Dwan Edwards leaves Denver without deal

I ranked Ravens defensive tackle in my top-ten unrestricted free agents, so it didn’t surprise me that he’s received so much early interest.

It’s more surprising that Edwards has visited two places (Seattle and Denver) and has yet to sign a contract.

Edwards completed his visit with the Broncos Sunday, and it “doesn’t appear” there will be a deal, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post.

Teams may be hesitant to hand Edwards the money he’s looking for because of a spinal fusion surgery he underwent in 2008.

8 responses to “Dwan Edwards leaves Denver without deal

  1. Dwan, if you were smart you would stay in Baltimore. Trevor Pryce and Kelly Gregg are done… you’ll get plenty of playing time, and then Ravens will have to pay you starter money.
    Who wouldn’t want to play next to Haloti Ngata?

  2. Not a real surprise, while Denver wants to improve their lines on both sides of the ball, they also need some youth and security in who eventually they get.
    They signed another nose tackle, plus most of those who contributed last year are still on the roster. Denver will likely draft a defensive end fairly early. What I don’t get is why they have not contacted Washington and offered to trade Harris their right tackle, he does not fit the power blocking scheme and Washington needs a tackle.
    Denver seems to be lacking a little thus far in the off-season, especially with the changes they want to make.

  3. Maybe Miami would be interested? NT has become the #1 priority… It was one of our biggest needs this offseason, and with Ferguson being suspended, it’s a position we simply can’t afford to ignore

  4. @Lancane
    Harris isn’t a power blocker but is a fanstastic pass blocker and I’m not sure McDaniels plans on changing anything on the outside. I’m pretty sure he just wants to add power and size to the interior line to go with the two pass blocking bookends.
    I would like to see the Broncos add Dwan since you can never have too much depth and competition on the lines.

  5. Rosenthal ranks this joker in his top-10 UFAs?
    Edwards is fool’s gold. He didn’t do squat until his contract year.
    Edwards couldn’t get on the field for his first four years. And when he did, he led the Ravens in helping up teammates after they made the tackle.

  6. Bourque, I agree that Harris is a good pass blocker, but truth is that the Zone Blocking Scheme is not really interchangeable with a Power Blocking Scheme, especially at the tackle position. If your tackles move out too quickly, say man on man, then outside rushers would be able to expose the gaps between the slower more powerful guards and the tackle in question. Not to mention that Denver needs to secure the right guard and center positions. I believe that is why they tried to get Pashos, is to fill the right tackle position with a bigger tackle.
    They really have too many needs to fill via the draft, or that is my opinion. Depending on Marshall, they need a center, guard, defensive end, wide receiver, tight end and Bowlen wants a quarterback. They need to fill some needs or they could be in trouble, or would be forced to fill with leftover free agents after the draft.

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