Chambers returns to Kansas City

From the waiver wire to a sought-after free agent, Chris Chambers re-built his career in the span of nine games last season in Kansas City.

The Chiefs made it a priority to keep him, handing Chambers a three-year deal worth up to $15 million, including $5.9 million in guaranteed money, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Chambers led the Chiefs with 608 receiving yards last season despite playing only 11 games with the team. 

It’s a heavy investment for a 32-year-old receiver, and the Chiefs still need some players to develop at the position.  But Chambers’ return allows for some stability for the team’s dreadful passing game. 

We also think the move gives the team greater flexibility should they ever decide they’ve had enough of Dwayne Bowe.

21 responses to “Chambers returns to Kansas City

  1. Good for him. He was my favorite Dolphin for so many years, I wish they still had him. I wish him the best of luck in KC, I’ll be rooting for him

  2. Not sure why SD let him go after he was slowed recovering from an ankle injury, maybe a little impatient & his $. SD had 2 #1s with him & VJ. Made some huge plays for them. & still has the jets.

  3. Finally some Chiefs news!! And this is great news at that. Too bad we didn’t land Boldin, but I wouldn’t mind B Marshall /T Jones though. hopefully we don’t get stuck with J Fargas from the Raiders, while he isnt horrible, he isnt great either!!

  4. seems like a lot of money for him, considering hes one of the most inconsistant players at wr ever.
    Maybe in his prime he was worth that much.

  5. Good for Chambers as a Chargers fan I would have liked to hold on to him. I know he had a stalker situtation bothering him so Im glad he was still able to focus on the game. Tear it up Chris just not against my Chargers.

  6. “up to” means there’s probably a 1,000 yard season escalator and a 100 catches escalator.
    it sounds like a decent deal for a 32 year old receiver. How had some big catches last year.

  7. He better hang onto the gd* ball.
    We would have had FIVE whole wins this past year if he didn’t get a case of the “Bobby Wade’s” and let a ball bounce off his inner wrists in the endzone.
    Rico – I’m with you..I hope we get Thomas Jones over Fargas…but come opening day I’ll bet we have a “Farging Icehole” on our roster.

  8. Man with a name like Common Sense you would think the guy would have a little. I think that was the genius that said the Chiefs have not upgraded 3 days into free agency and a month before the draft. And how about that other brain surgeon Lex Luger that said the current staff has not shown the ability to turn things around. Wow your right, Weis and Crennel have been with the team all of 7 weeks. I can not understand why the Chiefs have not won next years superbowl yet!

  9. Another HORRIBLE move by the KC ‘King of Missteps’ egoli. The Chiefs are treading water -and nothing more. As such, & having still not resigned several other their own players from 2009 my Chiefs are WORSE as it stands than they were.
    FIRE egoli & hailme – STAT!

  10. Icon, I’m just curious on what you would do to make this team better. Let’s just pretend that you are the GM of this team.
    What would it take for KC to be contenders in the NFL?

  11. @ Shep, arent’t you the same genius who said the chiefs were at least competitive in the games they lost last year, really? Here are the amounts they lost by last year:
    Looks very competitve to me, especially those 3 30 pt losses.

  12. Ok instead of just looking at the final scores did you see any of these games. The 14 point loss on the road to Baltimore was tied with 2 min. left. They had 6 losses that were 7 pts or less including an overtime loss to Dallas. They were not competitive with Philly and got blown out twice by San Diego but lets face it those are two pretty good teams. I have no explanation for a 31 point debacle against Denver because they turned around and blew them out later in the season. Thats 7 of the 12 losses that they very easily could have won and my comment was that they were competitive in most of their losses not all of them.

  13. Yes I watched them, and saw Baltimore throw up a franchise record 501 yards against you guys and in another one of your “close” losses was the Jags game where they were down 6-24 with 2 minutes to go and scored 2 td’s in junk time to make it look “close” which it was nowhere near. I mean look at the teams you did beat. The Skins were awful last year, Oakland awful, Steelers awful, and Denver, good start but awful after that.

  14. If a team puts up 1000 yards on someone but is tied with 2 min. left that is still a competitive game. In the Jags game they did score a couple of late td’s but in case you forgot the Chiefs had the ball around midfield at the end of the game. The Jags were not just taking a knee to run out the clock. Once again pretty competive at the end of the game. As I said before I do not expect the Chiefs to run with the Colts next year but it’s not like they are the Rams who were really not competive in about 12 of their 16 games. If the Chiefs were in really bad shape do you think that Weis and Crennel would have even thought about joining the staff. The fact is they had 5 games last year that they were not really in the game and although that is unacceptable it was not entirely unexpected. I mean they turned over their entire front office and the new head coach did not have the coaching staff he wanted. Now he does. I don’t just think they could be 8-8 I expect them to be at least 8-8.

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