Chargers begin to rebuild backfield

The San Diego Chargers claimed Marcus Mason from the Redskins off waivers Monday, according to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The team is desperate to add bodies to the backfield, whether they ultimately keep Darren Sproles or not.

This is a start.  Mason has 32 carries for the Redskins last season and could ultimately compete for the team’s No. 3 or No. 4 running back role. 

If Mason winds up any higher on the depth chart, Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith will have had a very bad offseason.

20 responses to “Chargers begin to rebuild backfield

  1. “If Mason winds up any higher on the depth chart, Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith will have had a very bad offseason.”
    He will either start, or be the backup to Sproles (if they keep him). LOL

  2. Martz wanted to work for San Diego. Just as OC, mind you, not HC. He has a home there. He loved the offensive weapons. Martz in San Diego = Superbowl. San Diego’s window has passed, and all that offensive talent has gone to waste. Never has there been a team more loaded that never really knew what the hell to do with it all. There was no theme, no strategy. Just individual players running around in circles.

  3. Do you HEAR yourself? “ALL THAT offensive talent has gone to waste.” If you mean LT, nobody is more pissed that he left without a ring than I am. But other than that, what do you mean, “ALL THAT…”, because other than LT, they are all still there. Name ONE SUPERBOWL WINNER THAT RELIED MORE ON A RB THAN AN ELITE QB. Even Dallas, with Emmitt Smith, wouldn’t have gone as far without Aikman, and they knew it. As long a Rivers is QB, our window is WIDE open.

  4. Colts lose their starting RB (Edgerin James) they win the Superb Owl the following season.
    Giants lose their starting RB (Tiki Barber) they win the Superb Owl the following season.
    Chargers lose their starting RB (LaDainian Tommy)……

  5. DRAT you are delusional. No doubt you are a Raider fan like myself.
    LT has been a shell of his former self for two or three yeras now. Gates, McNeil, Vincent Jackson, Malcom floyd, and Phillip Rivers all could be Pro bowlers next season easily.
    My fear is that Aj Smith Drafts a RB Like Ryan Matthews or Jahvid Best in rd one instead of a OLB like usual. You put one of those guys in that mix it will get ugly quick for a lot of defenses.

  6. @jspicoli
    You mean Jacob Hester? maybe that is whom your referring to but that wasnt last years draft… he is playing as fullback… (haha) which he isn’t built for at all. they drafted Demetrius Byrd last year but he was in a car wreck, didnt play at all and he was a wide receiver anyway.

  7. Jacob Hester.
    Nice on special teams, and not much else. He’s had little impact on offense, and spent the majority of time at FB.
    A bust.

  8. Listen ☻☼CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFLN nbc,
    Not Everybody can win the Super Owl. The Super Owl can be very elusive, what with all that nocturnal hunting and all.

  9. If you mean Jacob Hester (2 years ago) – no better than a special teamer. Have no idea why they drafted him that high, he never had a high upside.

  10. Bolts are done.
    Theyre the Sergio Garcia of the NFL. They look good, put on a good show, but come crunch time – they melt.

  11. Mason has been a nice cinderella story the last couple years for the Skins but there’s a reason he hasn’t found a home with a team. Even when Portis and Betts went down last year, he was overlooked for Rock Cartwright and Quinton Gainther. Skins fans will be rooting for him though.

  12. It’s an interesting pickup. Marcus Mason has been great running in preseasons for Washington, but because the rest of his game was undeveloped (blocking, not great on special teams) he never got an opportunity. He’s a bigger runner that might actually surprise some, and he fits Norv. I’m not predicting greatness … just that it’s an interesting pickup.

  13. How, how about using draft picks you sun shine SOBS. Chargers seem like the laziest franchize on an “elite” level.
    I predict they’ll choke in the playoffs no matter what.

  14. What happened to the kid from LSU they drafted last year?
    Maybe you’re mixing up Hester and Gartrell Johnson – from Colorado State, drafted in like the 7th round or something. He was cut or didn’t make the team, and I think the Giants picked him up. Hard to believe Smith didn’t anticipate what every shmo saw coming a mile away and act accordingly by drafting a solid RB earlier. They could have snagged Shonn Greene. Many levels of irony there (Cromartie).

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