Art Rooney II addresses Roethlisberger situation

As investigators in Georgia prepare to release new information regarding the investigation of sexual assault charges made against Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers president Art Rooney II has addressed the matter.

“All of us in the Steelers family are concerned about the recent incident involving Ben Roethlisberger in Georgia,” Rooney said.  “We cannot comment on any of the specifics until law enforcement’s investigation is concluded.  Certainly, we will continue to closely monitor the situation.”

The message is a bit stronger than the usual “we do not comment on pending legal matters,” and it makes us wonder whether the Steelers are beginning to tire of Roethlisberger’s antics.

Meanwhile, we can’t help but wonder whether the team or the league might take swift and decisive action if Roethlisberger ultimately is indicted on sexual assault charges.  The indefinite suspension of quarterback Mike Vick occurred not when he pleaded guilty to dogfighting charges, but when he was indicted on federal conspiracy charges relating to gambling and dogfighting.

Either way, there’s a chance that the filing of charges against Roethlisberger could have a much more significant impact on his career than anyone currently realizes.  And that’s why attorney Ed Garland will be doing everything he can to keep Roethlisberger from being charged.

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  1. If he’s indicted and the Steelers see clear evidence that it’s reasonable to believe that he is guilty, the organization will turn on him. It won’t just be the commissioner he has to worry about.
    I hope he’s not guilty but, if he is get, rid of him.

  2. Cue Vox and his Steelers bashing.
    Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll fake his own death again like he did when he got busted posting under “steeler-hater”.

  3. Christ. He’s too talented to be in this mess. GET OUT OF THIS SITUATION AND CLEAN YOUR ACT UP, DUDE. You only have so many chances until you completely blow it all for good.
    He’s the most important asset to fall to that franchise’s lap in 30 years and any Steelers fan who thinks they can just shrug his loss off as no big deal and plug in somebody else is a frreakin’ ruh-tard.

  4. It’s really too bad Rooney even had to say anything. Roethlisberger should be grown up enough to be able to control himself. Obviously that’s just too difficult for him.

  5. First off forgive me for my spelling I am not using firefox with spell check and though I have a BS in information Technology, I have the spelling ability of a 2nd grader (who moved to the USA from Iran last week).
    I see this one of two ways:
    The fact that this is his second time getting these alligations thrown at him definitely makes one raise an eyebrow. I can run off a bunch of athletes who have had false alligations thrown at him once. However how many have had multiple false alligations thrown at him? (There are probably some but I cannot think of one offhand)
    Whether these are true or false more and more people will be either accusing Ben or claiming Ben of doing it in the past (College, HS years etc). It is much easier being the 3rd or 4th person to allege something than being the first or second.
    If Ben is charged I don’t believe he will be suspended, the NFL doesn’t seem to go hard on viloations against women like they do against drugs, murder, cameras in the wrong locations.
    I will not condem Ben at the time. I haven’t done a ton of research on this to be able to but I am looking at this much different as the Nevada case.
    And stop complaining Steeler fans, you guys rip on every other team, that is what makes PFT fun, everyone ripping on each others teams.

  6. Fact, Ben’s a complete douch. But c’mon, Ed Garland got Ray Lewis and Donte Stallworth off and they’re issues left two guys dead. Ben will scratch a check and the girl will drop the charges and quickly forget about Ben’s busy bar bimbo hands.

  7. I would certainly hope that the Steelers are tiring of Roethlisberger’s antics. As a lifelong Steeler fan, I’ve certainly had my fill of his drama.
    Yes, he’s innocent until proven guilty, but his judgement in putting himself in a vulnerable situation like this is pure garbage. Especially after what happened last offseason.
    I’ll always support the Steelers, but I’m not sure I can say the same for Roethlisberger.

  8. Not saying this would happen yet, but what financial obligations would the Rooney’s have if they were to cut ties with Roethlisberger now that we have reached an uncapped year? I have seen other articles on this site saying that teams can get rid of bad contracts now, so i was just wondering if that was the case? I dont think they should cut him yet, but if the police decide to charge him it might be the best move for the team.

  9. Vick was also in part suspended as a result of lying directly to Roger Goodell, I thought.

  10. Press conference is supposed to be on WDVE here in Pittsburgh at 4.
    You can listen live at (i think).

  11. I think Pittsburgh is rethinking their position of looking at every position “except QB or TE” in the first round.

  12. I certainly hope that if he in fact sexually assaulted a college girl that he is suspended longer than Michael Vick (sleezbag that he is).

  13. “All of us in the Steelers family are concerned about the recent incident involving Ben Roethlisberger in Georgia,” Rooney said.
    He then turned around looked at his ass, and made sure it was fully covered. Then he preceded on….
    “We cannot comment on any of the specifics until law enforcement’s investigation is concluded. Certainly, we will continue to closely monitor the situation.”

  14. i think everyone in the high and mighty steel city just pissed there pants. welcome back to earth.

  15. too bad this kid has turned out to be a sh*tbag (allegedly) I liked him when they drafted him

  16. Art Rooney was particularly disturbed that stealer players have made the jump from simply beating up their girlfriends and wives to sexual assault. This is a line he will not allow the team to cross.
    It takes me back to when they looked the other way on James Harrison’s multiple arrests and immediately cut a second-tier WR for the same thing. So long as your results outweight your shady, illegal behavior, you’ll have a place in that shitstain of a town.

  17. “We cannot comment on any of the specifics until law enforcement’s investigation is concluded. Certainly, we will continue to closely monitor the situation.”
    How ’bout the rest of you crass characters following suite and speculate after the initial facts surface. Jeesshhh, this millennium sucks. This should be the 70’s, when they had authentic people around.

  18. “And that’s why attorney Ed Garland will be doing everything he can to keep Roethlisberger from being charged.”
    I would hope the atty is motivated by more then whether the charges would effect his career.
    “Well Ben, I looked at this and being charged and possibily spending time in jail will effect your career so I’ll do everything I can to make sure you get charged.”
    “OK Ed! I don’t want you to waste time on this if its not going to effect my career.”
    Somehow I dont think that was a conversation the two had.

  19. If Ben is suspended for the first 4 games, hopefully Steelers get to play the Browns, Bucs, Bills and Panthers instead of the Jets, Ravnes, Titans and Saints!

  20. A guy his age doesn’t go to a college town unless he is looking for tail. Unfortunately for Ben, he has to force himself on women to get any. I see a turning of the tides in the AFC North with Pitt crashing back to Earth.

  21. Maybe Ben’s word won’t carry the same weight it does now, and Bruce Arians can actually be fired next year. *prays*

  22. The Steel city is “high and mighty” because we have 6 rings, idiot.
    Innocent until proven guilty. Obviously for some people it’s totally different now. It will be found this girl had sex with Big Ben and he kicked her to the curb, so now she feels she has to get even.
    And if the Steelers even think about getting rid of him it’ll be the worst mistake they can make. I like championship parades and if they get rid of Big Ben, there won’t be one for a long time.

  23. Some mens’ pr_cks! little ben controls Big Ben.
    Watch the Vegas assault reopen.

  24. “Antics?” Is that what they call receiving multiple accusations of sexual assault these days?

  25. Actually, Mike, it was exactly “we don’t comment on pending legal matters.” He just threw in “we’re concerned about the incident.” Duh. Aren’t we all?
    But as I’ve always said, you’re a master at coming up with comment magnets 😉

  26. Hey guys, I just want you all to know that when I’m not falling off my motorcycle or asking hotel workers to fix my TV, I’m following women into the ladies restroom for brief consentual sexual activity.

  27. As an organization goes, the Steelers have been a class act………..up until “Ruthlessraper”….I don’t think they will tolerate much more from him, nor should they. His teammates don’t care for him and the coaches don’t and he hasn’t shown a propensity for caring for anyone other than himself. Ben is a freaking sociopath who has no regard for the law or for others and he is going to get himself into some real trouble……where he’s going, Bubba will use him as the “center” and not the qb.

  28. I don’t think he did anything wrong, he just tossed her away like a peice of trash when he was done and she got mad. Then she hatched a plan to screw him over, women do that sorta of thing all the time. Maybe not that extreme but alot of broads do crazy stuff to get back at you when you toss them away. As for Ben he is a dumbazz. Dude you got the money to build a killer house that you don’t even have to step foot out of. Build that house and start getting escorts or other hookers. The less you leave the house the less your “little Ben” will get you into trouble. Or just fine a smoking hot chick to marry, who you can bang whenever you want. Theres plenty of gold diggers out there, get one quick. Sounds crazy but at the rate Ben is going the lawyers will get it all before a gold digging wifey will.

  29. Condolences to the Steelers fans but this guy is in trouble. At the very least his reputation is ruined. With all of his money, he’ll get away with whatever he did but my guess is that he’ll end up missing a game or two with some kind of suspension.

  30. Mike Vick – aka “threat to all white loving qbs fans”……………
    Ha ha ha…………….
    I suppose abusing a worthless dog is worse than RAPING women…………..
    You “Devils” are something else 🙂

  31. There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.

  32. Florio, what is wrong w/ you today. Vick was suspended indefinitely after the guilty plea, not the indictment as you stated.
    “In August 2007, hours after Vick pleaded guilty to federal charges in the Bad Newz Kennels dog fighting investigation, the NFL suspended him indefinitely without pay.”

  33. Even the die hard squeelers have too start asking themselves… Is Ben really a Potatoe Head?
    Ok yins- lets try see what you got… I will bet we get a least one ray lewis is murderer and one about super bowl rings (one have a * for cheating)
    I love it, Tomlin is slowely sinking a good team and Ben’s fat arse is making sure of it!

  34. Wow. So many douchebags posting here, too little time to read them all. But won’t you all feel stupid when Ben is exonerated here?
    Why can’t a guy go out with his buddies to celebrate his 28’th? Funny how all the haters come out of nowhere to post. But during the regular season when Ben destroys your crap team’s secondary, you all are nowhere to be found.
    Steeler Nation Rules!!

  35. I see the Steelers returning to the “Mark Malone Glory Years” in the near future…

  36. Seriously, I would rather have someone like Ray on on my team rather then a sex offender, seriously, you should be able to get hit girls on your own.. Espn said “His bodyguards were told to keep men away and he was recruiting girls by offering them free drinks,” you are a pro athlete, chicks should be lining up to hang out with you, this guy is a clown, and an offender

  37. I suspect that like other NFL players past and present, Ben will emerge from this with just another skeleton in his closet for would-be wives, girlfriends, etc. As for his profession, it’s amazing that in all likelihood, nothing will come of this situation since it really gets down to a he said/she said scenario. Sad, but true.

  38. @Devils Advocate: Noone in the Burgh is “pissing there pants” right now, cause if you’d look at what’s going on, it’s only alleged charges. I love the jumping the gun w/ the haters on here, it’s awesome that you guys comment as well, makes us know you’re thinking about us.. Not to mention, the only way your team may have a shot at beating us is if Ben isn’t at the helm, so keep on wishing, lil ones!

  39. I dont wish this on anyone whether they are true or not..
    All I can say is ” Im glad he’s white” not in a racist way but in a …”I sure am tired of being embarrassed by dumb brothers making stupid decisions” kind of way.
    On the other hand though, how stupid of a guy can he be?? Im an average joe and I can afford an escort if I really wanted to.
    If this turns out to be true….kiss him goodbye..
    GO PHINS!!!!!

  40. I don’t think enough of you Roethlisberger fans are getting the simple point: It isn’t just whether he assaulted that girl or not, it’s: what the hell is a 28 year old two time Super Bowl winning veteran Quarterback, already accused of sexual assault once, doing out barhopping with an underaged 20 year old college student?
    That’s the real stupidity that Roethlisberger can’t escape, folks. The moron is fresh out of one narrow escape, and jumps right back into the fire again. Hard to feel sympathy for somebody that stupid, let alone someone with the fame and fortune to have mature women draping all over him.
    Roethlisberger is a complete turd, but outside of Squeelers fans, who cares?

  41. @BenRapistberger …
    You may commit your assaults in bathrooms, but according to the local Milledgeville newspaper, just about the only detail they’ve been able to confirm is that this incident did not occur in the restroom.

  42. “You better go throw a few… warm up that arm for a long season. We may need you.”
    – Mike Tomlin to Charlie Batch

  43. Murder’s Kill Rapists in prison, especially rapists of underage girls!
    Say all you want about Ray being in the wrong place at the wrong time but Rapistburger thinks he’s above the law and that’s why he’s in this situation. Seriously, a 2time winning QB of the Lands favorite team and he has to molest women to get any! Seriously, Goodell needs to suspend him right away for RUINING the Image of an NFL QB!
    This is HIS second molestation charge OF a WOMAN, we don’t know about the men yet, yet there’s barely coverage on this. Mike Vick was all over the MSM for fighting and killing dogs. That’s right dogs or daughters and it appears more of us care about the dogs…. OJ killed a white women and her boyfriend, kobe molested a white woman and got off, vick kills a dog and get’s 2 years in levenworth! Moral to the story and the plan for fatheaded qb’s, keep effing with white girls!

  44. Alcohol makes good people do bad things…. and we haven’t even talked about bad people yet!

  45. Steelers dumped Bam Morris when he was busted with weed, I’m sure they’d do about the same with any player busted on sexual assault.
    Well…….. actually, it’s under investigation. The police haven’t characterized it as sexual assault, rape, or anything yet.
    Even if it’s just bar-hopping with a 20-yr old it’s a damned stupid thing to do.

  46. First, I am a lifelong Steeler fan. I have a real funny feeling he is going down this time. Many of these so called “hero” athletes are a slip up away from going to the slammer any time as well. Many of these guys get away with all kinds of crap because they can run, jump, throw, and catch better than anyone else. Most will never use good judgement because they can’t! Many of us know someone who plays pro or college sports and only a rare few are actually “quality” human beings. One could assume that Ben has been having his way with women and girls since he was in ninth grade so why would he change now?
    If he is charged I hate to say it but he has to go. He may be a winner but anyone who rapes a woman must be dealt with by the law.

  47. To Richm2256: You said: “what the hell is a 28 year old two time Super Bowl winning veteran Quarterback, already accused of sexual assault once, doing out barhopping with an underaged 20 year old college student?”
    How do you know he knew how old she in fact was? Do you think Ben asked to see her ID so he can see how old she was? Isn’t the legal drinking age there 21? If so, how did she get in the bar and obtain drinks in the first place? Do you think Ben vouched for here to get into the bar?
    I guess you have never seen a lady that looked older than she really was? Oh sorry, you are obviously banging 85 year old chicks. They do look as old as they are.
    Also, is it a crime if you are not married or engaged to hang out with someone of the opposite sex who is of legal age but is 7 years younger than you are? I didn’t know that.
    I am not condoning any type of illegal behavior and have posted as much on this issue here, and I clearly think Ben showed bad judgement. But sheesh folks, let the facts come out on this. If he did something wrong, it will become clear, and if he didn’t, a lot of you will merely go back hiding behind your PFT IDs and posting drivel on other useless subjects.

  48. SixburghDynasty says:
    “And if the Steelers even think about getting rid of him it’ll be the worst mistake they can make. I like championship parades and if they get rid of Big Ben, there won’t be one for a long time.”
    It sure is a good thing you can emphasize the REALLY IMPORTANT things in life. I think Big Bone should spend some quality time with the females in your family jack ass. Dont worry, even if they are butt ugly he will still give them an equal opportunity.

  49. vick was a crappy imitation qb.
    both are crappy people. ben may not have done jack. but he at least put himself at huge legal risk. let’s see more info.
    vick did break the law and is a turd. and so are his supporters.

  50. “Steelers dumped Bam Morris when he was busted with weed”
    Not until months later, when they were able to work a deal for Bettis.

  51. @Rodstffington
    Are you working on getting your pre-school degree? You post the same thing on every post about the Steelers.
    I looked up loser in the dictionary and there was your picture.

  52. Sorry haters but Ben will not miss ONE game because of this.
    But thanks for playing, LMAO!

  53. Well, hey there, raid-res …
    The Pittsburgh Peodophiles suck?
    Been spending much time with them? The Oakland Peodophiles must miss you.

  54. bluestree says:
    Rapistberger at worst.
    Recklespermer at best.
    Either way, not good.
    Okay … at least that demonstrates a little creativity. In the Nevada situation, it was certainly the latter. You need an extra “s” in there, though. Recklesspermer.

  55. “# .VoxVeritas says: March 8, 2010 7:02 PM
    “Steelers dumped Bam Morris when he was busted with weed” .. Not until months later, when they were able to work a deal for Bettis.”
    Lying again as usual…
    The truth (a foreign concept to you for sure):
    Morris has become more well known for his off field legal troubles than his football prowess. On June 27, 1996, Morris pleaded guilty to felony possession of marijuana in a plea bargain deal in front of a Rockwall County, Texas judge.
    Police testified that they found 4 kilograms of marijuana and one gram of cocaine in his car during a traffic stop. He was fined $7,000 and sentenced to 200 hours of community service and six years probation.
    He was cut by the Steelers immediately after the guilty plea and signed as a free agent with the Baltimore Ravens.
    Try again tomorrow, boy…
    (don’t you ever get tired of having your ass handed to you here?)

  56. Wow…….so many Shitzburg fans still eating the big Ben Beef Jerky. Guilty or not, the man is shit. I know he’s fat and ugly but with all that money why does he have to force himself on women. You’d think he’d just spend a little money and buy an escort or something. Or here’s an original thought, try looking for someone and maybe dating, you know a normal type relationship. I think he just like it rough. He likes to smack em around and hold em down. It’s just a matter of time before he does this to the wrong persons daughter and some pissed off dad is gonna send him straight to hell where he belongs!….que Deb and the “it was only sexual manipulation comments”.

  57. @CincyAllDaWay …
    I never said it was “only” sexual manipulation. When idiots like you say he raped two people, I simply point out that he isn’t even accused of raping two people.
    You’re really getting off on how Ben likes it rough and likes to hold women down and smack them around, aren’t you? The first accuser didn’t describe anything remotely like that, and no details have been released about what the second accuser is alleging. Sounds like you’re describing your own sick fantasies. God help you.

  58. I’ll be surprised if he gets charged, let alone convicted, of anything.
    But, I’m still throwing out my son’s Steelers #7 jersey.

  59. @ Deb….
    No Deb, unlike your lardass QB, I don’t have to force myself on women. Never would, never will, and never have. But even a bible thumping, Big Ben Beef Jerky Eating moron like you should be able to recognize and admit that he is a sick and perverted man. He just is. The guy thinks no means yes. And I will agree 100% that there are a lot of women out there that will do or say anything for money. But just like you’ve posted a thousand times in every forum on this site, there currently is no evidence yet to say he did it, but there’s also no evidence yet that says he didn’t do it. Why is it that you, as a woman of all people, can give that bobble head QB the benefit of the doubt but not this young lady?? So who’s the hypocrite here. Now that being said, if the evidence shows that he’s innocent on this Georgia charge, then I promise that I’ll be the FIRST to apologize to YOU personally. But I got a funny feeling that that’s not going to happen this time. Now being a Bengals fan, I’ve been on the other end of this same shit storm before facing comments about players behavior and the majority of it came form the Steelers faithful, just like you. So don’t you dare stand up on your high horse lady and bitch about me voicing my opinion! Personally I think it hilarious how childish that YOU’VE acted throught this whole ordeal. That’s why i keep smackin your ass, because like most Steelers fans, you can dish it out but you can’t take it. And you should really get a life and stop taking all of the comments in these forums so personally. Now go get me another beer little mamma…….LMAO

  60. @CincyAllDaWay …
    Sorry, guess I take rape a little seriously and with good reason.
    You’ve never read a comment on these threads from me condemning any player or coach who’s been accused of a crime without allowing that person due process.
    I have posted comments defending Michael Irvin (hate the Cowboys), Tom Cable (hate the Raiders), Ray Lewis (hate the Ravens)–not because I support their lifestyles or like them as people but because I believe in due process. There is an exception–I do believe the system failed in the O.J. Simpson case. And I think O.J. Simpson was the greatest running back of his generation.
    As to why I’m not giving the benefit of the doubt to the young lady … in our system of justice, the benefit of the doubt goes to the accused. But more than that, I don’t know what she’s alleging, so it’s tough to see her side. In the McNulty case, I did give her the benefit of the doubt. When I first heard the accusation and sketchy details, I thought he did it because I always think men did it. Piggish men like you have jaded me. Then I went over all the court filings with a fine-tooth comb and wanted to wring her neck as I always want to wring the necks of women who make false rape claims because it hurts the credibility of real victims.
    If this Georgia woman is telling the truth, she can thank Andrea McNulty for my skepticism.
    You say “even a bible thumping, Big Ben Beef Jerky Eating moron like you should be able to recognize and admit that he is a sick and perverted man. He just is. The guy thinks no means yes.”
    Really? He just is? And you know this because though no evidence has been presented? Wow.
    Given the sick way you speak to me and about sex in general, if you don’t force women, it’s because you pay them … or more likely, play solo.

  61. raid-res, what are you doing way over here on this ’bout-dead thread?
    I think you’re trying to stick your tongue out at me behind my back and thinking I won’t see you.

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