as the first shower-room encounter between Patrick Willis and David Carr if Bryant ends up joining the Bengals instead of Owens.”
    Or as awkward as a free agent tryout involving Tatum Bell and Rudi Johnson.

  18. Trade for Marshall. He is 26yrs old. The 1st pick is always a crap shoot and with him, you know what you get.

  19. Good for the bengals…Good teams make moves it’s good to see organizations building a good solid team. This team can be a contender next year

  20. @donkssuk, Russell was already pulled in place of Gradkowski when the Bengals played the Raiders. You must not have watched the game, otherwise you would have known Russell didn’t take one snap. The Raiders also beat the Eagles and the Steelers, so I’m not sure what your point is?

  21. @ Breezy614 – What, you mean the AFC North Champions that swept their division?
    Just think what we will do with a legit #2 receiver.

  22. @donkssuk.
    How about you do a little research you moron. Russell wasn’t even the QB in that game. So lets see what else you know about football.

  23. Breezy614 says:
    March 8, 2010 10:03 PM
    This is why the bengals are the bengals.
    Uhh, yea, division champs

  24. I have to laugh at these clueless people. The Bengals won the AFC North last year and beat the Steelers and Ravens twice, and they did it with a weak offense. Our strong D is coming back and the O is going to be better.
    And donskkuk: Russell wasn’t playing when the Raiders beat the Bengals. It was Gradkowski. Get your facts straight. Also Tank Johnson played for us all year last year and did very well, which is why he is getting a new contract with us.

  25. I’d like to sign them both. We could then use our first round pick for a guard or a safety, both of which we desperately need.

  26. I am not a TO fan, but think that signing both of them would be one hell of a bold move. Maybe the rest of the team will sit up and take notice and realize that the tiny little window will be closing soon and that this might be a real good chance to make some noise next year. With the defense being young and improving, it helps to extend that window, but Carson is not getting younger and apparently not any better. He is loads better than Campbell, though.

  27. Bryant is not a beast, he is being so over rated. He will not be the fix to the Bengals passing game. Sign them both, or only sign Owens.
    And whoever said Bryant is the best of the 3, lolu

  28. @ cbsfoxespnnflnnbc
    We get it, you don’t like the Bengals, Chad or Carson. You comment on every Bengals article about it. But the fact is, Chad was a probowler this past season, and has consistently been the best wideout in the AFCN. Before Palmer’s injuries, he had back to back 4000+ yard seasons, and zero rape allegations.
    Not to beat a dead horse, but donkksuk, you probably should have looked up some information before you posted. Tank Johnson has been with the team for a season, and was productive. The Bengals already passed on pacman, and obviously Russell didn’t play in the game where the raiders beat the bengals.

  29. I shouldn’t be but I’m actually shocked by some of the comments on here. I know this has been responded to but “Russell beat the Bengals”. Really? Did you even watch the fu***ng game? He sat his fat ass on the bench eating hot dogs. Oh and if I remember correctly, we SWEPT the AFC North this year. And might I add with a shitty offense and a stout defense. Now if we just sign one of these two receivers, the sweep will happen again. So all you Bengal haters just sit back and watch. Squeeler Nation is going down the tubes with their team leading rapist. They won’t be any higher than 3rd in the AFC North this year. Mark my words.

  30. “we’re not sure why we still bend over backwards to mention that when so few of the other media companies simply say “confirmed” and nothing more.”
    Maybe because you’re still insecure about your place in the ‘journalistic community’.
    As an aside, you guys do realize none of us out here really give a shit about that stuff, don’t you? This is a conversation I guarantee did not happen:
    “Did you hear the Bears signed Peppers?”
    “Wow! Who reported it first?”
    Not only don’t we care, we’re not even paying attention, so loosen up the jock strap a notch. Stress is a killer.

  31. It is March so I am not going to be as bold in my predictions as some other Bengals fans, however adding Bryant or TO would improve the offense tremendously. I am not saying that either guy is going to score 20 touchdowns but the Bengals got absolutly nothing from Coles last year. If nothing else they are both bigger tagets then Coles. That being said I dont think anyone can argue that the Bengals defense should and will be even better than it was last year considering we have not lost anyone and Zimmer can starting mixing in more wrinkles. So any improvement on offense makes us atleast the favorite if not a heavy favorite to win the division.
    That being said the other two “top” defenses in the AFC North are starting to get old. Not saying they are not still dangerous but definitly not on the upswing of their careers( Ray Ray, Ed Reed, Farrior, Hampton, etc). I am not saying, I’m just saying.

  32. Bryant please. Thanks to all the commenters that responded to donksuk and NFL ABC et al, makes my experience here more enjoyable when people are already put in their place. No way we sign both, don’t like the same day tactic either, but I will hold out hope that it’s a Marvin tactic with a reason rather than a Mikey tactic with some penny pinching reason behind it. Bryant please, two years, then draft Gilyard, and with any luck, he’s our #2 by the end of Bryant’s tenure. Caldwell can play slot the rest of his career as far as I’m concerned, and Chad’s got four more in the tank minimum. Bengals Douche, while I would love for your prediction to come true regarding a repeat of the division record, you’re stepping out on a pretty flimsy limb in a strong division, good luck to all of us (Bengals fans) I guess.

  33. Can a Bengals fan explain to me why this team insists on drafting and going after players with character issues? From drafting a an overweight lazy OT to criminals and now looking at malcontents at WR like Owens and Bryant, they appear to never learn from mistakes.

  34. Pash: You are spouting really old news. Andre Smith played in the last several games of the season and did well despite breaking his foot early on.
    Other players with character issues in the past are turning their lives around in Cincy such as Benson, Tank, etc. Chris Henry was finally turning it all around before he tragically passed away.
    Please stop with the old tired news that doesn’t even apply anymore.

  35. Bonnie, really? Really? Chris Henry was turning his life around? Come on. I don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but it’s not like he was reformed. You don’t see a pattern in them drafting guys that have red flags, brining in the Larry Johnsons of the world, and this inability to win? Regardless of what you might think they have a tendency to sign a disproportionate amount of bad guys even now and you may think that playing the last few games makes Andre Smith a good guy but I would counter his behavior at the draft, his hold out, his pathetic conditioning that ultimately led to injury hurt his team more than playing a few games helped them. I have nothing against the Bengals. As a matter of fact, after getting to know them through Hard Knocks I was rooting for them. But, you are naive if you think just because they have cut down on their arrests that they are not overly welcoming of bad characters.

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