Bryant to visit Bengals

A. Bryantgetty.jpgThere are bigger names out there, but the first wide receiver to meet with the Bengals this offseason will be Antonio Bryant.
Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports Antonio Bryant will visit Cincinnati on Tuesday.  Bryant has been connected to the Bengals less than Terrell Owens and Brandon Marshall, but he makes a lot more sense.

At 29, Bryant is still in his prime.  Unlike Owens, Bryant has deep speed to complement Cincinnati’s short passing attack.  Unlike Marshall, Bryant doesn’t cost any trade compensation to acquire.  And Bryant fits that whole “second chance” vibe Mike Brown loves so much.

The Bengals hold all the cards here.  Bryant’s market has been slow to develop and Cincinnati has other options if Bryant seeks too much money.

This is a marriage that makes a lot of sense for both sides.

15 responses to “Bryant to visit Bengals

  1. Bryant, TO, and Chad would be a great combination. Add to that our awesome D led by Mike Zimmer and the Bengals would go much further in the playoffs next year.
    Hope it happens.

  2. Antonio Bryant is the WR the Bengals are actually pursuing. They showed interest in TO and Brandon Marshall to gain more leverage when negotiating. According to my source (my ass) the deal should be done sooner than expected.

  3. The lesser of 3 evils between himself, Marshall & T.O.? Hmmm, maybe, but if I am Cincy I go after Marshall

  4. C’mon Miami, what are you doing? Stop shagging your ass and sign this guy already. Hartline and Bess aren’t going to be enough to get past Revis and Cromartie!

  5. I hope they don’t just settle for bryant if a deal gets done with him. If you can also try adding Owens to the mix, there is some lethal weapons for Carson to work with compared to last year where Chad was doubled every play and where the loss of Henry basically took out our passing game…Marshall would be amazing, he is one of my favorite players but he will cost us a first round pick and a lot of money to sign…it all depends what the Bengals plan to draft with their 1st overall pick

  6. Marshall would be worth our 1st round pick but a long term deal might be tough, T.O. would be worth a 1 year deal which does’nt give him enough time to be a “B” & Bryant would be good for a deep threat but I wouldn’t pay him much………Go for the Big Splash!!!! Marshall!!!
    Who Dey!!!

  7. Wouldn’t Ochocinco want more money if they brought in one of the younger recievers and they got more money than him?

  8. The Bengals draft low character players, sign low character players, and bring in two more low character players. When will they learn bad guys don’t equal championships? Why do they insist or ignoring character?

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