Colts dump starting guard Ryan Lilja

Colts center Jeff Saturday disagreed with President Bill Polian’s suggestion that the team’s offensive line struggled in the Super Bowl.

But Polian is the one that makes personnel decisions, and he spoke loud and clear by releasing starting guard Ryan Lilja Monday, according to Alex Marvez of Fox.

Lilja was due a $1.73 million bonus soon, but the move is still surprising.  He started every game for the Colts last season and is only 28 years old.

Ultimately, the Colts need better run blockers and Polian decided Lilja was only going to get in the way with a hefty base salary.  Polian trusts the team’s ability to develop players and he’s usually right.

That trust allows Polian to make strong statements in print and on the transaction wire.

34 responses to “Colts dump starting guard Ryan Lilja

  1. And Ryan Lilja has made travel arrangements to visit Detroit.
    Sincerely, Lions insider.

  2. Chiefs go get him now!!! Not the best, but better than alot of our lineman. He is from KSU and I watched him play alot while going there!!

  3. So basically… the Colts are about to make an offer to Jared Gaither.

  4. never heard of the guy…. but i want the steelers to pick this guy up immediately

  5. Too small for my Donks, sadly. We want some big fat fatties to block for Knowshow Moreno.

  6. Any colts fans provide some input on this move, could you describe his strength’s and weaknesses?
    Just wondering as a skin’s fan knowing that our front office has been holding off waiting for moves like these.

  7. Wow. $1.73M doesn’t seem like a lot of money for dependable, relatively young starting guard. I’m not sure how his “hefty base salary” would get in the way. And the man who developed linemen for the Colts, one Howard Mudd, is gone.

  8. Dear William Clay Ford,
    In the past 4 days you have spent a fraction of the money you have made in the past 50 years. Please keep repaying the city of Detroit by spending whatever in the world that you have to spend to get this man. He could have one arm for all I care. He started for a superbowl team a month ago.
    Gooo Leos Goooooo

  9. This is a move probably to try and get Mike Iupati from Idaho to be the RG. There’s a reason why this happened. They need to trade up if they want him.

  10. I now the skins are not spending but now its a perfect opportunity to get a starting o-lineman who could start for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. A little back round info on Lilja. Went to a juco out of h.s. and then on to KSU. Signed a long term deal with Colts I believe after 07 season. Before 08 season he got hurt and I believe he had some type of infection or re-injury which required another surgery and was out all of 08. Came back in 09 and as Polian eluded to, he’s a better pass blocker than a run blocker. I think Polian tipped his hand for the first time maybe ever and will draft O lineman in first round.

  12. Wow! I’ve seen many Colts games and being a former OL myself in college I never would have thought he was the weak spot in the line. He’s a big strong mauler. His pass pro may not be the best, but on any other team that doesn’t throw 40 times and has a real run game this guy could be a HUGE asset.

  13. This isn’t surprizing to me. Taric Glenn made Ryan look good, ever since big sexy left we can’t run to the left (or hardly at all). If anyone else remembers the colts gave a 5 year contract to Ryan instead of Jake Scott (who helped Chris Johnson run 2k) and the colts thought he could plug into the right side. Apparently that didn’t work either because we had to end up signing a substitute teacher off the street to be a RG.

  14. The kid won a Superbowl in 2006! He helped take them to a second one this last year. He will be appreciated where ever he goes. Go Ryan! We are always rooting you on!

  15. Adequate pass protector with no power to drive block. If you consistently cannot convert 3rd and shorts; look no further than your guards.
    Since no one seems to remember – we got him from KC when they tried to cut him after pre-season to sneak him onto the practice squad.
    I think you will see a completely new starting five on the Colts by 2011.

  16. # DanSnyder says: March 8, 2010 5:55 PM
    Any colts fans provide some input on this move, could you describe his strength’s and weaknesses?
    Just wondering as a skin’s fan knowing that our front office has been holding off waiting for moves like these.
    For the Colts O-line, he’s very mediocre. He would be a MASSIVE upgrade for the Skins, though.

  17. DanSnyder,
    Did you just ask Colts fans to give you info on this guy? Yeah right, that would require them to understand football. The majority of them didn’t start watching the Colts or football until Manning got there.
    Colts fans are a joke!

  18. What a stupid move, wow. Even if you dont want him to start anymore you keep him for depth.
    Colts trying to get aways with not spending any money on OL it looks like. Stupid move when you have the smartest QB of all time. Peyton cant and shouldnt take hits, even if it means you have no running game. If anything get rid of saturday, his career is almost over.

  19. Packers could use any and all linemen….but we’ll end up drafting a QB in the late 1st and some marginally unexciting wideouts in the 2nd and 3rd.
    g-d forbid we actually address needs in FA or the draft…cause you know, woodson and harris really didnt pan-out.

  20. I see the Bears signing this guy. We want pass blockers first in Martz’s system and he would fill a huge need at LG. Then we move Omiyale to RT to compete with Shaffer allowing us to draft a FS in the 3rd round.

  21. This guy was drafted by the Chiefs, and we tried to hide him on the Practice Squad. At that time we had the best line in football. Now our line is one of the worst and our right side is the absolute worst.
    We absolutely need to get this guy, but he didn’t play for the Cards or the Patriots, so we won’t give him a second look.

  22. To the person who said, “Colts fans are idiots.” I sadly (being a Colts fan myself) agree. I have watched as over the past ten years Colts’ fans turn into Packer fans from the mid ’90s. They / we love the team but have no idea about actual football. It’s annoying when you try to have a conversation and all they can do is talk names. Talk to me about pressing the seams of a Cover 2 with H-backs rather than Manning’s records. Sadly, Packers’ fans were probably worse because all they had was “Brett Favre has heart.”

  23. The individual who said Iupati is a Colt this time next year is probably correct. I fully expect back to back OL picks from the Colts this year. So a combo of either “Charles Brown and Ciron Black” or “Mike Iupati and Jason Fox.”

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